Friday 20 February 2015

The Elysion Concerts


Capsuleer Halcyon Ember has organized two performances by famous capsuleers in her venue & invited those who are interested to attend the event. The concerts would start at 21H on 16 February. First on stage would be Vincent Pryce with his band, The Swing Wing, who bring Achura influenced rock! After this, at 0H, Anslo would perform with his band, GACHE, bringing heavy rock to the crowd!

On the day itself, many capsuleers & even some duct mercenaries arrived at the Elysion. Once cleared by security, they were all free to have a good time. The bar was well stocked & the high number of attendees meant that people could find entertaining company easy.
looking at the attending crowd, it was easy to see how popular Halcyon Ember is with the capsuleer crowd, as people of a wide variety of backgrounds attended, Amarr & Minmatar, outlaws & law enforcers, and more of these eclectic mixes.
Close to the start-time, Halcyon Ember called attention through a short speech, before announcing the first performer of the evening, Vicnent Pryce!

On Stage, part I: Vincent Pryce & The Swing Wing

As Vincent Pryce gets on stage, in his stylish vest over his white shirt & black pvc pants, he kicks off the concert in style! With a strong riff from his electric guitar, he sendsoff a blast of pyrotechnic flames from the stage. And so he sets in the first song of the evening, a cover of 'Redemption'.
With his energetic performance, along with the show element of the pyrotechnics, his concert - show was a joy to watch.

The next song Vincent Pryce covered with his band was 'Metaporphoze' & he dedicated this play to his number 1 fan, Aurora Morgan. By now, the audience was clapping & moving along on the tunes of this song, clearly enjoying the concert. And so the next song sets in, 'Paranoid Doll', with a full blazing Vincent Pryce energizing the crowd!
After this powerful performance, the next song was tuned down a bit, to let the people catch a breath, as the band played 'PS I Love You', With this song as excuse, Vincent Pryce went off stage, while still singing and danced with capsuleer Lasairiona Raske on the tones of the music.
Once the song was running on it's last tunes, he left the dance & returned to stage, determined to pump up the audience once more, with the song 'MizĂ©rable', followed after by 'Claymore'. By now, most people were commenting on the great singing voice of Vincent Pryce, a voice seldom heard in the cluster as his musical performances are rare.

And then he sets in the last song of the evening, dedicated to all the ladies in the audience; 'Vanilla'. With his phenomenal voice and his sensual & suggestive dance moves, he quickly catches the attention of the ladies, once again confirming his status as a ladies' magnet!
And so his show ends, in a fiery blast of pyrotechnics before it all turns black. When the lights slowly went back on, Vincent Pryce & his band, The Swing Wing thanked the audience for their wonderful participation.
But the crowd called for one lats performance from him before he would walk off, and so Vincent obliged with the song 'Episode 0', offering the people one last show of his singing & dancing talents under a thundering applause.

With the first concert over, Halcyon Ember announced a short break before the next performance, allowing people to have a rest & some drinks from the bar before the next concert.

On Stage, Part II: Anslo & GACHE

And then it started, the second concert of the evening, with star Anslo Tetua as lead singer. The drummer rapidly caught the audience interest as the opening song began. the reason for this, is that the drummer is his out-of-place white suit was none other then Foley Jones, the famous Dust Mercenary!
Quickly people started moving to the beat, enjoying the hard rock Anslo & his band brought. Not giving them time for a brief rest, a more powerful song followed, GREED, with a blazing colorful holoshow.
By now, the crowd noticed they were performing with blindfold, making their performance even more remarkable. And then, it all went dark after the last powerful notes, making the people wonder what would come next.
Slowly, sound returned, but this time the song sounded serene, reinforced by the holosystem displaying colors as if you were in a relaxing rain shower. As he performed the song ENVY, Anslo's strong, powerful voice echoed clearly across the Elysion ballroom, moving the audience with his performance.

After this, a short break was called by Anslo, as he seemed to have hurt his arm during the performance. Lucky nothing serious & he was back on stage fast, blasting away the crowd with his returning song DEVIL, the brutal powerful beats overwhelming the attendants.
And then it ended as sudden as it began, giving the crowd a breather before the grand finale. By now, people began commenting on the drummer & his habit to break his drumsticks at the end of a song, requiring him to pull out a new pair each time.

And then the last song was set in, by Anslo clapping his hands, a gesture quickly taken over by the audience. As the band instruments played & the crowd clapped their hands, a special guest came on stage, capsuleer Vizage. And so it began, a wonderful & beautiful duet sang by these two capsuleer artists.
Vizage's voice ringed clear & beautiful, even melodious in shart contrast to Anslo's deep & smoky voice, often turning in raw yells. Foley Jones played accordingly, from soft beats to hard drums, on the tune of the duet. As the song progressed, the duet became more energetic & powerful, moving the audience, who cheered at this excellent performance!
And so the duet ends, in a fantastic apotheosis! And so Anslo went off stage after he thanked all of the Elysion attendees.
As it ended, security did storm the stage, as Foley Jones had apparently set his suit on fire, causing them to douse him with a green flame-suffocating foam. Lucky it turned out to be fine, as the burning suit was merely a show-piece.

Shortly after the concert ended, many folks went home, but the performance by both artists & their bands did leave a great impression.


The Elysion Concerts was a great event, with enjoyable music & great shows by the singers & their bands. The large crowd attending added to the concert feel.
Both Vincent Pryce & Anslo Tetua performed greatly, each with their own styles & show-elements. Vincent had his great audio-system to boost the songs, while Anslo gave a wonderful duet performance with Vizage. 
I was glad I could attend these concerts, especially as capsuleers rarely perform on stage, outside giving speeches. It was a pleasant evening for me.

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