Sunday 1 September 2013

An introduction to the Aurora Arcology project

Many have wondered what this project is about, and what it aims to do.
In short it's a Caldari run charity program for those homeless and refugees who lost their homes in one of the many conflictzones. They usually find their way to Aurora by helpful capsuleers picking them up and setting up a transport contract with me, so I can pick up these unfortunate souls.

But what happens once they arrive? They are appointed a standard issue apartment and a month's grace period in which they can get accustomed to their new environment. During this period they also are given a selection of jobchoices they can perform once the grace-period ends. This aims to make them feel useful again, and to give them a positive outlook on life.
The jobs are based on the refugee's skills and range from agriculture, maintenance and factorywork to science, entertainment and law enforcement. The Arcology project creates these jobs by keeping automation to a minimal level, in order to create a larger jobpool. As a result of this, many of the products and services are not aimed for the planetary market, but rather for the more wealthy space-population and capsuleers.

As a whole, the Aurora Arcology project aims to keep people who had to flee a conflictzone to remain a valuable and useful part of the society. The constant growth of the Arcology population shows this service is in high demand. Once the people have settled and have their lives organized, they are generally content to stay, knowing they are protected and looked after, not to mention the unique cummunityfeeling that many who are present have been through hard times as well as they fled their homes.

Anyone who rescued or found people in conflictzones and wants to make sure they get proper assistance to help them recover from such ordeals can always put up a contract with me, from anywhere ( lawless space excepted -nullsec-), I will then pick up these people and transport them to their new homes.

Note: Slave-trade is illegal outside Amarr space, and thereby slaves cannot be accepted in the Arcology barring exceptional circumstances.

Future updates in this newsfeed aim to explain special events, new immigrants and highlight certain inhabitants. It will also be used to clear up things concerning this project and resolve questions around it.

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