Sunday 30 November 2014

Over 29.000 refugees join the Aurora Arcology!

This past week has been a busy & event-filled week! From sleepers to stellar anomalies we've seen it and reported on it, with Capsuleer celebrations & conspiracies to spice it up!

First was the discovery of strange images related to new sleeper ships, causing a rampant influx of strange theories & conspiracy claims to appear. The emergency Inner circle summit being called, along with the release of a cloaked image didn't help matters either, as you can read here: Strange Sleeper ships & speculations about conspiracies.
What it all means is so far inconclusive, as no solid conclusions backed by evidence could be made.

Next was the brilliant Capsuleer recruitment trailer that took the community on GalNet by storm, capsuleers and common people alike! It's expected that this recruitment add will draw in many people to the capsuleer lifestyle, adding on their growing economic & political strength.

Then it was time to put the spotlight on Ushra'Khan's decennial celebration. As the oldest Capsuleer alliance in existence, they have organized a great celebration in Rens, inviting over all those willing to celebrate 10 years of fighting for Freedom along with them.
But that's not all, over the course of the week they also returned the corpses of fallen Amarr combat pilots to the Empire, giving their relatives a chance to give these people a proper burial.
After that, they launched an attack on CVA space in Providence to remind them that Ushra'Khan comes to liberate their brothers & sisters anywhere in the cluster!
You can follow their week of celebrations in their announcement here: [UNITY] Ten years of Ushra'Khan
The Pandora News organisation also follows them closely: Pandora News

But all the commotion of sleeper mysteries, the new recruitment trailer and Ushra'Khan celebrations was immediately obscured by a strange stellar phenomenon, the appearance of a strange bright star in the sky! Following the trend of jumping in the deep with theories, I summarized my own theory on this bright star & what it could mean: Strange bright star appears in the sky across New Eden!
At the moment, it's still not sure what it is, albeit a supernova with an FTL component is the most accepted assumption right now. It gets referred to as Caroline's Star alot, as Caroline Grace was the first who brought it up to attention to the capsuleer community.

Capsuleer Frenjo Borkstar does his best to gather all the data & observations, along with possible theories in one central thread so everyone can stay up to date easily: Caroline's Star, Sansha activity, Unusual things - A compilation This also includes the strange sleeper activity, Hilen Tukoss' messages and other oddities.

Now on to this week's Census Report, Khaprice has really outdone herself with freeing over 20.000 slaves! Combined with the recent acquisition of an Ushra'Khan signed Khumaak, spirits will be high among the Minmatar community!
But lets not forget the other supporters! Capsuleers Argangtang Mulldan, Jack Sly, Niobium Hidden and Cherry Saissore did their part in helping refugees finding a new safe home in the Arcology!
This are this week's arrivals, mainly free slaves:

Regular Civilians

- 238 Homeless
- 1.574 Janitors
- 71 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
- 30 Science Graduates
- 4 Scientists
- 6 Stranded Pilots
- 1.077 Tourists
- 23.373 Freed Slaves (Datafile: Freeing slaves, the first step of many...)


- 7 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
- 376 Hounds

Law Enforcement

- 486 Freedom Fighters
- 1.566 Marines
- 510 Militants
- 163 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

- 469 Female Exotic Dancers
- 350 Male Exotic Dancers

Council Members

- 1 Logut Akell
- 8 VIPs

All in all, it's been a great week for the Aurora Arcology project & Aurora News. In fact, this month has seen the largest amount of readers in the history of Aurora News! I thank all who have helped spread our news articles across the capsuleer community! Your contribution matters!

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