Tuesday 15 April 2014

Provists Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara fall at Okagaiken

A deadly arrival...

This evening, the stolen Chimera, piloted by Uehuma Inikas was spotted once more in Black Rise, but this time in Okagaiken, a low sec system. He was escorted by a Phoenix, piloted by former 37th squadron captain Arano Kokkara and 4 Dragonaur Navy Ravens, piloted by Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.

As the news of the sighting got around, people flocked to the Okagaiken system, but they were wary of Pandemic Legion presence, remembering the first Manhunt in Akkio where PL totally dominated at the Carrier fight.
As people arrived in the system, they realized the situation was even worse now... Pandemic Legion did not only bridge in their Navy Apocalypse Fleet to engage the Provist forces, but also a Tornado fleet to put the system under lockdown.
The resulting slaughter surprised none. Many capsuleers, including yours truly got caught offguard by the speed and scale of the system lockdown and lost ships rapidly.

And so, Pandemic Legion has the field.... None can oppose them, and the Provists stand no chance against such formidable force...  And the navy Apocalypse fleet is ready to engage the Provist Chimera and its escort...

System control and crashing the party

But as the PL fleet warped in on the Provists, they were met by a suprise! They saw how a capsuleer group, the Gorgon Empire, had run past their blockade and had engaged the Provist task force! The Gorgon Ishtar Fleet had destroyed 3 Dragonaur Ravens already before they did a tactical retreat on seeing Pandemic Legions Fleet.
The Provist Carrier and its escort were now at the mercy of Pandemic Legion. Initially, Pandemic Legion thwarted all attacks against the Dragonaur task force, seemingly defending them once more. All this time, the former officer of 37th squadron, Uehuma Inikas was lamenting about his position, saying how he wanted to see the Gallente destroyed, how this day will make him a martyr in the Provist cause...

PL Navy Apocalypse fleet defending the Provist ships, image provided by Anna Karhunen

As Pandemic Legion got bored of his ranting, and no further capsuleers warped into their trap, they pointed their laser-batteries at the capital ships and opened fire... The Provist commander rested in his fate, saying a final goodbye to his fellow Dragonaurs as his ship was going down.
But then, all hell breaks loose! From the darkness of space, the Gorgon Ishtar Fleet returned! They went in, guns blazing! Rapidly, several ships exploded in the onslaught, among them, another Dragonaur Raven!
Initially too focused on bringing down the Dragonaur Phoenix, Pandemic Legion scrambles to reorganize against this threat. Meanwhile, the Gorgons redirected their firepower at the heavily damaged Chimera. Unable to withstand such brutal assault, the capital ship exploded in a fiery blast!
Using this chaos in his favor, Lucas Raholan and his friends dived in, targeted the escape-pod and subsequently killed him in name of the Amarr Empire, screaming AMARR VICTOR! over the local comms as they ended the Dragonaur commanders life.
After this lightning attack, the Gorgon Ishtar fleet retreated once more, their objective completed with minimal losses.
The Pandemic Legion Fleet was left behind amidst the wrecks, realizing these few minutes of chaos costed them a substantial part of the PLEX bounty....

A quick overview of the aftermath

The short summary of todays manhunt was this: Pandemic legion spared no resource nor effort to put the Okagaiken system under lockdown to make sure they could get the full PLEX bounty. But a chaotic 5 minute fight at the end caused them to lose a part of this PLEX bounty.

The Gorgon Fleet, who was present since start, managed to keep under the radar, barely attracting attention as they were harassing other capsuleers across the system. And when the moment was right, they dived in and raided what they could from the PLEX bounty.
Looking at the results, their daring action can be called a success!

Of special note is the action of Lucas Raholan, who performed a suicidal run with his friends and successfully podded the Provist Chimera Commander! And with this action they showed that even a minor force can stake claim to a part fo the PLEX bounty with good timing!

A battle report from Okagaiken system taking the Gorgon viewpoint: Operation:  The Battle of Far Far Away

There's also the offical report on this: Two Provists slain in Okagaiken

Once more we see the same Dragonaurs returning. It turns out all 4 Dragonaurs who had been spotting flying Battleships are capsuleers, just like us. Their names:  Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.
During this fight, they proved to be alot more dangerous as well, killing dozens of capsuleerships. They are obviously stepping up their game, as shown by the deployment of a Phoenix as additional escort ship.
This serves as a warning for those who want to continue the Manhunt on these traitors. They are escalating their escorting forces, with the intent of taking down as much capsuleers as they can!

I like to thank all those who provided me with useful information & their tales of the event, assisting me in creating this after-action report.

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