Thursday 18 September 2014

Rescued slaves given the chance for a better life!

About Nauplius & the rescued slaves

The Blood Raider extremist Nauplius has gained alot of enemies through his reviled actions, among them the sacrifical killing of over a million slaves for his 'Red God'. Due to this, there's several mercenary contracts running against him, warranting a payout on the destruction of his ships and/or his death.

About a month ago, Stormcrows attacked a transport piloted by Nauplius as part of their mercenary contract. Upon inspecting the wreckage, it was discovered it was a slave transport! In the attack, 2034 slaves perished, however 2000 were still alive in an intact bulkhead!
Upon spotting these survivors, the Stormcrow capsuleers immediately called for assistance as their ships were not equipped for such a large rescue-operation. Capsuleer Hoshi Karasawa responded to their call & successfully evacuated the helpless slaves from the wreckage.
You can find more info here: Stormcrows: Killers of 2034 Slaves, where Nauplius attempts to claim moral high ground against the Stormcrows fails as people remind him that his slaves are horribly abused!

Seeking a safe haven

Once the slaves were evacuated to safety, they received medical care to treat the injuries they got due to the attack. During this it was also revealed that the slaves had been physically abused under Nauplius' "care". On top if this, it was revealed that many of them had been made dependant on Vitoc... This would surely complicate matters.
As the rescued slaves were recovering from the attack, capsuleer Hoshi Karasawa sought out the best options for their future.

Going by her own judgement & the suggestion of various other capsuleers, she interviewed several organisations & questioned their capacities, plans & possible futures within these projects. Among the questioned organisations was the Aurora Arcology.
She informed that the slaves would remain with her until they had recovered enough to make a long journey again, a process that would take a few weeks concerning the severity of the injuries some had suffered.
The Aurora Arcology & the Republic

In the end, the Aurora Arcology was one of the approved selections for continued guidance of the rescued slaves. Due to this, Arcology management had to call on contacts that could acquire Vitoc, in order to increase the supplies, allowing us for continued treatment of the Vitoc-addicts, preventing their premature death.
On top of this, selected freed slaves within the Arcology have been recruited to assist these rescued slaves to deal with a newfound life where they are no longer property but people who can make their own decisions.
Due to the traumatic experiences of abusive slavery, as practised by Nauplius, the road will be long & bumpy, but it is my hope that with good counselling & guidance, these people will be able to live as a person.
I like to thank Hoshi Karasawa for her trust in our organisation!

As the slaves were all Minmatar, the Republic also joined the list of places the rescued slaves wanted to live once they had recovered enough. This opportunity to join the Republic will occur through Gradient, with capsuleer Anabella Rella as their intermediate contact. The rescued slaves that wish to join the Republic will receive appropriate assistance through the Relocation centers that Gradient runs to integrate former slaves into the Republic. Seeing what their Tribal brothers & sisters are capable of once they live in freedom will surely inspire them as well!

The future of these rescued slaves look bright! A chance on a normal life, after all the atrocities they had to endure under the extremist slaver Nauplius is the least they deserve.

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