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Looking back on the news that shaped the year YC116

A thanks to all readers & supporters of Aurora News!

This is the second year of Aurora News, and thanks to you readers, it's been a most successful year! With every event that was reported, small & large, new readers were attracted, thanks to people sharing these publications to those who wanted to know more!
This lead to a rising audience, month after month! This both empowered me to improve but also humbled me, making sure any information published is as correct as it could be, knowing how many people followed Aurora News & it's publications!

And with a growing audience comes publicity but also increased criticism. However, the positive supportive messages I received vastly outnumbered the venomous comments.  My sincere thanks for this! This all wouldn't be possible without your continued support & readership!

But what are the articles people enjoyed the most? What caught the eye of the readers? You'll see it in the YC 116 top 10 Aurora Newsfeeds! It turns out to be a very diverse list, a reflection of the varied events that occurred across the New Eden cluster.
The reason for a top 10 this year contrary to the top 5 last year is simply because now we have our first full year of newsreports! Last year, Aurora News only had 4 months to look back, a vast difference of this year's 12 months!

Top 10 Aurora Newsfeeds of YC116

10) The Empire Titans, when big isn't big enough!

The first article in this top 10 is about the largest ships in New Eden, the Iapetan Titans, colossal ships that dwarf even the largest ships capsuleers can fly!
As info on these behemoths is hard to come by, this article gained renown among ship enthousiasts as it offered an easy overview on the various super-titans in service by a variety of factions.
To this day, the colossal Empire Titans continue to serve as the symbol of military might for their respective factions.

9) When nightmares turn reality: The Sansha invasion

This is a historical article, shining the spotlight on one of the darkest periods in recent history, namely the Sansha invasions of YC112-YC113. These attacks threw the New Eden cluster into chaos as Nation attempted to break the opposition. The outcome of this confrontation was mixed. While Nation supremacy was averted, Nation did succeed in compromising Concord, allowing them to launch continued large scale attacks to this day, known as incursions.
The popularity of this article lies in recalling a dangerous time for Capsuleers, where heroes were born and the division between good & bad was clear.

8) Ushra'Khan liberates slaves in Amarr!

In a joint effort with Pandora News, Aurora News reported on the daring Ushra'Khan raids on slave transports deep in Amarr space to liberate their enslaved kin and the Empire's response on this intrusion!
Despite this being among the smaller engagements reported on this year, it gained great renown nonetheless, as people enjoy reading about combatants taking on a much more powerful foe! Especially if said combatants visit the heart of this foe!

7) Shrouded in mystery, the Jovian race

This article aimed to collect all known information & reliable rumours & speculations on the Jove and their influence on the history of the various factions in Eden, directly & indirectly.
As compendiums & summaries on Jove knowledge are rare, this article slowly gained more & more recognition over the year, drawing in new readers who are interested in knowing more about the New Eden cluster & those who inhabit it.
A good read if you like to know more about Jovian influence on the various factions of New Eden.

6) Provist Taskforce succeeds at Taisy!

This battle was part of the Provist Manhunt organized by the Caldari Navy in April. In total, 7 major battles occurred between the Provist forces & the Capsuleer Fleets, You can read more about the Manhunt & the various battles in this article: 'The Provist Manhunt Summary',
While all the reports on these engagements saw a large readership, this article on the failure of the capsuleers to destroy the Provist capitals gathered alot more attention then all others. It seems people not only enjoy reading about the destructive capacities of capsuleers but also about their failures!

5) The result of the YC116 Sleeper data research race: Tech 3 destroyers unveiled!

The research race was the talk of the cluster while it ran, as he who would gather the most Sleeper tech for his side would see their supported side be the first to achieve a breakthrough in tech 3 ship designs, namely the development of high-tech versatile destroyers!
Our early report on the Tech 3 destroyers, among the first in existence, did draw in a large crowd of curious capsuleers wanting to know more about these enigmatic ships!
Following the announcement made in 'Empires seek capsuleer assistance in Sleeper research!', many gathered & delivered Sleeper Tech to their factions. Aurora News updated this article regularly to keep people informed on who was in the lead.
In the end, the Amarr Empire gained supremacy in the technology race. Our excellent reporting on this event however didn't go unnoticed and Concord even shared this news-article in their November newsletter! This resulted in a large influx of new readers from this point onward.

4) Strange structures and mysterious Sleepers appear all over New Eden!

Shortly after the discovery of Caroline's Star (which you can read more about in the top article linked below on spot 3!), unidentified structures appeared in numerous systems across the New Eden cluster, often accompanied by the mysterious Seekers.
While currently the Seekers seem harmless, very little has been uncovered about these strange sightings so far.

3) Strange bright star appears in the sky across New Eden!

Among the first articles that appeared on the discovery of Caroline's Star, a bright but strange supernova that had practically the whole cluster in a frenzy!
Thanks to people supporting me with unique images & up-to-date relevant information, people could keep track on this odd event that excited & frightened many in New Eden!
The article also reflected back on a previous Bright Star phenomenon, attempting to find links with this current phenomenon.
Right now, Caroline's Star has faded into a green nebulous celestial, visible to all. Many mysteries still surround it, despite great efforts of capsuleers & scientists alike.

2) Revenant Carrier destroyed as promotional stunt by Eve-Bet!

As noted earlier, everyone loves reading about mayhem & destruction! And the destruction of the Revenant Supercarrier in this promotional stunt was among the biggest fights of the year!
Following the arrest of Somer and the shutdown of his gambling venue Blink by Concord, many other gambling sites tried to attract the former SomerBlink crowd to their venues.
EvE-Bet successfully managed to generate large amounts of publicity through their Revenant destruction event, even attracting Concord Command Personnel attention, a hard feat! Many capsuleers flocked to their event, from rookies to battle-hardened veterans, a truly diverse crowd!
All in all, the colossal battle to destroy the Revenant didn't go by unnoticed and many people enjoyed reading about the shenanigans the participants got themselves in!

1) Newly discovered Sleeper sites contain advanced weapon blueprints!

Being among the first to give a detailed report on the new Sleeper sites in Empire space, people shared this one with countless friends who wanted to know more about these Sleeper sites appearing and what dangers & rewards could be found in there!
The detailed info, along with various detailed reports shared by people helped to make this report such a great success.
Even now, this news-article is up to date if you like to explore the smaller Sleeper sites in Empire space with knowledge to back you up in this endeavour.

Recognitions towards Aurora News & Jandice Ymladris

Over the year, Aurora News was recognized by others as a reliable source of information. On top of this, I earned a few nominations myself through my work in keeping Aurora News up to date.
I like to thank everyone who supported me & Aurora News in gaining wider recognition in the cluster!

Below is the list of support, accolades, recognitions & nominations acquired over the year, either under my name, Jandice Ymladris or as Aurora News.

Aurora News recognitions

- First sponsor: Eve Online Hold'Em Poker, an article on our first official sponsor can be read here: 'Eve Online Hold'Em; Play real poker for isk!'
If you're interested in some fun games & winning some isk, read up on EOH-Poker & have fun!

- Featured as one of the main news sources on Pandora News, informing people of events across the New Eden Cluster.

-Article featured in the Concord November newsletter sent to all capsuleers who are subscribed to their Concord Communication Publications (CCP) newsletter.
The article featured was: ' The result of the YC116 Sleeper data research race: Tech 3 destroyers unveiled!' due to it's detailed report on not only the tech 3 destroyers but also the research race leading up to it.

-Article featured in the renowned EvE News 24 site, one of the most popular news-sites in New Eden that keeps capsuleers informed on what's going on, bringing out new articles every few hours!
The article featured was 'Explode a Nyx for the Kids!' ; displaying the great charity capsuleers show when they can combined their favorite activities, helping people & blowing capitals up!

-The overwhelming support Aurora News received after it's journalistic integrity was questioned due to my involvement in taking down the Blood Temples erected by Nauplius: 'Blood Raider Temple taken down!' Thanks to all those who came to my defense, it meant alot!

- Everyone who doesn't shoot me in the large battles because they recognize me & like to read what I write on these fights! Thank you!

- Everyone who shared links of Aurora News articles to their friends or added a link to Aurora News on their blogs & sites! Big thanks from me!

Jandice Ymladris accolades

- Miss Federation Day : Awarded after winning the Federation Day Fashion show 'Celebrating Federation Day in Dodixie!' Thank you for your support!

- Shortlist Nomination for Loyalist of the Year (Amarr) : This recognition carries great value to me, as this nomination included capsuleers & Dust mercs of all ways of life, often dedicating their service to the Amarr Empire in some way. To be included in this list, despite my stance of  neutrality feels as a recognition from the Amarr Capsuleers for my respectful & positive journalism I display in Aurora News.
I thank those who nominated me & supported my nomination!

- Everyone who shares images, knowledge & news with me, allowing me to improve the various news-articles published in Aurora News! I'm grateful for your support!

And as closure:I wish you all a happy & great YC117!

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