Thursday 3 October 2013

Additional info on Ayem (I-MGAB II)

Now that we're approved by 4TH District to manage the colony, here is some additional info on the planet and it's history (Credits to 4TH District members for this information):


Pre-empyrean history

Most of the regions early history is still undiscovered. No known expeditions were made to the planet, the system, or even same region of space. Recent Evidence supports some inhabitans of Minmatar and Amarr origin. This indicates the area may have been under a process of colonization. There is strong evidence of Sansha activities that dates back to the early stages of Sansha Kuvakei's Nation

Empyrean History

YC 109.08.05 the Empyrean power Aegis Militia established a foothold in the area, clearing up the Sansha activities and building the system's Research Outpost. Aegis Militia maintained control until the early YC 111, when Opticon Alliance took control for a short while, with no evidence of major impact on the planet. Soon after Circle-of-Two established control and held it for a half year. In late YC 111, CVA gained control during its crusade to recapture Providence. Around the same time, CONCORD opened up planetary development to capsuleers and now the resources could now be exported and refined in a more effective way. CVA held power until fighting with Ewoks erupted. The small scale planetary development was underway and escaped destruction during the fighting. In mid-112 the constellation changed hands and The Fourth District established nominal control. In late 112, CONCORD refined capsuleer planetary development to include  direct corporate control (POCO´s). In the first quarter of 114, a member corporation of The Fourth District, Lai Dai Infinity Systems removed the InterBus Customs Office (POCO) and established its own, as part of a larger planetary development campaign.

Current Situation

4TH District maintains security in space, as Nation is prevalent in the area shown by this News Report. Ayem colony remains under Fourth Infrastructure Investment Ltd with the CEO of Aurora Arcology (Jandice Ymladris)  as added boardmember.  An expert team from AA is send out to inventarize the colony, assessing the best course for the future after consulting the Board of Directors

Colony Data

Designation:      I-MGAB II
Common Name:   Ayem
World Type:      Temperate Planet
Governance:      Corporate, Limited Tribal
Population:      ~15,000 Corporate Employees, Unknown Tribal
Resources:       Aqueous Liquids, Autotrophs, Carbon Compounds, Complex Organism, Micro Organisms
Principal Exports: Fertilizer, Livestock, Polytextiles, Test Cultures

Planet Data

Temperature:  309K   (36 °C)
Orbit Radius:  1.121 AU   (167 mill KM)
Eccentricity:  0.022   (normal circular planetary orbit)
Orbital period:  405 days   (expected)
Radius:   4700 Km   (9400 Km diameter)
Mass:   2.4e+24 Kg   (normal for it's size)
Density:   5.434 g/cm3   (normal)
Surface gravity:   7.1 m/s^2   (expected for it's size & mass)
Escape Velocity:   8.2 km/s   (expected parameter)
Atmospheric Pressure: Very low (requires terraforming to bring it in line for long term human habitation)

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