Wednesday 28 May 2014

Over 11.000 refugees arrive at the Arcology

Despite the recent issues, people keep joining the Aurora Arcology project! To be given a new start in life is indeed an opportunity worth taking.

The security plan laid out by Pieter Tuulinen assures a bright future for the Arcology, setting up the framework to establish a good working security force for an ever-growing population. Many Caldari aboard the station are delighted to hear of  Tuulinen's assistance in the matter as they view him as a true Caldari hero.
Meanwhile, clearance documents have been sent, so that his forces can begin deployment soon. Head of Arcology security, Sheriff Tokari has been instructed to give his full cooperation to whoever Pieter Tuulinen sends as representative.
Coupled with this intervention will be a retraining of our security force, to be a more efficient and strict force, in order to stop problems before they grow larger.

Now onward to the census report of this week. With thanks to Rob McKenzie, plenty of folks received a new chance in their lives!

Regular Civilians

-310 Civilians
-219 Homeless
-2.990 Tourists
-2.818 Janitors
-10 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-71 Science Graduates
-9 Scientists
-20 Ship's Crew
-8 Stranded Pilots
-259 Freed Slaves
-1 Animal Medical Expert


-1 Miniature Hound
-48 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-15 Caldari Light Marines
-5 Army Recruiters
-2.530 Marines
-1.030 Militants
-13 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-1 Spy

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-91 Female Exotic Dancers
-936 Female exotic Dancers
-10 Prostitutes


-1 Gallente Reporter
-1 Minmatar Emissary
-4 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)

Not allowed entry due to recruitment-stop policy for Amarr & Minmatar districts until month expires.

-144 Freedom Fighters
-212 Kameiras

The Kameiras will be redirected with many of their peers from the Arcology project to the PIE Kameira program. This reduces the tension aboard the station and will also raise our standings among the Amarr capsuleers.

The Animal Medical expert was provided by Rob McKenzie. With the large influx of Fedos recently, he'll be a great asset to our Arcology!

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