Sunday 19 October 2014

The result of the YC116 Sleeper data research race: Tech 3 destroyers unveiled!

The final research count

The result of the race to collect sleeper data has been revealed! The last day saw one last big push to deliver large amounts of Sleeper research data to the four nations. As you can see in the list below, there have been some surprises! This article is the continuation of the earlier publication: 'Empires seek capsuleer assistance in Sleeper research!'

Final tally of the research points collected for all participants:

- Independents lead by Guillome Renard - 287.232 Research - 5th place

- Gallente Federation Navy - 435.734 Research - 4th place
Top donator & Title granted : Honorary Federal Harbormaster Shipstorm

- Caldari State Navy - 767.014 Research - 3rd place
Top donator & Title granted: Honorary Brigadier of Engineers TorDog

- Minmatar Republic Fleet - 857.310 Research - 2nd place
Top donator & Title granted: Honorary Fleet Architect Lotrec Emetin

- Amarr Imperial Navy - 936.960 Research - 1st place
Top donator & Title granted: Honorary Fabricator General Ascentior

And so it is revealed that the Amarr, masters of the political game have gathered the most research date for their Imperial Navy, resulting that they'll be the first to achieve a breakthrough provided bu the newly gathered Sleeper data.
It's interesting to note that the Caldari State who was leading strong previously has fallen all the way back. It's suspected that their strong lead previous to the final day closure has lulled them into a feeling of safety, believing they didn't need much effort to stay on top. Sadly, such attitude usually gets punished, as shown here.

The effort of Admiral Ascentior of PIE has been officially recognized by the Imperial Navy: Imperial Navy declares success in research race

The Independents are far behind in the end, despite them being able to keep up somewhat before. Yet, considering the lack of coverage they received from other news-sources, they did good. Guillome Renard did inform that he would refund all those who supported him in his effort to make a stand against the Big Four. His drive hasn't gone unnoticed however, as Concord recognized his effort & included him in the final tally publication!
On top of it all, it also gathered renewed interest to relaunch the Arek'Jaalan project, as can be read here: 'First Arek'Jaalan Symposium: Restructuring & Leadership - YC116-YC117' While currently nothing's solid, it is good that people show interest to re-open Arek'Jaalan for research. If anything solid gets decided, you'll read about it in Aurora News!

What will the research lead to?

And now comes the big question? For what purpose did the four Navies call out to gather Sleeper research data for them?
It turns out they'll be used for an advanced class of destroyers, called Tech 3 destroyers! The tech 3 moniker refers to the fact that these ships are constructed with knowledge & materials gathered from Sleepers! usually such ships use extremely advanced technology, allowing them to fulfill a wide variety of roles, as can be seen with the Tech 3 cruisers employed by various organisations across New Eden.

However it has been released that these tech 3 destroyers will work differently then their Tech 3 cruisers. With thanks to the newly gathered Sleeper data, they'll be able to eliminate the loss of memory that normally occurs when you manage to lose the Tech 3 cruisers.
As a trade-off however, they'll be less versatile, unable to equip any subsystems. However, with thanks to the usage of flexible new materials, they'll be able to assume 3 different roles on the fly.

Each of these 3 roles perform a different combat function (source)

* Defensive mode hardens the ship and makes it harder to scan down
- 33.3% Bonus to Armor/shield resistances (depending on primary tank)
- 33.3% reduction in signature radius (harder to scan down & lock on)

* Speed mode is self explanatory, boosts the output of the engines, making the ship faster & more agile
- 66.6% bonus to maximum ship velocity
- 33.3% bonus to ship inertia modifier (more agile ship)

* Sniper mode allows the ship to lock targets faster & further and increases the range of it's weapons.
- 66.6% bonus to ship's optimal weapon's range, allowing it to engage effectively from longer distances
- 100% bonus to sensor strength, targeting range and scan resolution, assisting in more efficient long range engagements.

On top of this, all variants will receive a general bonus that reduces heat buildup on modules when overheating them by 5%.
Also the new technology gathered through the research race will allow these tech 3 destroyers to transform into different roles on the fly! Only a delay between two transformations has to be taken into account, so no need to dock to switch between different roles! This does sound as a very powerful advantage!

While most of this research is still in an experimental phase, it does look promising for capsuleers! As the Amarr gathered the most research data, they'll be able to figure out the final issues in the design first and thereby be the first to deploy these ships into active duty! The Gallente on the other hand will struggle to hammer out the final issues in their tech 3 destroyer designs and subsequently will be the last to be able to deploy these versatile ships!

Further news on the tech 3 destroyers! The Amarr Imperial Navy & the Caldari State Navy  have released first impressions of these advanced new ships! Do keep in mind that these files do not contain any detailed information, in order to protect their research from others.

De-classified image of the Caldari tech 3 destroyer being developed by the State Navy

Released image of the Amarr tech 3 destroyer 'Confessor' under development by the Imperial Navy

Released image of a finished 'Confessor', the Amarr Tech 3 destroyer

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