Friday 19 December 2014

Amarr conquer all Minmatar contested systems!

Amarr Victor!

For the first time since the start of the Amarr/Minmatar conflict, a faction managed to take control of the whole contested zone.
About a week ago, the last contested Minmatar system fell to the 24th Imperial Crusade, assuring total Victory for the Amarr Empire in this conflict.
This impressive push started several weeks ago, when Amarr forces pushed to break the Huola Minmatar system fortress. After nearly 3 years, it finally fell to the Amarr. From this moment onward, it was a long final push to take control of all the Amarr/Minmatar contested regions.
Capsuleer Sakakibara provided a good overview on this campaign here: 'Huola Liberated, Amarr claim Warzone'

Ever since, various Amarr groups have boasted about their achievements, hoping to receive official recognition from the Empress for their efforts. While the Faction conflict is sometimes mocked as a fake conflict, meant to keep capsuleers busy, there is precedent of official recognition by the authorities. It's also important to keep in mind that an extended occupation of the warzone by a single faction can have far-reaching consequences!

Previous full occupations & their results

In total, a warzone has been conquered in full only 3 times prior to the Amarr success. These previous full occupations were all in the Caldari/Gallente zone.

Glory to the State!

The first time full occupation happened was shortly after the conflict was approved by Concord. The Caldari conquered & held all contested territories in the Gallente/Caldari conflict for months. To this day, this absolute control in the Warzone has never been seen again!
On top of this, the long occupation by State Militia forces had far-reaching consequences! Due to its firm hold on the territories, the State auctioned off the development rights of the previously Gallente owned territories to various Megacorporations. Of these auctions, the most known one is the winning bid of Ishukone on the Intaki home system, as both parties respected each others rights, going so far that Intaki refused the Federation Navy 'liberating' them, preferring the Mordus Legion to secure their system.
The Caldari Militia members themselves were awarded the 'Distinguished Blade' by Executor Heth for their efforts!

This also had far-reaching consequences for the Gallente Federation, as the heavy handed attempt by President Foiritan to launch a counter-offensive to liberate these Gallente Territories by nationalizing the arms-industry led to his resignation!
While this all is in the past now, this lasting Caldari occupation of the Gallente territories had far-reaching consequences that echo to this day!

Hours of Full Gallente Control

In stark contrast to the long occupation by the Caldari are the times Gallente held full control. Unlike the State, they managed to do this at least twice! However, unlike the long occupation by the State, the Gallente only managed to hold on for a few hours to their total dominance before Caldari forces rallied to break the control over one of the systems.
These full occupations occurred in January YC 115 and September YC 116.
However, the Gallente Militia only received official recognition for the first full occupation. The second full control went by without any recognition from the authorities, albeit the Gallente Militia groups did make alot of ruckus about it.


It seems that for official recognition, only the first full occupation gets taken in account. Do note that the low amount of times full occupation has occurred means it's hard to draw conclusions.
However, the 24th Imperial Crusade now occupies the Amarr/Minmatar warzone completely for over a week now, the longest ever after the State. To hold it for more then a few days takes tremendous effort as many Minmatar Militia groups will be assaulting systems left & right in the whole warzone, in an effort to break the Amarr full occupation.

It is important to note that if a Medal is granted, it will only be given to those who are in the Militia during the handout. Anyone who left the Militia after full control but before the Medal handout will not get it, as they are considered deserters! This was the case both times when an official Medal was awarded for full control of the Caldari/Gallente warzone.

If you want to keep track of what happens in the Militia warzones, you can consult: Faction Warfare. This news-site is fully dedicated to both warzones, offering news on important developments & guides on how to act & operate to be a successful Militia member!

To keep an eye on the developments in the Militia warzones, you can check the map data provided by Dotlan:

-Map of the Amarr-Minmatar Warzone

-Map of the Caldari-Gallente Warzone

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