Wednesday 11 September 2013

New Arrivals : 11.000 Refugees

This weeks sees even more arrivals then last week! Over 11000 refugees have joined the Aurora Arcology. Thanks to the word being spread, the refugee project is picking up speed. If this keeps up, plans will be made to expand into new ventures, to be able to keep up with the immigrants as well as maintaining the ability to assure new jobs for the arrivals. A big congratulation to all capsuleers who assisted this week, special mention to the Amarr Traders who freely contributed!

Composition of this weeks immigrants:

Regular civilians:

-218 Homeless
-713 Janitors
-38 Refugees
-70 Science Graduates
-6772 Tourists


-78 Hounds

Law Enforcement additions

-27 Caldari Light Marines
-4392 Marines
-600 Militants
-11 Slavers (part of the Redemption Program)

New Councilmember

-Lieutenant Kipo 'FireFox' Tekira (Datafile: The Venal expedition, a Gurista rescue)

The councilmember is not truly part of the council, but rather a special guest. Lt FireFox has been extracted from lawless space after sustaining horrible and traumatic injuries. It is suspected he fell in the hands of Cult of the Lash. A worrysome development, this small but radical cult never ventured this far beyond their space.

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