Monday 28 October 2013

Charity organisations working with civilians and assorted in the Eden Cluster

It's time to highlight some positive notes about capsuleers in the cluster. The Arcology project is far from the only capsuleer-run charity organisation that offers people a new chance in life. But several capsuleers have initiated their own charities, who in turn  have their own focus and preferences. We'll sum up a few here and provide links to check out their activities.

The Aurora Arcology Project

Well, this is us of course. The project is run by Jandice Ymladris, any questions concerning the Arcology project can be asked through the mail. Our main focus is to assist refugees and other civilians from conflictzones to give a new start in their lives, and if required, help them to re-integrate into society should it be required.
This is mainly done by assigning them jobs at the Arcology Project itself, helping it to be a self-sustaining project.
A disclosure of the Arcology population: Citizen Registration Datafile
Special note: slaves are not permitted into the Arcology due to it answering to Caldari law, and slavery is outlawed in the State.

The Order of the Ebon Rose

The Order is run by Steffanie Saissore. After the Colelie incident, where a Minmatar and Gallente capital fleet engaged each other, an orphanage initiative was started. This was to help all those who were orphaned after this incident, and for families that suddenly only had a single parent for income and struggled to survive.
Due to overwhelming financial support from other capsuleers, the Order can look forward to a great and bright future for the people and children they look after.
More information can be found here: Establishment of Orphanage and Support network

The Disciples of Ston

This is an older and more widely known charity organisation. The Disciples of Ston are named after Momaki Ston who runs the charity and his followers who assist in this. Their main focus is the rescuing of slaves and setting them free through their Matriculation program. They do rescue anyone they find in the so called Death-Cans, cans jettisoned by cruel capsuleers that contain people and air for 90 minutes.
Their focus on releasing slaves to freedom does make them controversial to certain groups, mainly the Amarr as it isn't approved by all official nation laws.
The tracking record of the Disciples of Ston can be easily described as impressive: Former Slaves enter Matriculation Program.
There is also a separate informationboard that addresses how they came to be: The Disciples of Ston


If you have knowledge of other charities working to help refugees, outcasts, or any other form of unfortunates, let us know and we'll update the list.

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