Saturday 15 March 2014

Preparations for the first year anniversary of the Battle for Caldari Prime


Soon it'll be a year that the Gallente & Caldari engaged in conflict for Caldari Prime. To honor the fallen and to celebrate both sides their achievement, Commander A9 will host an event at the Highlander beacon above the planet. This event will be on 22 march at 17H Universal time, in the Luminaire system.
All are welcome to attend! More information can be found in this public announcement:

Battle of Caldari Prime Anniversary Gathering; MAR 22, 1700, Luminaire

The schedule for the event is the following:

Tentative Schedule
*1700: Event Starts
*1800: Missing Man Formation
*1900: First Lightshow
*2000: Second Lightshow
*2100: Flypasts
*2200: Third Lightshow
*2300: Fourth Lightshow
*0000: DJ Daggaroth's Show Continues

The Missing Man formations: Capsuleers will fly in formation across the gathering, on which one will break formation, as to honor those who fell during the conflict.

The Flypasts: Flying a capsuleer fleet in low orbit above Caldari Prime, so all those on the ground are reminded of the great sacrifices brought in space for their security, but also to honor those who fought bravely on the surface of Caldari Prime.

The Lightshows: Marvellous displays of art in the form of lasers and other light-emitting devices like targetpainters. A recurring theme with Commander A9's events and always a big hit with the crowd! The report 'The Luminaire Holiday Festival was a great success!' can give you an idea of what to expect at the lightshows.
One thing is assured: colorful and brilliant spectacles!

The DJ show: DJ's from New Eden Radio will host the music for the event, and even provide contests themselves in which you can win prizes!

All in all it looks like it'll be an enjoyable event for all those who want to participate in the first year anniversary of The Battle for Caldari Prime. But now we'll address two concerns, namely why should it be celebrated by both Caldari & Gallente?

Why should Gallente celebrate this event?

Some might point out that Caldari Prime is still governed by Caldari corporations. But in doing so, they forget that their operation was a success nontheless.
The Leviathan-Class Titan CN Shiigeru was the greatest threat the Gallente knew, a doomsday equipped Titan, a single warpflight away from their homeworld. And to top that, piloted by an Admiral personally appointed by Heth, giving the Gallente the impression that a single command of Heth would be enough to let the Titan unleash it's doom anywhere in the system. But thanks to the brave Gallente admirals who seized the opportunity when Concord lifted the cynojammers, the Titan and its supporting capital fleet were removed from the system in a colossal battle.
This act secured Luminaire once more and allowed the Gallente to dictate a full removal of military assets in the orbit of Caldari Prime, making sure their civilians would feel secure once more.

Why should Caldari celebrate this event?

People might think Caldari shouldn't celebrate, as they lost a capital fleet there, including a Titan.
While these fallen will be honored, not celebrating it would bring dishonor to those who fought till their dying breath to keep Caldari Prime in the State. It's thanks to their sacrifice, and the valiant and successful defense of our groundforces that we can still visit a Caldari Prime under State guidance.

Especially the efforts of the loyal Dust forces on our side should gain recognition from us, capsuleers. They fought against all odds, yet they managed to stand. Heth prosecuted and hunted them during his reign, yet they remained loyal, not to Heth nor the Provists, but to the State and their people.
During the ground offensive on the planet, the Gallente threw everything they had against them and yet, they failed to overwhelm our brave Caldari Dust forces. A remarkable feat, especially if you realize they were cut off from all support and logistics during this, as the Gallente controlled space.
Glory to the State, and the Dust forces who made it happen.

Conclusion: Why both should celebrate!

After the battle, a historic agreement was signed: The Caldari Prime DeMilitarisation Zone(the Caldari Prime DMZ treaty).
This treaty honored both sides their demands, and recognized both victories. Caldari Prime would be demilitarized, removing the threat of a military Caldari force in Luminaire. In exchange, Caldari Prime would be governed by Caldari corporations, their security assured by Mordu's Legion, a group with ties to both sides and hence seen as an acceptable security force.
In short, both sides have achieved their objectives, a secure space for Gallente and Caldari prime remains Caldari and agreed to honor this by an historic agreement. Let us celebrate this victory of common sense!

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