Tuesday 7 October 2014

Empires seek capsuleer assistance in Sleeper research!


As noted by the Sisters of Eve in their latest publication on their research into Sleepers, these ancient drones have become noticeably more active. Not only have the Sleepers become more active, but according to the recent findings they also changed their behaviour.
This change is present in various classes of Sleeper vessels. The reason for the increased activity and their change in behaviour are still unknown at this time, but the Sisters stress that the changes don't indicate any direct threat to the Empires, except for their explorers in the wormhole systems.

However, this research report was important enough for the Directive Enforcement Department and the Inner Circle to convene and study the report before sending recommendations to the various Navies.

The Navies ask for Capsuleer assistance

While not much conclusive recommendations have come forth from the meeting so far, it did spur the 4 Navies into announcing a request from capsuleers.
They ask capsuleers to hand over specific Sleeper salvage, namely Neural Network Analyzers and Sleeper Data Libraries. Looking at the nature of this sleeper salvage it's obvious the Navies hope to capitalize on the changes in Sleeper behaviour to further their understanding of Sleeper technology and possibly make a breakthrough in some technological fields.
This can be done by cross-referencing the newly researched salvaged data with the old one, analyzing what has changed between them & thereby understand it all better.

What do they need and to whom should you send it?

In short, the 4 navies look for these two materials:

Sleeper Data Libraries
These are the most sought after item, as these data-archives store all what the Sleeper drones does, including their recent changes in behaviour & activity. These need 4 researches per unit for proper investigation

Neural Network Analyzers
While less important, these items are still sought by the Navies as they give a direct insight in the inner workings of Sleeper drones. Any changes between older & newer Neural Network Analyzers would give a deeper understanding in the workings of these complicated data processors. These just need a single researcher per unit for a proper analysis.

You can contract these salvaged Sleeper components to one of these 5 representatives:

- Auvier Bavon of the Federation Navy
-   54.980 Research (10 October)
- 127.683 Research (12 October)
- 154.525 Research (13 October)
- 435.734 Research (18 October) - 4th place

- Hikemi Korrado of the Caldari Navy
-   76.976 Research (10 October)
- 168.564 Research (12 October)
- 311.249 Research (13 October)
- 767.014 Research (18 October) - 3rd place

- Heder Elislar of the Republic Fleet
-   13.130 Research (10 October)
- 135.430 Research (12 October)
- 167.726 Research (13 October)
- 857.310 Research (18 October) - 2nd place

- Ren Karetta of the Imperial Navy
- 132.301 Research (10 October)
- 152.740 Research (12 October)
- 155.789 Research (13 October)
- 936.960 Research (18 October) - 1st place

- Guillome Renard who supports the Arek'Jaalan Project (Independents)
-   13.082 Research (10 October)
- 106.505 Research (12 October)
- 255.626 Research (13 October)
- 287.232 Research (14 October) - 5th place

It is preferred to support a singular contact, as the Navy that collected the most Salvaged components will be able to make a breakthrough in Sleeper technology much faster then the others.
The Navies did mention they would reward the capsuleer that sent them the most sought salvaged sleeper components by crediting them for their effort through awarding them a commission.

Contracting items to Guillome Renard means you don't support any of the 4 navies but rather support a more equal dialogue between the Empires and capsuleers. A more equal co-operation where Empires and capsuleers benefit equally of the results of this Sleeper research. You can find a more in depth explanation by him here: The Research race of YC116 by Guillome Renard

You can read more on this in the announcement made by CCP Fozzie: The Research race of YC 116

The final result of the Research Race of YC116 can be read here: 'The result of the YC116 Sleeper data research race!'

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