Tuesday 18 November 2014

Aurora Arcology welcomes over 24.000 immigrants!

Over the past few months, the Aurora Arcology population has been expanding at an accelerated rate. This increased growth can be attributed to our larger reader-base and among them a few large supporters like Caroline Grace & Khaprice!

The rapid expansion however is very testing for our security troops. Both the Arcology sector expansion as its fast population growth means they have to constantly adapt to changing circumstances, not the optimal way for security to do their jobs.
However, the expertise & skill offered by Pieter Tuulinen & his security force made sure that the Arcology remained secure. All in all, ever since he arrived, our security force has improved greatly under his guidance, offering a more strict & professional attitude to their job.

It is thanks to our improved & enhanced security force that Arcology Management can run the newest division, aimed to guide freed slaves to a life of their own choosing under Arcology management. Most of these Freed Slaves have been rescued by Khaprice, resulting in a great bonding for many, as they all share a common positive tale to talk about! Due to their particular background, freed slaves often harbour a deep mistrust against authority and can be rough to deal with. Lucky there's plenty of Minmatar officials to assist us in convincing them of the Arcology's good intent. The recent joining of a Vherokior Shaman helped greatly with this, as spirituality is an important factor for many Minmatar.
Thanks to small groups of former slaves joining in the past, we'll be able to assist these people well, taking away their fear for authority & helping them to find their path in life & do things for their own instead for a master!

Now onward to this week's census report! Aurora Arcology management wants to thank capsuleers Khaprice, Halcyon Ember & Thorsten Cragstone for helping so many refugees towards a new start in their lives!

Regular Civilians

- 44 Civilians
- 2 Construction Workers
- 532 Homeless
- 1.520 Janitors
- 165 Refugees
- 27 Scientists
- 4 Stranded Pilots
- 6.043 Tourists
- 10.813 Freed Slaves


- 14 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
- 230 Hounds

Law Enforcement

- 5 Caldari Light Marines
- 127 Freedom Fighters
- 2.007 Marines
- 6.019 Militants
- 119 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

- 579 Female Exotic Dancers
- 715 Male Exotic Dancers

Council Members

- 2 Amarr Diplomats

All in all, once more a large group of people find safety & shelter within the Arcology!

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