Tuesday 4 February 2014

Concord organizes fleet training at Yulai

Last Sunday, Concord officials organized a training battle for all capsuleers who wanted to have a taste of fighting other capsuleers. To provide the security required to organize combatfleets with capsuleers, this event was held at Yulai, where offenders can be punished fast & harsh.

The training battle was organized in 4 fleets, one per main faction. Each faction fleet was lead by a Concord official.
There were several members of the Communication Control and Protection (CCP) division present as well as those of the Internal Security Department (ISD) in order to guide this event.
CCP Logibro lead the Gallente fleet along with ISD WolvesMind , ISD Rontea was head of the Amarr fleet along with CCP Fozzie, while CCP Dolan was in charge of the Minmatar force. The Fleet official for the Caldari fleet was CCP Eterne

The training battle itself was a mixed fleetfight, each fleet versus the other 3 in order to simulate a chaotic engagement and how to react on such situation. The various Concord officials called for targets, but also informed the participants that if they lost a ship, they were granted a replacement by Concord officials at the main Yulai station.
The main core of the fleet was composed of Tech 1 frigates with a few tech 1 destroyes in the mix, the Concord fleetleaders however deployed in strategic cruisers, acting as the fleet flagships.

The battle details can be found here: Yulai Fleet Training Killboard (check 1 February)

The fight itself was very educational and enjoyable by all participants. The outcome of the fleet engagement was victory for the Gallente , who made skillfull use of drone-deployments. As this was a training fleet battle, no crewmembers have been harmed in the process and all have been picked up after the fight.
Many participants expressed their thanks to Concord for organizing this training match and hope it'll be a recurring event as it helped them to deal better with what awaits in lower security systems.

I want to thank Capsuleer Lenell, who was present at this event, in helping me to compose this newsreport. Also thanks for Aurora Fatalis for providing the information on who lead wich fleet.
Any additional assistance is gladly accepted to eliminate errors and expand the report with additional detail!

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