Monday 9 December 2013

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: Irjunen System


As some know, the Aurora Arcology is located in the Irjunen system, aboard the Caldari Provisions Food packaging station. This location wasn't selected at random, but due to past events. These events both incorporate the system's history and the Caldari Provision's recent past. This article will highlight both, and explain why this place was chosen.

Irjunen History

Several years ago, this system appealed to a large crowd of dutyful capsuleers working for the State. The reasons for this were twofold.
One was the relatively low security of the system and surrounding systems, leading to higher danger pay. It's important to note that Irjunen and all nearby systems still fell under Concord security , so despite the lower security, Concord still retaliated against acts of aggression.
The second reason were the expert CPF agents located here, they gave capsuleers high quality missions that were above average in payouts, causing an influx of capsuleers to the system. This gave the system a reputation as missionhub.
The reasons mentioned above made Irjunen a popular hub to work for the State. Subsequently, it had a booming economy, thanks to wealthy capsuleers spending their isk in the local stations.

Two years ago, this all changed. Agents got reorganized and their quality expertise had now be shared among all. This new rule hit the Irjunen system hard as it was outside the usual traderoutes. This caused many of the Capsuleers to flock to new missionhubs closer to a major tradehub.
Due to this, the economy crashed, and people emigrated, causing the local stations to cut down on production and seal off entire sections as they simply no longer needed that much space...

For the Aurora Arcology, this meant we could rent large sections of stations at a premium rent!
Caldari Provisions

Now, why did we pick the Caldari Provision station? Mainly due to their stance on employees and their corporate philosophy.
They are supporters of the Ishukone vision on Corporate dealings and believe that employees have to be treated fairly to retain their loyalty. Also, as seen during their actions shortly after the Caldari Prime battle, they believe in putting the Caldari people before their own corporation, should the need arise, as they assisted in the relief efforts for Caldari prime.

Due to this, we felt that setting up a refugee program aboard one of their stations would benefit us both. We gain their support in setting up a refugee project (culminating in the Aurora Arcology) aboard one of their stations. In return they gain access to a new workforce and customers. Caldari Provisions also gains a positive image through us as a Corporation that gives employees a second chance if they work for it.


The combination of renting large sections of a spacestation cheaply and Caldari Provisions' support for relief programs made the Irjunen Station of Caldari Provisions an excellent choice to start up here. Currently, our expansion of the Aurora Arcology population is growing to the limits of our rented space, but Caldari Provisions already informed us we can rent a second, and perhaps a third section of the station at a premium rate, after necessary dealings have been made.

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