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Amarrian Loyalists of the Year - YC 116

The nominations for Amarrian loyalists of the year

The last few years, the Amarr capsuleer organisation Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE) has sponsored the Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Awards. This is an award that recognizes the capsuleer efforts on behalf of the Empire in many ways & forms. They include, but are not limited to: Fighting for the Amarr in the Milita wars; Supporting the Empire in the Sleeper research race; the securing of the nullsec region Providence for the Empire and many other projects & efforts that benefit the Empire.

In a first step, PIE asked the capsuleer community at large to nominate people in two categories for the Loyalist of the Year awards. The two categories are:

-Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year
The search for the Amarr-bound capsuleer whose actions benefit the Empire over the past year. To be accepted for this nomination you have to be born: Amarr, Ni-Kunni or Khanid.
The Award includes a PIE sponsored Navy Issue Apocalypse.

-Loyal Servant of the Year
The non-Amarrian pilots are not forgotten and can be nominated for this award for their actions that benefit the Empire the past year.
This Award includes a PIE sponsored Navy Issue Harbinger

To assure that this calling for nominations for the Awards goes orderly, PIE laid out some rules to provide clarity & to combat abuse. These rules are:

-PIE members may not nominate
-You cannot nominate a PIE member
-You may not nominate yourself or a member of your corporation
-Nominations may be published publicly in the Nomination thread or sent privately to Lord Shaikar or Admiral Ascentior
-Nominations should include the reason of nomination & the Nominee's name.
-Nominations must be sent before 7 December YC116, 12H

Once the Nomination date has passed, PIE High Command will then compose a shortlist of 6 names for each award, based on a variety of reasons & considerations. Once published on 19 december, the PIE members at large will decide on the winner of these Awards.
With this it is explained why PIE members cannot nominate or be nominated, as it would eschew the whole Awards.

The Shortlist and some controversy

At 19 december, Lord Shaikor of PIE published the shortlist, revealing the capsuleers PIE deems worthy for the Amarr Loyalist of the Year Awards.
The shortlist for both awards are:

Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year Shortlist
    Aenrea, of Terpene Conglomerate [TERP]
    ePIMP, of Space-Brewery-Association [S-B-A]
    Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, of Inter Vivos Trust Service [VIVOS]
    Lunarisse Aspenstar, of Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]
    Nicoletta Mithra, of Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque [SFRIM]
    Reginald Sakakibara, of Death By Design [URGD]

Loyal Servant of the Year Shortlist
    Demion Samenel, of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve [CAIN]
    Jandice Ymladris, of Aurora Arcology [X101]
    Makoto Priano, of Priano Trans-Stellar State Services [PRIAN]
    Stalking Mantis, of Dirt 'n' Glitter [D-N-G]
    Tristan daCuhna, of Dirt 'n' Glitter [D-N-G]

The shortlist did spark controversy among the Amarr Militia members due to two reasons, one of them countered early. The one countered was the complaint on the lack of Militia pilots. PIE responded in kind to this criticism that 5 Militia members were nominated, occupying almost half of the Shortlists, a feat considering the Awards include all forms of actions that benefit the Empire, including many outside the Militia.
The second complains caused a greater controversy, as many active members of the Militia nominated Shalee Lianne of Imperial Outlaws. This is due to her actions the passing year in favour of the Empire, not only in the Militia wars but also beyond, as she was crucial in taking down the operations of the fanatic Nauplius.
However, PIE responded that they did consider her and recognize her efforts, she didn't make the list as they considered all her actions, revealing that they are aware of Shalee Lianne's controversial stance on certain policies.

After almost two weeks of jury duty by PIE members, a winner of each category was chosen, announced by Lord Shaikar. These Awarded capsuleers are:

Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year: Lunarisse Aspenstar

Capsuleer Lunarisse Aspenstar has done a great deal the past year in bringing the Empire into a more positive light. Especially the various events she organized & lead have shown that the Empire's deep roots in Traditions & Faith have a quality all of their own, not found in other nations.
However, her actions to promote the Empire were not only in organizing public Events like the Amarr Militia Auction, but also by taking part in combat operations against enemies of the Empire & Faith as shown by her participation in taking down the Nauplius' Blood Temples earlier this year!

The cheerful comments on Lunarisse Aspenstar winning this award shows the great support she had built up this year, as even several nominees congratulated her, proclaiming that she is the rightful receiver of the Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year Award.

Loyal Servant of the Year: Stalking Mantis

Originating from the Caldari Militia, Stalking Mantis was instrumental in the Amarr Militia victories in YC116 through his corporation Amarrian Vengeance.
As fellow Militia member, he did respond in a respectful manner regarding the Shalee Lianne controversy, recognizing her efforts, but also reminding people this is an annual award, seeking people that did remarkable things that year, not the previous years.
In this light, this winning nomination is less of a mystery, as Stalking Mantis laid the foundation upon which the Amarr Militia victories in YC116 in the conflictzone were built, resulting in  Amarr Victor: total control of the Amarr-Militia warzone!
The full thankword of Stalking Mantis can be read here: 'Dear Capsuleers'-Amarr Loyalists of the year YC116.
As he decided to retire form Capsuleer life for the time being, this Award is a crowning achievement for all his efforts the past year. As a temporary (?) goodbye note he did publish his memoires of his capsuleer life in the Amarr Militia and his efforts within them:  'The Avening Angels - The story of Amarrian Vengeance'

The Shortlist Nomination of Jandice Ymladris for the Loyal Servant of the Year

This nomination & my inclusion on the shortlist came as a total surprise for me. For this, I like to thank all those who supported me & nominated me. I also like to thank the PIE High Command for my inclusion in the shortlist. It means alot to me as Aurora News does its utmost best to maintain integrity & positive reporting on various subjects of the various factions in New Eden.

While my aim remains unchanged; bringing a more respectful & positive journalism, it's recognitions like this that remind me that I am doing a good job.
I like to remind my readers that I have ran positive articles not only on the Amarr, but also on the Minmatar (and others!) in recent times which should assure all of you that I will continue my course of bringing you news from all sides of New Eden, with a positive tone, ever vigilant to secure my journalistic integrity on matters!

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