Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Arek'Jaalan Prometheus Seminar


A meeting was called to give a deeper insight on all the recent events & anomalies and how they tied in with older events and our knowledge. The Thera system, the newly emerged shattered wormholes, the Sansha wormhole systems and much more have shaken the foundations of what we know and made us realize the power of the ancient civilizations like the Sleepers & Talocan. With it came many new questions, and answers we didn't expect.
While the Arek'Jaalan project is still reforming, it was in everyone's best interest to call a meeting in the AJ spirit, as it was obvious current events caught up on us all!
This meeting, called Prometheus, aims to give people a deeper insight on what's going on, built upon what has been discovered so far and building on top of that. Do note that most findings must be verified by continued observation, research & investigations.
This Prometheus Seminar can also be seen as a small general repetition for the big 4th Seyllin Conference that's being planned: 'The Fourth Seyllin Conference"SeyCon YC116" '

The Prometheus Seminar

Julianus Soter called for the seminar, in order to highlight what has been discovered so far, possible theories involving recent events and to point out important questions to be investigated deeper. Most seminars revolve around a speaker & his subject, a few do involve more group discussions. The following list sums the various subjects of the Prometheus Seminar in chronological order along with their speaker, if applicable.

Isogen-5 parts I by Frenjo Borkstar

Capsuleer Frenjo Borkstar reminded us of the link between Isogen-5 and wormholes. It was determined during the investigation of the Seyllin disaster that during this time, various ancient Isogen-5 deposits exploded, leading to the appearance of the first wormholes & the discovery of the wormhole systems. While Isogen is a fairly common element, Isogen-5 is an extremely rare isotope of this element with exotic properties.
It's been theorized that when Isogen-5 explodes it forms exotic matter with the curious property of negative mass. While it has yet to be observed, it is plausible, as wormholes are inherently unstable and should collapse on creation, unless they're being stabilized by something with negative mass.

Shattered Wormholes, parts I: Epicenter Sites by Saede Riordan

Intact Talocan structure at the Epicenter site of a Shattered Wormhole system 
image by Saede Riordan

Capsuleer Saede Riordan is a seasoned wormhole dweller and has been observing the structures at the epicenter sites in shattered wormholes.
In the regular wormholes, most operational sites are built by Sleepers, with occasional derelict & stripped down Talocan structures. However, Saede observed that this was not the case at the epicenter siets in shattered wormholes! There one would find intact Talocan structures, a difference form the usual observations! These structures are a Disruption Tower, four Talocan static gates and an unidentified structure, seemingly tied to an untraversable rift.
Based upon the knowledge that Talocans have mastered the manipulation of the time/space continuum, it's believed they used these structures for travelling interstellar distances. Due to this, more research is needed in these newly discovered intact Talocan structures, as a better & deeper understanding of them can shed more light on their history, not to mention revolutionize interstellar transport!

Shattered Wormholes, part II: Silent Battlegrounds by Yadaryon Vondawn

During expeditions in the Shattered wormholes, curious battlefield remnants have been located. The ones with damaged & wrecked Revenants tend to attract the attention especially as they are accompanied by the remnants of unidentified vessels that remind observers of a Talocan destroyer ship.
This indicates & confirms that Sansha has been using wormholes for travel, but it also contains a deeper implication, namely someone was resisting Nation, perhaps the Talocans? But that would mean they're not entirely dead...

Thera, the Lakat-Hro Thukker Caravan remains Part I by Equ1nox

The wreckage of the Hel Carrier Matyrhan, part of the Lakat-Hro Caravan
image by Julianus Soter

The Lakat-Hro Caravan dissapeared 5 years ago, during the Seyllin incident, as it crossed the system LS-YBS the moment the star shattered it's inner planet. A search expedition was set up, but found nothing and the Caravan was presumed destroyed in the disaster.
However, after the Thera system was discovered & accessed by capsuleers, the remains of the Caravan were found! How they got there is a mystery, but it's summarized that during the SL-YBS shattering, a wormhole transported the caravan to it's location in Thera. What happened after this is unknown, as all data systems on the ships were systematically deleted by an unknown party.

Open discussion part I: Thera & the Seyllin incident 

The previous topic sparked a wide discussion tying various subjects together. In short it comes to this: an alternative explanation on the Seyllin disaster. Instead of the stars being the originator of the disaster, the origin of the shattering lies in Anoikis (Wormhole space) and whatever catastrophe happened there opened wormholes to known space, shattering planets in various systems or otherwise affecting them.
The discovery of the Lokat-Hro caravan offers merit, as the caravan must have seen the appearance of the wormhole as a last-ditch option to avoid destruction. However instead of salvation, they found only death there as the Caravan was destroyed by whatever they found in Thera.

Also, during the Seyllin incident, the Sisters must have found a way to way to travel to Thera by alternative means. How they did this is unclear, but they do have a deep interest in odd stellar phenomenons, coupled with their extended studies on the EVE gate, they might possess some knowledge that was very valuable in understanding wormhole travel before anyone else.
As to why the Sisters choose to colonize Thera, opinions are divided, but the ability to study Talocan structures without capsuleer interference must have been a great bonus for them.

Open Discussion Part II:  Stellar Engineering & Talocans

During the previous discussion, it was mentioned that the Seyllin incident had caused the affected stars to shift spectral type, from O1 to A0. The curious thing is that A0 stars are among the few types of stars that produce isogen-5 (the spectral type O1 does not!)
Related to this is Caroline's Star (the Bright Star), a possible artificial supernova due to the FTL component involved.
Currently, no known civilisation has the capacity, knowledge or technology to perform stellar engineering. However, as manipulation of the time/space continuum is a very powerful ability, it is not unlikely that the Talocans could do such feats on a limited scale with alot of effort. It's also likely an unknown powerful party or their relics are involved in this. More research is needed on this subject

Project Reassembly by Yadaryon Vondawn

Capsuleer Yadaryon Vodnawn highlighted an important project undertaken by Eve University, namely Project Reassembly which aims to collect & categorize all shattered systems . In this undertaking, an curious observation has been made, namely that all frigate sized wormholes lead to Wolf-Rayet stars, a rare type of stars. The significance of this has yet to be determined, but continued observations are needed.
Capsuleer Rhavas reminds us that the collapse of an O1 spectral type star into a Wolf-Rayet star is not an uncommon occurance.

Open discussion part III:  The colonization of Thera by the Sisters of Eve

A disturbing secret unveiled... Studying active sleeper drones.... Image by Eran Mintor

It was determined that the shattering of Thera happened after it's colonization, considering that there's a shattered world orbited by a station originally meant to co-ordinate colonization, along with geological samples that indicate there was once a barren or even temperate world present in Thera (none now present). On top of this, the various wrecked stations orbiting shattered worlds were ruined by debris from these planets.
Considering the other wreckage, the colonization was originally a very large undertaking, cut short by the shattering of Thera's worlds. This is supported by the Sanctuary Sister Takiya Akira's plea for assistance.
The fact that the Sisters were able to access Thera before it's shattering implies they had the knowledge to generate (on a limited scale?) wormholes, in order to be able to reach it.

The Lamat-Hro caravan Part II, tie in with older events, by N'maro Makari

After recapping most of what was told in the previous seminar about this missing caravan, capsuleer N'maro Makari also called attention to a leaked Republic Intel report earlier this year: 'Classified Republic Security Services Document surfaced, contents unknown' During this he called attention to the incident where Thukker strike forces used wormholes to surprise the renegade Angel fleet, just a few months after their discovery. This hints at a deeper understanding of wormholes by Thukkers then others, as they were able to integrate the finicky nature of Wormholes into their strike plan.
This lead to the idea that Thukkers, alongside with the Sisters knew about Thera and possibly other wormhole systems before capsuleers. It's even likely that the Thukkers did found the (remains?) Lamat-Hro caravan and kept this infomration hidden from others in order to preserve this unique knowledge as a tactical advantage over others.

Open Discussion: Who knew about the shattered Wormholes & Thera before capsuleers?

The above sparked a lively discussion about who all was able to visit the wormholes before capsuleers could. In the end, a fairly extensive list appeared.

From the Empire factions, at least 3-4 could have knowledge of Thera & the shattered wormhole systems:
-Sisters of Eve: they were the ones colonizing Thera for several years before it was discovered by capsuleers.
-Thukkers: They had extensive wormhole knowledge just a few months after their appearance, highly likely that this knowledge came from successfully locating the Lamat-Hro Caravan.
-The Elders: due to their close ties with the Thukkers, it's very likely they shared this knowledge with them.
-Ducia Foundry: This amarr mining corp had an exploration team & structures inside wormholes prior to them being attacked. This particular wormhole that they had settled was never found, except by the Sisters who did uncover that they were attacked by a non-sleeper force as the damage pattern didn't match any known Sleeper damage. However, outside this one incident, their involvement ended, indicating that their knowledge was limited compared to the others

Of the unlawful factions, only Sansha's Nation had access to these systems prior, as shown by their masteries of Wormholes as during their invasions & incursions. On top of this, various shattered wormholes bear evidence of long duration Sansha occupancy, lending credence that their staging systems inside wormholes has finally been located. The presence of a Sansha station in the epicenter of the shattered wormhole J005299 is a proof of this. You can read more about this in Rhavas' report here: 'J005299 - Sansha's Override'

There's rumour that Angels could have prior knowledge about these shattered wormholes as well, but no hard evidence exists, only indirect observations. One thing should be kept in mind; one of the stars that shattered a planet during the Seyllin incident was in Stain, Angel space. Concerning the Angel's advanced tech and their covert ways, it remains an option to be kept in mind.

The ancient factions that had access to these systems were of course the Sleepers & Talocan, no other ancient race seemed to be able to access these remote systems.

Isogen-5 part II by N'maro Makari

As informed previously, Isogen-5 is a crucial component in the creation of wormholes. But to be able to generate wormholes in a more controlled manner, another key component turned out to be Complex Fullerene Shards. What role they play in it is unknown, but perhaps a deeper investigation in the Talocan Static towers could prove a better insight.
It was also brought up that Empress Jamyl Sarum's superweapon that she used to decimate the invading Elder Fleet is powered by Isogen-5, a reflection of the destructive power of this exotic element.

Open discussion: The violent wormholes in the Epicenter

The violent wormholes in a Shattered wormhole system Epicenter site
 image by Zane Ziebold

Capsuleer EdXell was curious on other observations relating the violent wormholes in the epicenter of the Shattered wormhole systems. Through the observation of others, it's been noted they they seem to appear in groups of 5 and cannot be traversed. So far, no deviations of this have been found. What this might mean is unknown, but continued observation & research is needed to find out why they appear in groups of 5.
Speculation is rife that they would lead to the Pure Blind region, but as one can't fly through the violent wormholes, this is hard to verify.

Open Discussion: the search for Dr Hilen Tukoss

A remark about Wolf-Rayet stars lead people to think of Dr Tukoss fate, as he mentioned he was being held captive in a system where the sun shared similarities with Wolf-Rayet stars. While no trace of him has been found, it's advised to keep looking. Frigate wormholes often lead to such wormhole systems containing Wolf-Rayet stars, making this class of ship the best to continue the search.
It's likely that Dr Tukoss has been killed after he has been caught transmitting a warning for us, but keep looking for any structure that can house a group of people and seems out of place in any Wolf Rayet wormhole system you encounter.

Open Discussion: Circadian Seekers

A Circadian Seeker, image by Feu dAstres

The last seminar was also an open discussion, comparing the various observations people made about the strange new Sleeper ships that appeared; the Circadian Seekers.
The general consensus is that they don't seem to be dangerous nor aggressive, merely content with scanning everything they can find, from asteroids, structures to ships. Attacking them doesn't generate an alternative behaviour, they keep scanning till they die. What they scan for isn't known, either they look for something, or they're collecting information for an unknown purpose.
It is remarkable to note that these Sleeper ships do possess shields, something the regular Sleeper drones lack. The reason why these ships have shields unlike the ones in Wormhole space is a mystery for now. A call for continued investigation in their motives for scanning has been called. Anyone who managed to make them react different is encouraged to contact Arek'Jaalan (visit the commchannel ' Arek'Jaalan ' and describe what you did if you managed to alter their behaviour).

During the discussion, it's been theorized that they use the cloaked unknown structures that appeared with them in new Eden as a sort of homing beacon, as they seem to visit it more often then other objects in the systems they patrol. Further observation is needed to confirm this however.


All in all, a very informative meeting. Do keep in mind that all these findings are made by capsuleers and often require continued observation, research & investigation before being fully accepted. Do note that these findings are often based on known evidence & well-founded conclusions.
Aurora News will keep you informed on further developments & discoveries on these celestial events.
Other sites to keep an eye on for advances & changes related to the Shattered wormholes & their inhabitants are:

-Interstellar Privateer, by capsuleer Rhavas
A man with vast & deep knowledge of New Eden, he often can tie connections between various widespread events across history.

-Eve Travel, by capsuleer Mark726
An avid traveler, Mark726 often uncovers secret links & ties with various subjects of knowledge on his journeys. Keep an eye out for his articles if you enjoy unusual sights & strange places!

-Project Prometheus, a community effort overwatched by Julianus Soter
This project aims to collect as much as possible relevant info concerning Thera and the Shattered wormholes in order to share it with all those who want to know more & to expand our knowledge about them!

-The Seyllin Report by Raimus Amira
This report is required reading if you want to know the links between the Seyllin disaster & the shattering of worlds back then and today's events regarding Thera, shattered wormholes & the Sisters!


  1. I would also be concerned if the Circadian Scouts found the numerous ruined stargates in the Cosmic Anomolies that have been left behind.

    This ruined stargate has at least a few internal power generators left but is nevertheless currently inoperational, unable to serve its intended function of hurling starships to distant solar system.

    The ruined stargate, although junk to most capsuleers, would serve as a viable means of launching stealth attacks against New Eden stations from remote locations of space that the Circadian Sleeper might be searching for when it seems to scan empty space.

    The technology that the Sleeper's possess would be able to repair these ruined stargates to make functional once again.

    Another use could be used to potentially hold open a wormhole entrace into and out of W-Space and K-Space or between two known W-Space wormholes. If the Sleeper is able to acommplish the feat of permanently mainting an open wormhole into K - Space the advantages for capsuleers would be immense. But the down fall is that the Sleeper's would be able to follow the ship emissions and communications signals to the permanently stable wormhole that would then allow thousands if not millions of their species unfettered access into K-Space, where they would undoubtedly reign chaos across New Eden.

    1. Still even another possibility could be that the ruined stargates once repaired by the Circadian Scouts might be used as local stargate inhibitors to keep a system's stargates from being used. If a stargate can be used to send ships millions of km then it can also be used to keep them from going millions of km. Even still if a stargates energy was reversed it might even be able to be used to open a rift through space-time. What ever reason the Sleeper's would want to open a rift through space-time might not be to advantageous for New Eden to say the least.