Thursday 25 September 2014

Freeing slaves, the first step of many...

To free a slave is just the first step

It often happens that once slaves are freed, they are left to their own devices. But alas, freeing slaves is not an endgoal, it's only the first step of many to grant people like this a good life. Often, freed slaves end up as pawns in criminal organisations or cheap labour by opportunistic corporations if they are not assisted.
This assistance is needed to help these freed slaves cope with a life where they have control over their own lives, no longer dependant on a master. On top of this, they need guidance to understand all the protocols & customs of their new home in order to find a job & get settled in. This in turn will also protect them from malicious elements who want to take advantage of them.

Alas, many of these freed slaves are stranded in trade-hubs, without a glimmer of hope for a new & bright future. Here they turn into homeless, refugees or petty criminals... This life of misery also makes them vulnerable to the 'Holder's Grasp' syndrome, where they yearn to be a slave again, where they had a roof over their head & regular food.

Taking the next step, for a better future

As capsuleer Khaprice of the Sebiestor Tribe saw a group of these poor souls begging for a coin, she took an impulsive decision. She wanted to offer these people a bright future, not one wrought in misery after they had the brief happiness of having escaped slavery...
So she called on her wealth & influence as capsuleer, gathering info of recently freed slaves in various trade hubs. To her dismay she noticed quite some freed slaves were left to fetch for themselves once their 'liberators' had been praised in the media...

Determined to make a difference, she visited various trade-hubs across the Eden cluster, gathering as many abandoned freed slaves as she could, offering them a new chance. As she travelled, she gathered more & more freed slaves, all willing to take up her offer, a way out of misery and towards the future they were promised upon liberation.
As Khaprice had gathered tens of thousands of freed slaves, she decided to fulfill her impulsive promise & decision to help them, sending the freed slaves to the Aurora Arcology Project.
As Aurora Management accepted these new people into the project, they promised to capsuleer Khaprice that these people will be assisted to give their lives the start it deserves.

Ensuring a bright future for freed slaves

And with her selfless act, capsuleer Khaprice of the Sebiestor Tribe assured that tens of thousands of freed slaves will be spared a life of misery. I like to thank her for her trust in the Aurora Arcology.
Always keep in mind, if you free slaves, make sure they receive assistance so they can get the best start possible for their new lives. If you cannot provide them this guidance, please consider enlisting the aid of organisations who can help these people after they've been liberated from slavery!

Know organisations:

A minmatar organisation run by Ston Momaki, they do their best to help former slaves & freed slaves alike through their various matriculation centers. While considered controversial by some organisations & capsuleers, the Disciples of Ston nonetheless have built up the most experience in helping former slaves into their new lives as free people.

Aurora Arcology Project

Well, that's us. The Aurora Project aims to provide all with a new & fresh start in their lives, with our guidance to support them.
While the Aurora Project lacks the extensive knowledge of the Disciples of Ston, it compensates by the wide array of employment options they can get within the Arcology & related projects. This makes sure that most of their skills & interests concerning employment is covered.

Sending liberated slaves to either of these two organisations assures that you give them the option to lead a high quality life, away from misery.
If you are aware of other organisations who guide former slaves on their path to enjoy a life of freedom, please inform us & they'll be added to this list, after they granted permission of course.

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