Thursday 16 January 2014

Rogue Drones & Derelict Sites


Across the cluster you can find many data & relic sites, derelict places of secrecy, abandoned by their owners for various reasons, ranging from risk of discovery to simply outlived it's purpose. Among these empty structures, you can still find treasures if fate is with you.
For this reason, many capsuleers fit out exploration ships to find such sites and plunder them for the possible hidden goodies and technology.

However, capsuleers aren't the only ones interested in derelict sites... Rogue drones are always on the lookout to establish new outposts for various reasons, and an abandoned structure is just the right place to infect & grow a new rogue drone hive.
Little is known about the earliest stages of a rogue drone infestation and despite many attempts, there is very little concrete knowledge.
Recently, the capsuleer Aurora Fatalis might had a run in with the earliest stages of a rogue drone infestation during exploration for datasites.

Not so abandoned...

About a week ago, Aurora Fatalis set out to explore systems in the Esoteria region. During her journey, she scanned down a derelict Sansha data site. Hoping to find advanced blueprints, or remnants of powerful Sansha technology, she quickly warped towards it & proceeded to hack her way past the security system.
As the old security system powered down & opened the hangar, dozens of cans flew out. But when Fatalis tried activating her tractorbeam to pull in the cans, the system displayed a warning, that no cans were found in the vicinity... Quickly she analyzed these 'cans' and shock came to her when she found out their true nature! Rogue drones, dozens of tiny rogue drones!
As Fatalis regained control over the situation, she noticed these rogue drones kept circling her, but made no attempt at attacks. Neither did they attempt to web or scramble her, they seemed content orbiting her, as a sort of warning.
These rogue drones were much smaller than their combat-ready comrades, possibly constructiondrones, or perhaps an exploration-variant.
But capsuleer Aurora Fatalis didn't get much time to investigate this odd occurence deeper, as the systemcomputer warned of hostile capsuleers entering the system! She had to flee from this place, as the rogue drones circling the ship prevented it's cloak from activating.
She had no choice but to warp away, and lose contact with this site, and so she did in order to escape the hunting capsuleers.

It's not entirely sure what happened at this datasite, as rogue drones tend to be known for their stance of *shoot first, no questions asked* policy. It has been suggested that this was a rare sight of a starting Rogue Drone infestation, where small rogue drones prepare an abandoned site for the arrival of their bigger brethren in order to create a new hive or outpost.
As such event is a rarity to witness, the data gathered by Aurora Fatalis is crucial, even tho she had not much time to collect information due to the arrival of hostile capsuleers.

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