Wednesday 14 May 2014

Riot aftermath leads to reforms of Arcology Workings


A week ago, a small riot in the Arcology station exposed some flaws in management. Originally it was thought to be a pure Amarr/Minmatar issue, but after deeper investigations, it turns out the cure of the issue was deeper.
With thanks to capsuleers assisting us when we called for help to prevent future riots and improve Minmatar/Amarr relations, it was uncovered that our management of the project was outdated and created alot of tension.

To help us out, alot of good advice and help has been given to us, in order to smoothen the transition to a more suitable management style and to help boost the cooperation between factions. Below are listed all the measures taken & assistance given.

Temporary measures

These measures have been taken to prevent escalations & riots on a short term, but don't offer a long term solution. These actions will only last till the end of this month, and then they are lifted.

-Recruitment stop for Amarr/Minmatar;
To prevent recruitment leading to an arms race & to prevent relations between these two to worsen. They currently already have the largest faction militias.

-Faction Security budget assigned & frozen;
Security budget for amarr & Minmatar is frozen, any attempts to transfer funds from other budgets will be penalized. This is to remind them that the primary function of the budget is to help guiding the refugees, immigrants & rescuees in their district to a new start in their lives, not to spend it on arms & soldiers.

-Increased Arcology Miliita patrols;
To prevent future riots and other escalations, the Arcology militia will increase their patrols. This will also help in reminding all involved that ultimately, Aurora Arcology provides security for all, irrelevant of race or standing.

-Negotiator intervention;
A negotiator will soon arrive at the Aurora Arcology, in order to smoothen the tensions. In particular, he'll work to take away the fear that both sides have that the other wants to harass or provoke them into aggression.

District changes

Changes that affect the various districts and aim to improve services & workings of the Aurora Arcology project in general.

-Kameiras are restricted to the Amarr District at all times;
Due to their controversial nature, Kameira presence tends to make most people feel uneasy to outright hostile to them and their Amarr superiors.
In an effort to alleviate this, Kameiras must stay within Amarr District boundaries.

-District transfer zones are now manned by Arcology Militia
In order to reduce tensions, the transition zones between districts will no longer be manned by faction militia. Investigation has shown it leads to favoritism and unfair checks.
By manning these points by Arcology Militia, people will be subject to a much fairer control.

-Limiting the general security budget;
This is to remind each district that the funds are meant to assist the refugees and invest into programs to boost the profits, showing the success of the charity program, not make a private army for security.
The Aurora Arcology Project is a State approved charity organisation, which means that it must turn a profit to be taken serious as a charity. Investing large amounts of funds into internal security hampers the ability to create a profit in a humane way.
Modernizing Management

The core of the issue turned out to be outdated management methods. The population grew, causing shifts in needs and requirements. Sadly, our management methods did not evolve along with a growing population.
The basics of the Arcology operations was laid out when it was only a few thousand people. Now there's hundreds of thousands living here, leading to a very inefficient managing method. To combat this and prepare for the future, the Arcology management will be reformed to handle a growing population much better.
One of the major changes will be a shift from a trust-based system to a verification system

-Creation of a Verification Division;
This division's purpose will be to doublecheck budgets, decisions and various other important tasks that are best checked by a third party before going into effect.
This division replaced the old trust system, leading to a reduction of corruption & favoritism.
Previously, councilmembers were trusted to work for the good of many. This works for a small population, but in a large population, with more varied interests at work, it leads easily to corruption, favoritism and nepotism.

-Centralizing bureaucracy;
To increase efficiency and cooperation, the District Council Halls will be repurposed into assistance bureaus. All councilmembers are now required to meet at the Central Council Hall. This will improve communications between the various councilmembers, especially between different factions.

-Modernizing budget management;
During investigations, it was discovered that most budgets were spent inefficiently, due to rampant corruption. The cause of this corruption was a lack of control on budget spending. With the creation of the Verification Division, this has been resolved.
Further, budgets will no longer be a general funding, but will be split in clear divisions, like Security, housing, food, industry etc. This is in order to keep better track on how various factions spend their allowed budget.

Future plans

Thanks to the help we received, several plans for the future have been laid out, to boost the Aurora Arcology project.

-Internal Security training;
An offer was extended by the Ishukone Watch to train our troops to improve internal security. External security and policework is done by our Law Enforcement groups. However security focused on handling riots, identifying and controlling malign networks and underground movements is hardly existent.
To help alleviate this, an Ishukone Watch representative offered to train Arcology troops in identifying and neutralizing troublesome and hostile individuals and organisations.

-Sport Competitions
This was a very good and healthy tip, giving people a reason to compete in a peaceful manner through sports.
Currently, a variety of sports are being looked into for this. Ideal would be sports that are practised by all factions. Lacking that, a variety of sports practised by many different factions will also do. Hopefully something more concrete will follow soon on this!


Thanks to outside help, a variety of flaws has been identified and being corrected as we speak. With this in mind, the future looks bright once more for the Project now that it is ready to receive even larger populations.

I like to thank all those who helped in making this a reality, especially N'Maro Makari, Agiri Falken and the Disciples of Ston who have been a great help with their continued advice & assistance!

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