Sunday 12 January 2014

Gurista Capsuleers spotted!

No kill like overkill

A few days ago, several Gurista battleships were spotted in the lowsec system Covryn. This is odd, as this Gallente system is normally Serpentis' turf. Moreover, these were no normal Guristas, but capsuleer ones. There's quite some capsuleer organisations that associate with them, but very few actually join the Guristas themselves!

The alliance Cynosural Field Theory [MOROS], a capsuleer organisation residing in lowsec, spotted and enganged these Gurista Rattlesnakes.
The reason given for the engagement was provocation. A [MOROS] representative informed us that the Gurista capsuleers were insulting them, calling them eggers, and they would not stand for it! So they deployed a powerful force to deal with these insurgents.
The battle was short, fierce and onesided as the capsuleer organisation even fielded dreadnoughts to deal with the insurgents. In a great display of firepower, they eliminated the Gurista Battleship squadron in mere minutes. Not even pods could escape the [MOROS] vengeance for the insults.

The quick and fast elimination of these Gurista capsuleers is the main reason there was hardly any news about this.

A link to the battlereport: Gurista Squadron destroyed in Covryn

Speculation on this event

Now, why would Gurista capsuleers show themselves, and in gallente space of all? Where the Serpentis operate? The purpose of the squadron is unclear, as they had nothing special in their cargo, and did not say a thing, save calling the locals 'eggers'.
We'll put forth some speculation about their task:

-It might be linked to the Capsuleer attack on the Serpentis & Angel research stations a while back.
Guristas attempted to meet, or have met a Serpentis representative, to negotiate a deal of some sorts, fearing they might be next to be hit by such large attack.

-It can also be linked to the ghost sites, Guristas running some clandestine raid to reclaim some of the covert research tools that capsuleers stole from them. Which must have utterly failed, or didn't even start, as there were none in the cargo. It was also not in Gurista space,  so it's unlikely, but not impossible.

-It might have functioned as an escort for valuable cargo or important personnel. As there was nothing in cargo, it can be it was already delivered, and their subsequent destruction was a mere nuisance in such case as the objective was finished.

-Other, if you have any insight to possible reasons, you can contact Jandice Ymladris, and if it's a plausble theory, it'll be added here, to assist those who investigate this event.

Addendum, the Gallente authorities released a statement: Gurista incursion in Placid. It is believed it doesn't tell the whole tale however.

We urge all capsuleers to be alert! It is a possibility this is a prelude to increased Gurista activity!

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