Saturday 26 October 2013

The 'Oura Madusaari' Syndrome

After findings that the Disciples of Ston came to a similar conclusion about the increase in number of people believing to be Oura Madusaari, we felt it was needed to publish our reports on this strange psychological sickness in order to create awareness about this odd phenomenon.

Some background on this strange syndrome

Lately, charity organisations helping out civilians have run into a rare and strange psychological affliction, dubbed the 'Oura Madusaari' Syndrome. At first it wasn't even recognized as something odd as these people don't act abnormal individually considering their traumatic experiences. But once more and more people identifying themselves as Oura Madusaari appeared, it became apparent there was more going on than just a false name. Point in case is the fact we managed to trace back most affected individuals as being rescued from a wormhole-like anomaly. It is suspected the anomaly caused some form of mental trauma.

All the people who refer to themselves as Oura Madusaari have eerily similar behaviour. They also truly believe they are this person. Any attempts to disprove it to them resulted in hostile behaviour. They also strongly react against being 'helped' believing they do not suffer any form of delusion.

Treatments attempted and the resulting findings

Once we discovered this strange Oura Madusaari delusion amongst some of our refugees, we undertook actions to help them. Initially we were met with much hostility and even outright violence against out psychiatrists and scientists. Quickly we discovered this was something new. It was no damsel in distress illusion nor an odd form of schizophrenia.
The second wave of attempts went much better initially as we tried a more subtle approach. But as all attempts to foil their illusion that they are Oura Madusaari failed, our next step was an attempted group therapy. It was thought that by letting them face each other, they would realize something's amiss and being more open to the suggestion they suffered a psychological trauma causing them to take on a different identity.
But it failed... it turned into a terrible disaster of horrible violence towards each other. Marines had to be called in to contain the Oura Madusaari patients.
The shocking realisation of this outcome was that the grouptherapy actually reinforced their identity as Oura M, believing all the others were imposters and only them as the 'real Oura M'.
By now it became clear this wasn't a normal mental affliction, but something stranger. All known methods and treatments for mental delusions and identity swaps had failed. It looked like a deeper and more troublesome mental sickness... So deeper and more intense research was needed to find out what was actually going on...

Research into the Oura Madusaari Syndrome origins

After the failure of the initial treatments, psychological and neurological scientists were called on to investigate the matter. First steps was to find all similarities between them, and to determine possible causes and ways to assist them.
Initial findings discovered the original Oura Madusaari vanished during an expedition aboard the 'Paryi'. As we delved more into this, we found strange rescue-reports, indicating she has been rescued multiple times. Most of these rescue-reports detail that she was sitting in an escape pod along other crewmembers near a strange wormhole-like anomaly.
The next step was tracking down these crewmembers, lucky many of those are refugees who joined alongside the Oura M patients in the Arcology and were willing to help us out. From their stories and anecdotes about their former crewmember we learned alot. With their help we were also able to contact several capsuleers and convince some of them to share the datafiles they had on the anomalies.


After reviewing the reports, and verifying our science-team results several conclusions could be drawn and possible theories were noted down.

-It's a new psychological phenomenon. While it bears similarity to known psychological issues, none of the known treatments or therapies work with the Oura Syndrome.
-Only women caught in this specific anomaly have a risk of being affected with it. The individual affected will always identify herself as Oura Madusaari, no other name or personality.
-The original person of the individual is erased in favor of the Oura Madusaari personality. This is seen in the fact that they truly believe they are this person, having no knowledge who they were prior.
-A person affected by the Oura Syndrome will aggressivly resist assistance to help her. If placed in presence of another person with the same syndrome, great violence will occur. Advised to keep patients separate in all cases.
-Initial indications are that the proces that causes the person to identify herself as Oura Madusaari is irreversible, however research on this is still ongoing.

Conclusion is that we are dealing with something new, somehow the original Oura Madusaari managed to have her mind imprinted in a strange anomaly that can appear anywhere in the Eden cluster. Unprepared ships that explore this anomaly get violently ripped apart, leaving their crew in escape pods. Among the crew the Oura Madusaari imprint seems to seek a viable female crewmember to infiltrate and eventually erase her mind, replacing the original identity with Oura Madusaari. It is unknown if this happens purposefully or just as an extention on how the anomaly works.
There has been theorycrafting that it is somehow linked to Sleeper technology as there's some eerie similarities with the 514 tagged mercs who went insane. It must be noted however that this is just a theory, but it merits further research.

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