Wednesday 22 October 2014

Aurora Project expands the Arcology!

Once again the Aurora Arcology has expanded it's holdings aboard the Caldari Provision station in Irjunen. Management already expanded the Arcology section last year, believing it would last for a good time, but they erred. Thanks to the great support the Aurora Project received this year, growth & expansion has been off the charts, leading to a new imminent overcrowding issue in the last month.

In order to form a more permanent solution, Aurora Management restarted negotiations with Caldari Provisions concerning their Irjunen station. After a few weeks of talks, an arrangement was made. Caldari Provisions informed us that we could rent one of the sealed off sections from their station at a premium rate.
The catch however was that the cost of the re-opening & reconstruction of this sealed off section fully came on our shoulders.
As this section was sealed off since capsuleers abandoned Irjunen as missionhub many years ago, alot of work needed to be done. But we had the manpower, many of the Aurora citizens were qualified to assist in the rebuilding of this section & it would grant jobs for the newcomers.
Also, transport specialist Caroline Grace was a joy to work with & delivered the required construction materials in record-time.

The final result is that approximately 6 cubic km has been added to the Aurora Arcology. Hopefully this is sufficient for years to come, as such volume can house many millions of refugees!
Currently the Arcology population is close to a million and still rising, thanks to the contribution of many capsuleers. Especially the Freed Slaves joining the Aurora Project had a major effect on the space needed, as they require more guidance & resources then most due to their traumatic experiences as slaves.

All in all, refugees, rescuees & immigrants to the Aurora Arcology Project can rest assured that enough space will be available for them to live & work in!
Also, a big thanks to all the capsuleers who have helped us over the years into making the Eden cluster a better place to live in for all involved!

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