Saturday 5 October 2013

Expert Colony Team: Ayem report I: The Planet

An Expert Team has been selected from the Aurora Arcology, in order to gain more detailed information about the planet, and a closer inspection of the colony.

The composition of the Expert Team:

-1 Arcology Teamleader (VIP)
-9 Prospectors (Miners)
-6 Construction-Engineers (Constructionworkers)
-100 Corporate Workforce (Janitors)
-100 Corporate Employees (Tourists)

Initial planet report (susceptible to change after second part: Colony inspection is finished)

First impressions: mountainous world but rich in local plantlife and local cattle, as noted by the export, so it can support a large population. The mountains will provide a serious challenge for large scale farming but it'll be good for large scale underground housing, in which the State has experience.
The high density of the planet, combined with mountainous terrain confirm initial scans that there's plenty of easy to reach ores to work with, perhaps not enough for export, but surely enough to setup a large scale industry to supply the populationgrowth and to sustain a large planetary economy. Together with large supplies of carbon compounds for advanced materials as plastics & carbonfiber this is an area where we shouldn't face any large issues.

The mountains on the other hand do provide excellent hideouts for rogue elements and criminals of various caliber, so a military presence will be required early on, requiring additional import of materials to sustain them early on.

On overall the resources are fairly well spread across the oceans and the various continents, making the choice to expand the original colony a logical choice. A coastal presence is surely required to feed a large populace due to the mountains.


-Expand agriculture, both land & seabased to accommodate the first wave of immigrants
-Import Buildingmaterials to expand the industry & create additional homes.
-Import Robotics for more advanced underground complexes, best suitable in a mountainous environment.
-Start up/ expand the local industry & miningsites to accommodate a much larger planetary population and to boost the local market with addtional products.
-Establish a garrison early on for law enforcement, preferably with a detachement experienced in mountainous warfare. Also stationing of Anti-grav vehicles recommended. Will require import of planetary vehicles.

This report is not yet finished and is susceptible to change. Next step is to inspect the colony itself, which has a high chance of affecting the recommendations depending on what will be found.

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