Sunday 13 April 2014

Provist Tovas Tagahaiken engaged in Akkio!

It begins

Today, the first Provist group emerged in Akkio, composed of 4 officers of the 37th squadron, Mulakiri Mumanoi, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo, flying Navy Ravens fitted with smartbombs to ward off attackers engaging Tovas Tagahaiken's Chimera.

As word came in these men were spotted in Akkio, hundreds of capsuleers poured into the system, despite the dangers of travelling through lowsec. Enroute, opportunistic capsuleer ganks quads engaged these travelling ships. Despite these hazards, over 800 eggers made it into the system of Akkio.

As people arrived in the system, the chaos was complete, capsuleer organisations were fighting among themselves in order to secure the bounties for the renegade Dragonaur forces.
The largest of these battles was around the Akkio Sun. This turned out to be a large slugfest, causing the loss of hundreds of capsuleers and their ships. The chaos was fueled by wrong intel, claiming the Dragonaur Chimera was there.
Later on it would turn out the actual place was a safespot close to the 3rd planet.

To defend and betray
One of the dominant forces on the battlefield was Pandemic Legion, who fielded a large and strong Navy Apocalypse fleet. These ships cleared the battlefield from opponents, thanks to their powerful laser batteries.
They had located the Carrier fairly soon and immediately showed who's boss by destroying one of the 3 escorting Navy Ravens. After this they proceeded to defend the Chimera from other capsuleer organisations fiercely, to the point they they were boosting its shields! Initially, Dragonaur Officer Tovas Tagahaiken praised them for this action, telling them that the Provists would reward such gesture.
Despite the enduring defense of Pandemic Legion, one of the two remaining Navy Raven escorts perished to 4TH District forces.
But as time passed, and capsuleers stopped warping to the Pandemic Legion fleet, it became clear that it was just a ploy to assure a maximized bounty payout to their organisation... The shield boosting stopped... and the Navy Apocalypse vessels turned their deadly laser batteries to the remaining Navy Raven.... and decimated him! When Officer T. Tagahaiken realized what was happening, he raged at Pandemic Legion for their betrayal, but the only response he got was a continued battering of lasers on the quickly diminishing shields of his once powerful Chimera...
One fiery blast and it was all over... nothing but wreckage and abandoned drones were surrounding the strong PL Navy Apocalypse Fleet, showing their dominance on the battlefield.
And so it ends
And with this, the 37th Squadron officers who had joined the Dragonaurs suffered the ultimate humiliation. In this fight, they were nothing but mere playthings for the powerful nullsec capsuleer organisation Pandemic Legion. Through their actions on the battlefield PL assured a maximum efficiency on the bounty payout to them.
An official report can be found here: Provist Tovas Tagahaiken slain in Akkio!

This is the official loss & kill report on the Akkio system engagement: List of kills & losses in Akkio
If this event is any indication, then the Provists won't stand a chance in their upcoming attacks....

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