Wednesday 9 April 2014

Aurora Security boosted by military grade MTAC addition! + General MTAC Information


MTAC is short for Mechanized Torso-Actuated Chassis, or Mechs in short. They come in many variants, but most are used in industry and security departments.

The most commonly used variants are:

Miner MTAC with remote control

These are used for heavy duty mining. Most often they see use in harsh environments unsuitable for normal mining ops, like Lava worlds, Storm planets, Plasma worlds or Frozen planets. The exoskeleton safeguards the miner from all outside influences, allowing him to mine in the harshest conditions.
If needed, the Mech can be remote controlled, allowing the miner to reach dangerous areas without exposing himself to harm.

They can also see use as an emergency security force in case of hostiles attempting to disrupt the mining ops as MTAC units are virtually immune to anti-personnel weapons. This makes them a fearsome opponent against pirates expecting an easy raid.

Concord MTAC equipped to perform a search & rescue operation

These are the most versatile MTAC units available and of high quality as well. They can be modified for a wide range of applications, from industrial hauling to heavy weapon battle platform. Due to this versatility they are in high demand across the cluster for all kinds of tasks.
Currently, most of these are tied up in security operations against deep space facilities of Sansha's Nation.

Military grade Caldari MTAC unit. Saw service during the Battle of Caldari Prime. Equipped with a wide array of weapons, including shoulder-mounted machineguns and anti-armor & anti-tank weaponry, they were a fearsome opponent in battle, driving back the Gallente military forces. Due to it's military use, all images of this MTAC unit are classified.

More info on the MTAC variant gifted to the Aurora Arcology Project
As our reputation and visibility grew among the public, there was also a growing concern of security for our citizens. Due to the growing threat posed by aggressive capsuleers and the ability to hire Dust Mercenaries to act against ground & station targets, the need arose to provide security with some heavy duty military equipment.
All forms of training are helpless against a Dust Merc squad that is equipped with a suit that can deflect or resist most normal weaponsfire and can carry guns that make short work of any personal armor a normal human can carry.
In order to prepare for such event, there has been an ongoing search to acquire a CONCORD MTAC unit, but due to the Sansha incursions, they're hard to get, as they are deployed en masse during these attacks, leaving barely any available for the market.
However, Commander A9 managed to acquire several spare Military grade CONCORD MTAC units, of which he donated one to the Aurora Arcology. We're extremely grateful for this gift as this variant is especially hard to come by!
Military grade MTAC's are an extremely resilient and heavily armed weapon platform, able to stand toe to toe with Dust Mercs, exactly what the Arcology Security Force was looking for!
Commander A9 also provided us with a write-up about this specialized unit, which is published here:
"The military grade CONCORD MTAC is the equivalent of a sort-of man-powered 'powered assault armor' in use by several military forces. It's designed to protect the pilot from hostile fire and environmental hazards, while bringing forward weaponry that standard infantry are unable to carry without the assistance of some type of motorized or mechanized chassis.
For me, the MTAC is a close reminder of a similar weapons platform in use by the Global Defense Initiative, my previous military force; it was called the "Wolverine Light Battle Mechanized Walker." An entirely enclosed system standing about 7-9 feet tall, it was equipped with an advanced sensor package and communications system to detect enemies at ranges deep behind enemy lines...and was most notable for its twin 25mm Gatling Guns."

Wolverine Walker

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