Sunday 18 February 2018

Aurora News: A new beginning.

More then two years ago, Aurora News, part of the Aurora Arcology fell silent due to a combination of factors. The main ones were:

1) The perceived increasing outside threat posed by the Drifters, who have a constant presence in the Arcology homesystem Irjunen.

Current status:
The Drifters are under constant observation by Aurora surveillance teams & have been deemed a non-immediate threat. However we maintain high caution with them. Any pilot or capsuleer who does deals with us is explicitly advised against acting aggressive in any way or form towards the Irjunen Drifters & Seekers, in order not to attract their attention.
As a result, the immigration restrictions have been lifted, reopening the full capacity of the Aurora Arcology project to refugees across the cluster.

2) The rapid growth of the Aurora Arcology population, causing a large variety of issues, from services being inadequate for the larger population, to increased tension between groups due to cultural misudnerstandings.

Current status:
Pieter Tuulinen's advice has been a great asset on the security side of things, professionalizing the Aurora Law Enforcement groups, assuring the safety of Arcology citizens against inside & outside threats.
Thanks to this, the growth of the Aurora population did not strain our law enforcement departement.

A reorganization of the Arcology services & structures has also been successful, as a large population has different needs & priorities then a smaller one, not to mention the scale differences in required supplies & all the issues that came with it.
After all, a city of over a million long time refugees is run differently then a refugee camp housing thousands

To address the cultural differences between the variety of refugee groups, a mandatory cultural understanding course has been set up for all future refugees, along with an accompanying book to improve people's knowledge of alien cultures & why some practices are taboo & others are sensitive to certain groups (from: 'Why Slavery is not tolerated' to 'The importance of tattoos for Matari' etc).
It's been observed that even a basic understanding helps greatly in getting people to get along on a larger scale.

In short: the situation is stable now & can handle a rising number of refugees more efficiently.

3) Enhanced pirate forces and their presence

Current status: Still ongoing. Pirate fleet strengths have been on the rise the past few years, making them much bolder in their engagements.
Luckily, the Irjunen system is a small capsuleer hub and through this, pirate levels are generally on an acceptable level thanks to capsuleer actions.
While they mainly run various errands & assignments for the various megacorporations settled in the system, the result is still the same, we all profit from a safer system under capsuleer actions.

4) Shifting of priorities caused Aurora News to cease publications, due to lack of resources.

Current status: As the Aurora Arcology is stable, funds have been allocated once more to Aurora News, allowing publications to resume under a new light.

As the main issues have been addressed & contained, Aurora News can now relaunch. However, as I have been out the loop for a long time, our main focus will be small news articles, as more info will be gathered on larger issues & how they are seen among the rgeater capsuleer population.

Our stance on bringing news remains unchanged; providing honest news with integrity & respect.

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