Saturday 11 October 2014

Caldari Militia uncover a network of Black Eagle prison camps!

When I first reported on the Black Eagle prison camps in the article 'Caldari rescued from Black Eagle Prison Camps!', I made the erroneous assumption that it was a rare event.
Ever since that initial report, a small but steady stream of Caldari prisoners of war found their way into the Aurora Arcology project. Many of them were rescued by the Caldari Militia from small camps dotted around the Gallente-Caldari conflict regions, mainly Black Rise, Verge Vendor and Placid.

From the information gathered both by the rescued Caldari POWs and the Caldari Militia members, it shows there's a small but organized network of covert prison camps under Gallente control. This network is apparently set up by the The Black Eagles, in order to retrieve information by any means from their Caldari captives. To achieve their objective, the interrogators don't shy away from using various method of torture, from physical to psychological abuse.
The result on these captives is gruesome, giving away information, true & false, just to see their endless torment end. It's even suggested by some former prisoners, that a few interrogators just do it for the sport... not caring about what information they get...

When the Caldari Militia stumbles on these Black Eagle prison camps, they are often shocked at what they see when they locate the prisoners.
Upon rescuing them, various Militia members often abandon standard procedures related to retrieving captives, stating they must be detained until clearance has been given that they are not traitors of the State. Instead, they give these rescuees medical attention as soon as they can, and what little psychological assistance they can give.
Despite this, many prisoners have lost the will to live on, unable to deal with what they had been through. Often, the Militia capsuleers grant them this wish, allowing them to perform the Tea Maker Ceremony, so that they can face the Maker with honor.
The Tea Maker ceremony is reserved as a final option to resolve an unresolvable conflict. In granting this request, it reflects the terrible internal struggle the rescued POWs are undergoing, having been rescued & treated well by the Militia, despite that they had betrayed the State numerous times in their view, as they wanted the tortures to end.

Of the survivors, many of them want to bring the fight to the Gallente, to make them pay for what they did. This is a logical result of what they had to endure. And even those who do not want to fight, do ignite the fire in others when they return home and tell others of their gruesome experiences.
And herein lies the biggest danger. With the abduction & torture of civilians by the Gallente covert ops organisations and their subsequent rescue by Caldari Militia, it keeps the fire of war going.
The State might have evicted & disposed many of the Provist Hardliners in it's ranks, they are still strongly represented in the Caldari militia, simply due to what they see regularly. Even those who oppose the Provist hard line, cannot but sympatize for them after a time in the Militia, when they see the hypocrisy of the Gallente Democratic Federation.
In a way, the Black Eagles are readying a new generation of Provists, one that from a young age harbours a deep hatred for all that is Gallente...

So this is not only a call for the Caldari Militia to continue locating these Black Eagle Prison camps, in order to save as many as they can from their grasp; but also a call to those who truly believe in the Gallente Democratic ideal. Call out to your government! Ask them for an explanation about the covert Black Eagle Prison camps!

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