Thursday 24 October 2013

New Arrivals: Over 14.000 Refugees joined!

The amount of refugees has climbed to a new height! This can be attributed to a few things, amongst it is the increasing visibility of the Aurora Arcology Project among the cluster. As we expand our venture and co-operate with more organisations, more people hear of us and subsequently give refugees they rescue a second chance at life within the Arcology project. A major boost in publicity was our CEO reporting on the protests at Elokur's trial and its subsequent conclusion.

Capsuleer Turelus of 4TH District assisted the colonial departement Gattaca by supplying a group of experienced personnel. This group will support the Gattaca departement in refining their training methods and improve selection of colonists for Ayem.

To add on the good news, we're currently in negotiations with Eos Corporation to expand the Arcology itself with an additional departement. This departement would assist re-integration into society for those who have trouble doing so. By this, more difficult refugees can be helped. Details will be released when all is settled.

Now towards the disclosure of this week's newest arrivals:

Regular civilians:

-42 Civilians
-560 Homeless
-2356 Janitors
-100 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-44 refugees
-20 Science Graduates
-4 Stranded Pilots
-7393 Tourists


-433 Hounds

Law Enforcement Additions

- 1 Amarr Forensic Investigative Deployment
-10 Caldari Light Marines
-318 Freedom Fighters
-4502 Marines
-250 Militants
-166 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for L'Etoile Rouge

-113 Female Exotic Dancers
-18 Male exotic Dancers


-Quantum Entanglement Rockband (Datafile: Rockconcert)

Note, the rockband isn't part of the council, they're filed there to indicate they're working directly with the council to assure their concert will be a stunning succes.

Relations between Minmatar and Gallente groups within the Arcology deteriorated more with the recent press release within the Federation : Gallente Senator calls Republic untrustworthy! The sabre-rattling between the Minmatar Republic and the Gallente Federation has given our security departement troubles, as with each announcement the malcontent between these two groups grow. This has caused a few isolated incidents of vandalism so far, but the fear is that it might escalate one day. To prevent this from happening, security has stationed a large group of Marines in the gallente district to assure their safety. This is due to the fact the Gallente are the smallest minority and most vandalism concerning the ongoing events has been in their district.

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