Sunday 29 September 2013

Abandoned in Space

Today was a strange day, where I saw both the best and worst capsuleerdom has to offer. Through a private comm, a capsuleer with the callsign 'Kilohertz' informed me that she found several civilians abandoned in a deep space can. As the can still was legally bound to the owner she couldn't retrieve them without risking herself.
She gave me the system's location & a bookmark, so I could rescue these poor souls with a specialized ship, minimizing the risk when encountering trigger-happy capsuleers or springing a trap. As they were located in the Aldrat system, I had to put the engine of my trusty covert-ops transport in overdrive to arrive on time, as a can lifesupport system only remains active for about 90 minutes, and we didn't know how much time had passed.

Thanks to capsuleer Kilohertz, I managed to rescue the poor souls from deep space on time. Right after the refugees were transported aboard my ship, I set course to a safe location, while Concord was berating me for 'breaking' the law... What authority has laws in place that punishes those who attempt to rescue abandoned folks in space...
After docking was complete, the crew checked on the refugees and verified they were physically okay, save some bruises & scrams, but they were very shaken by what happened to them that day. After all, some violent capsuleer blew up their deep space habitat, then they're left alone in space to die, and some hour later another capsuleer picks up their deep space can at full speed. They've agreed to join the other refugees aboard to the Aurora Arcology, to start life anew, far from the fragile deep space habitats and violent capsuleers.

With thanks to Capsuleer Kilohertz, 20 people were saved from deep space suffocation, 10 janitors & 10 Exotic Male Dancers.

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