Thursday 12 June 2014

Caldari Prime, the road to peace

With thanks to Ishukone's relentless diplomatic efforts, the historical capital of the Caldari people will be returned to the Caldari on the first of july!
This is a historical move as the city of Arcurio not only served as the old capital of the Caldari people, but it is also the largest city on the planet. On top of that is the cultural significance, as this is where the Gallente made first contact with the Caldari.

Through this, Ishukone shows that the Federation can be reasoned with concerning Caldari Prime. While large area's are still under control of Material acquisitions, a subsidiary company of Quafe, the 3 largest cities are now under Ishukone's control, a major feat. This will surely boost the reconstruction & salvage operations to clean & rebuild the planet and its cities into a shining example of the Caldari ideals.

The city of Arcurio after the devastation wrought by the impact of the CN Shiigeru

With the addition of Arcurio, Ishukone also inherited a large & costly project to clean & salvage debris as this city was close to the impact site of the Titan 'CN Shiigeru'. More info on this salvage operation can be found here:
Shiigeru wreckage site will be salvaged & cleared in a joint Gallente/Caldari operation.
It is suspected that part of the cost that Ishukone payed to have Arcurio transferred to their control was the addition of the salvage & cleaning operation costs involved.
However the costs of this cleaning operation will be negligent compared to the prestige and opportunities that Ishukone gains in the State, especially among the Caldari people for their efforts to bring the large cities back under Caldari control!

However, let us not forget the Gallente side, after all Arcurio is not only the place where Gallente made first contact with the Caldari, it is also the place of the memorial monument that remembers all those that have fallen in the Battle for Caldari Prime, Gallente & Caldari alike.
This monument was unveiled during a heartwarming memorial remembrance event organized by Commander A9 and attended by many capsuleers to honor the fallen of both sides.

Let us hope these diplomatic endeavours by Ishukone and the Gallente Senate and many others will continue to pave the road of peace for Caldari Prime. In the end, only through diplomacy can we find a permanent solution for Caldari Prime's unique and fragile situation.

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