Saturday 23 August 2014

Mordu's Legion awards Caldari Prime combatants!

Mordu's Legion surprised many with their announcement to award those capsuleers who participated actively in the Caldari Prime Battle. The award is a medal handed out by Mordu's Legion themselves, honouring the combatants for their participation in the fight over orbital supremacy of Caldari Prime.

Due to large capsuleer involvement, the fight was rapidly decided in favour of the Gallente objective, remove the threat that is the Leviathan. However, capsuleers being their opportunistic self, many engaged both sides! While this lead to a rapid destruction of the remaining Caldari forces, it also forced the Gallente to withdraw not long after their objective was completed.
The result of this is that a long & bloody ground conflict on Caldari Prime could be avoided, saving millions of civilian lives in the process.

This is also the reason that Mordu's Legion wanted to honour the combatants, despite the objection of the Caldari Navy. This objection caused a great delay as the Directive Enforcement Department had to investigate the matter before giving approval to hand out the medal. Reason for this is that normally organisations may not hand out medals to non-members, unless approved by the DED. In the end, Muryia Mordu has been cleared by the DED to hand out these medals to all those who actively participated in the battle over Caldari Prime.

The official report on this handout can be read here:
Muryia Mordu issues Operation Highlander Decoration

The awarded medal also comes with a holographic inscription:

The Muryia’s Wings decoration has been awarded to you by Mordu's Legion for for involvement in Operation: Highlander. This decoration has the following description:

This ribbon was awarded to selected capsuleers involved in the Battle of Caldari Prime on March 22nd, YC115.

The battle saw the destruction of the Caldari Navy’s Leviathan-class titan, Shiigeru, and the end of a five-year-long siege on the Caldari people’s ancestral home world, liberating the citizens held there behind a wall of steel. This ribbon reflects not only the efforts of the capsuleer bearer to restore peace to Caldari Prime, now a demilitarized zone, but also the noble sacrifice their crew made to ensure that the turbulent situation on the planet was brought to an end. Mordu’s Legion Command offer our most profound gratitude for your efforts.

Lastly, this decoration also serves as a tribute to the bravery of the late Admiral Visera Yanala, and her heroic efforts to minimize the damage to Caldari Prime after the Shiigeru was assaulted by Gallente forces and over a thousand capsuleers in low-orbit of the planet.

"As we make the tea, you must take it. The Caldari way demands it"

There have been reports that the holographic inscription is faulty, missing a part of the last line. Hopefully, Mordu's Legion will send out a correction of this, fixing the flawed state of an otherwise excellent reward.

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  1. It's not just combatants that received this medal. I received one as well, and I sure did not take part in the battle.
    I dislike the fact that organizations can't hand out medals to non-members. I would love to have some racing medals.