Sunday 14 December 2014

Unknown Structure appears close to the Aurora Arcology Station!

Cloaked Structure appears!

Recently, strange cloaked installations have appeared across various systems of New Eden. Now it turns out, one of these unidentified structures appeared close to the Irjunen station housing the Aurora Arcology Project!
As precaution, all immigration to the Arcology has been halted as an emergency procedure. Currently Aurora management is consulting security staff to assess proper measures to take & protocols to follow.
Until more information is released about these unknown cloaked installations, caution is advised in visiting the Arcology installations.

On top of this, the strange Circadian Seekers patrol the Irjunen system, scanning all those who pass by or visit the system. So far, they've been content with scanning various ships & structures, but as it's unclear what they scan for, caution remains advised in proximity of the Circadian Seeker ships.
No aggressive actions coming from these Seekers have been reported as of yet.

Until more information is uncovered related to the Circadian Seekers and the unidentified cloaked installations, the Irjunen Arcology Station remains closed for immigration, for the safety of all refugees & immigrants. The drastic measure has been taken due to the sudden appearance of one of these colossal unidentified structures just 300.000 km away from the station, in astronomical context that's just next door!
There is no direct reason for danger, but concerning the superior technology involved, caution is advised until more is known. Also, the Security staff is currently in a meeting with management to properly assess any possible threats and to check how safe it would be to resume immigration.

For now, the refugee camps managed by the Aurora Project have been supplied with additional material & goods. This assures their smooth operation as they take care of any refugees during their extended temporary stay in these camps. Aurora Management assures all supporters that everything will be done to resume the normal routine once it is considered safe enough by Security!

Update: Security Staff Meeting result

After consulting Security Advisor Pieter Tuulinen, measurements have been taken to secure the Aurora Arcology from hostile take-overs in case it would occur. While Sleepers never attempted to board previously, they also never entered our space so brazenly as these Circadian Seekers, so have to be prepared for anything. A bonus is that any attempt by pirates to board the station will be futile.
On top of this, the various docked transports under Arcology management will be crewed & active in their docks at all times, to provide a smooth evacuation if needed.

Do note, and I stress this, currently there is nothing hinting at an immediate threat from the Seekers & the cloaked structures, but concerning their sudden appearance & the involvement of advanced technology, preparation for the worst is a sensible route to take!

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