Wednesday 19 February 2014

A failed rescue...

Recently, I was contacted by a fellow capsuleer to assist him in a rescue operation against a Blood Raider encampment in the Aridia region..
They had been raiding stargates in the area, searching for recently graduated pod pilots to abduct for their gruesome rituals. As their base was well-guarded he asked for support, and also needed my expertise in dealing with people who suffer from severe traumatic experiences.

As we began our engagement against the Blood Raider base, they reacted swiftly, sending out waves of frigates to disrupt our warpdrives & slow our ships to a crawl, making us an easier target for the slower but deadly battleships.
As my capsuleer companion managed to make short work of the frigates circling us with his Navy Omen, I deployed the full destructive power of my Abaddon, the Last Light, against their powerful battleships.  Each time my volley of lasers lit up, another Blood Raider ship exploded. Meanwhile, their frigates were thrown in complete disarray due to my companion's actions, finishing them off easily.

As their resistance waned, our focus now turned to the colossal structure at the center of the site, a Blood Raider Cathedral. This imposing structure did not only serve as the headquarter for this fleet but also served as their religious center, where they would drag off their captured victims, to undergo gruesome rituals!

The imposing Blood Raider Cathedral, home to unspeakable horrors

As the area is being cleared of the last few stragglers, we inspect the facility closer. It's eerily silent, as if all our efforts have been for naught.
As our ships docked and the security crew inspects the installation, our fears turn real... We have indeed arrived too late, on our holofeeds we see the gruesome remains of captured pod pilots, hooked to strange tubes and wires, all drained of their blood... A testimony to the darkness of the human mind....
Then all of a sudden, one of our boarding security teams report they found someone! The poor survivor was in the process of being hooked to one of their bloodsucking devices, but it seems the Blood Raiders got interrupted, leaving the victim in a tortured state.
After he got detached from the device, he gladly accepted to seek shelter & recovery aboard the Aurora Arcology project.

Albeit the rescue operation had failed, we still managed to rescue a survivor and take down an important Blood Raider base.
This will make the Aridia region a little bit safer for travellers and residents alike, but we don't make us any illusions that it'll last. The Blood Raiders are a hard organisation to discourage, and will always return when unpoliced.

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