Saturday 21 September 2013

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The Penal System

Due to a recent discussion in The Summit public channel, a need to clarify the penal institution has been warranted.
First clarification is the different tags the prisoners recieve, after this a more elaborate explanation will be given about the Prison lend Lease Contract that the Arcology has between some of the State corporations.


-Captives: generally low ranking captured piratecrews. Given a prisonsentence to serve out their time. Low risk of escape or being freed by a pirateraid.

-Prisoners (Class I): Low profile criminals that have been given a prisonsentence instead of the more common penal labour to serve out their time. This need for imprisonment rather than serving their crimetime in a useful way can be due to various reasons. Usually criminals sentenced to prison are contracted out to private prison companies. As a way to create jobs and income, the Aurora Arcology runs such Prison contract service, accepting State prisoners for a fee.

-Prisoners (Class 2) : Internal criminals, those who committed crimes within the Arcology and have been caught & trialled to prison. Penal Labour can be given instead of prisontime, but it's far lower than the State Average, due to the need to create jobs for refugees.

-Prisoner (Class 3 and higher) : High profile or highly dangerous criminal, with high risk of escaping. These kind of criminals are generally put in cryostasis to serve out their time, due to the high risk. In general, the Arcology refuses contracts like these, and should a former resident of the Arcology attain this class, he or she would be contracted out to a High Security Penal facility. One notable exception is given to the unknown prisoner retrieved from Black Rise. He remains in cryostasis custody, until more information is found. This is deemed the most correct action, as there is no information on the original custodian.

Clarification on confusing non-criminal tags:
-Kidnapped and Captured Civilians are NOT criminals, this also counts for Hostages! This tag is given to indicate these former refugees were held captive by pirate organisations and have suffered greatly. Due to this, they require a more personal approach in supporting them and re-integrate them into society.

Prisoner Lend-Lease Program

Now that we have the tags out the way, a clarification on the Prisoner Lend-Lease Program / Contracts. The Aurora Arcology is mainly a charity providing refugees a place where they get a new start in life. In order to do this, income is required to maintain the charity, and to provide good support & supplies to these people.
One of the ways to generate this income is the Prisoner Lend-Lease Program. Under this name, the Penal administration advertises this service to corporations within the State. This program does NOT comment on the reasons given for the sentence, nor speaks out on the nature of the crime. The only thing we provide is a service, namely we imprison these sentenced criminals for the duration of their sentence for a fee determined by the length of their sentence. This frees valuable manpower and space by corporations to employ them better. At the same time, it provides the Arcology with a means of income and jobcreation, mainly for the Law Enforcement group and janitorial department.

In short: The Prisoner Lend-Lease Program is a contract that stipulates that the Arcology takes custody of a corporation's low grade prisoners for the duration of their sentence in exchange for a fee.

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