Monday 14 April 2014

Dragonaur Tsatei Uppas meets his end at Samanuni

The gathering

Early today, word came in that Former 37th Officer Tsatei Uppas' Chimera Carrier was spotted in Black Rise, Samanuni system, along with 3 of his companions; Pyykakiwa SarnenEdashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.
Rapidly, the word spread, and hundreds of capsuleers set course for the system. As it was in highsec, Concord presence would minimize chaotic intercapsuleer fleet engagements. Rapidly, local climbed up to 400 capsuleers... almost all of them there to claim the bounty....

People realized quickly that the Carrier and his escort were in orbit of Samanuni X. After probing them down, the attack could begin...

There was a Chimera... Then nothing....

As the stolen Chimera Carrier and it's escort of Dragonaur Navy Scorpions was tracked down, fleets warped in and primaried Tsatei Uppas' Chimera.
In only mere moments, the stolen Chimera Carrier perished under the concentrated fire of nearly 200 capsuleers, many of them flying ships capable of delivering massive damage... A few brave Provist supporters tried to help the carrier by repping it.... but they flashed twice, once yellow, to mark them suspect, and the second flash was their ship exploding in a blaze of targeted fire...
After the quick demise of the carrier, the 3 escorting Dragonaur ships perished as well, one after the other... They never stood a chance as they were fired on by over a hundred capsuleers... No battleship can survive even for a moment under such a brutal assault....

The final moments of The Provist Chimera, image provided by Heli Talvinen

After this formidable display of capsuleer might against the powerless Provist traitors, the system fell silent again, save for some broadcasts and gloating from these eggers.


This engagement showed that Concord makes a large difference. Yesterday, capsuleers fought each other en masse in lowsec. Today, with Concord overwatching them, capsuleers stood grudgingly side by side as they focused fire on the stolen Chimera, bringing it down in record-time. There was no clear dominance of any specific capsuleer organisation.

A curious thing to note is that the Provist Dragonaurs have at least two capsuleers among their ranks: Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo. These men were also present in the Akkio engagement, and show up again today, despite being killed, proving that they are capsuleers. It is suspected that more will show up in future engagements.
Despite that the Provists are outnumbered, caution is advised, as capsuleers can always pull an ace out their sleeves.

The battle report listing the kills & losses in Samanuni: Kill & Loss report in Samanuni
As noted earlier, there hasn't been much capsuleer infighting, compared to the numbers present. Most non-Dragonaur forces that died were Provist supporters that died the moment they showed their allegiance.
The high number of capsuleers, along with Concord overwatching them to prevent any large-scale chaos meant that the Dragonaur forces never stood a chance.

Also, here is the official news on this battle: Tsatei Uppas killed by capsuleers in Samanuni

I like to thank those who contributed information, allowing me to report on this event. Especially Melana Emmagan, who spend quite some time with me, explaining things and hightlighting smaller details. If you spot any glaring mistakes, please mail me ingame: Jandice Ymladris

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