Wednesday 6 November 2013

Capsuleers fail to organize a gank on Concord

A call for Anarchy

A few weeks ago, an underground movement amongst capsuleers called for an attack on Concord forces, to show the might of capsuleers and to show the cluster that Concord ships can be taken down. Outings like this surface once in a while, but rarely get followed upon due to the technologic superiority of the Concord ships.
This time, the call was louder... and some capsuleers began organizing an event at Yulai for this very purpose, and were heared by many others. This time, it seemed the call to destroy a Concord ship, or perhaps even a fleet as some dreamed, would happen.

To defy concord on this scale isn't unheard of, but so far it has only been succesful in two cases.  We now provide footage to both these events:

- Capsuleer Pirate Corporation defying Concord: Recovered old footage
-Thukker Tribe assaults Concord: Yulai Standoff footage & Fragmented Empyrean Newsreport

A recipe for Chaos

As the gathering occurred in Yulai, capsuleers of all colors and beliefs converged at the Yulai Battle site, intending to challenge Concord on the very ground where they were once defeated by the Thukker Tribe. As more and more capsuleers joined the gathering, insistence was made to organize all through the public local comms... And so the inevitable chaos grew, by people disrupting local comms and others just showing up to witness the mayhem and profit from it by bringing their salvage-ships and transports.
The local count kept on rising, dozens became a hundred, a hundred turned into hundreds. Imagine, between 200 to 300 triggerhappy capsuleers, all gathered at one place, with the intend to disrupt the law and let chaos reign. What follows should suprise no-one who is aware of an eggers nature.

A shot was fired, Concord warps in with a fleet to investigate. Total strangers used local to call a variety of concord ships as primary, more shots were fired. Concord responded in kind and retaliated against the aggressors. Chaos erupts, yet amidst the chaos a group managed to gather enough eggers to focus fire on the Concord Commander, but alas... it was too little... too late... despite the Concord Commander Battleship being under heavy attack from a dozen capsuleers, the Commander kept control over the gathered Concord fleet and called target after target. As soon as one offending ship blew up, the next was targeted and subsequently exploded a few seconds after.
Amidst this, the chaos was complete. As Concord was taking out the last few organized attackers, capsuleers began fighting amongst themselves. Destroyers shattered by battlecruisers, assault frigates taking down cruisers and then you have those maniacal pilots charging in to blow up all around them with smartbombs... Capsuleer madness burned bright that day... Tens of thousands of lives lost because eggers wanted to bash heads, just because they could.

The Hubris of Capsuleers

And so their hubris became their downfall. What started as a gathering to show Concord who ran the show ended in a humiliating defeat, not only at the hands of Concord, but by their own as well.
As show by this Yulai Combat Report  (date 19/10 is relevant to the event) the capsuleerlosses were staggering, and all for nothing for no Concord ship was destroyed. Reports even indicate that at no time a Concord ship's shields were breached. In short, the event was a total failure for capsuleers, but a great PR boost to the Concord law enforcement. This shows Concord is capable of handling focused aggression against their ships and fleets.

The aftermath, some comments by those present

Meizu Kho provided a Holoreport about the attack on Concord: Capsuleers versus Concord

Caroline Grace: *I was there with my Talos, collecting corpses. No matter how creepy it sounds, it pretty much sums up the whole event*

Nevyn Ascent: *Eggers crushed as they assault Concord, really what did you expect?*

Commander A9: *It was total Chaos!*

Esan Vartesa: *A little spin is all the media needs to make it into a bigger failure than it already was!*

Concord Fleet Commander: *Now do you see the error of your ways, Capsuleers?  You cannot hope to match the might of CONCORD!*

Hary Hernandez : *What Happened: People Showed up. What was supposed to Happen:  Fuck the Police.  What really happened: We fucked ourselves.  Outcome:  Shit was a blast*

Final conclusion: Concord might remains unchallenged. It will take quite some time before another gathering of this magnitude will happen to defy Concord as it was a landslide victory for the Law. Aurora Arcology and associated did a search and rescue to gather as much crew as possible before they suffocated in space, or worse.

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