Friday 27 February 2015

I-RED chases sabotage suspects across New Eden


Ever since the sabotage that struck the Tsuruma Colony, I-RED has taken extreme measures to locate & arrest possible suspects. The raid last week gave a glimpse of this. But this week shows they don't shy away from seizing their own assets if a possible suspects hides there.
But as shown later, they don't shy away of locating possible leads deep in  the lawless space that is the Syndicate region.

The Silen raid

This second raid occurred in the Silen system on 22 February at 21H , and would take place at an I-RED mining complex. The mining facility itself is split up in 3 parts, linked together through large connector tubes. This split structure makes the boarding & securing easier.
Once again, a small strike force was gathered, but this time complemented with assistance ships. Lyn Farel flew a transport to help getting people of the facilities, Jaret Victorian's transport was fitted with medical bays, just in case there would be wounded.
Dust Mercenary Foley Aberas Jones joined once again with his warbarge in the strike fleet, providing ground support.

Once the fleet arrived at the I-RED mining installation in the asteroid belt, Katrina Oniseki broadcasted a clear message that left no room for interpretations. The facility personnel had to stand down and yield to the I-RED Internal Watch forces inbound. Do note, that Katrina Oniseki only revealed herself at the end of the raid. the first times the announcements was made, she did not reveal who she was.
The message was:

Attention Silen-Colony - This site has been designated for restructuring. Your right to authority has been rescinded. Stand down and prepare to be relieved of your duties.
Disengage your security systems and unsecure all sections. This site is now under the direct authority of Internal Affairs. Failure to comply will result in termination.
Use of deadly force authorized.

-Broadcasted by Katrina Oniseki, head of I-RED Internal Watch

After this announcement, Internal Watch ground forces boarded the facility, rounding up the surprised personnel. The one person that questioned this authority was handled brutally, leading to a broken arm.
Shortly after, Dust Mercenary Foley Jones arrived in the compound, coordinating the operation in name of Katrina Oniseki & Korsavius. All the personnel that was arrested were brought aboard the transports.
Meanwhile, Foley Jones investigated a signal beacon, in the hopes it would lead them to the important suspect. But the beacon turns out to be a fake, meaning they had to storm the second section of the facility in the hope to apprehend this suspect.

Once again, Katrina Oniseki player her message before they would storm the facility. But the personnel here was much more resistant, as they had seen through the commlinks how their colleagues were brutally arrested by the Internal Watch forces.
As the resistence proved to much to overcome without many casualties, Katrina Oniseki hacked into the mainframe, allowing her to use a painful but non-lethal sound suppression device. After this, most resistance was broken & the people could be rounded up easy by the Internal Watch security.
Using this opportunity, Foley Jones & a small team went to investigate the hangar for the suspect, only to fall in a trap.
Turns out the hangar defense mechanisms was rigged and turned against the team in the hangar. As they tried to find cover as best as they could, most perished before they managed to reach safety.
By deploying light drones inside, the heavy turrets were rapidly taken out. However, the side effect was that this heavy duty firepower practically took out the entire hangar, requiring the soldiers to find another way into the third section of the mining complex.
In the aftermath of this, the surviving & able troops boarded the dropships again, while the wounded got transported into the medical bays.

And so, once again Katrina Oniseki broadcasted her message to warn the I-RED personnel on the mining facility. Now there's only one section left to investigate, cut off from the rest after the hangar trap.
But as Foley Jones disembarks, a horrifying sight unveils before him... dozens of dead personnel, all in grotesque positions, as if they suffocated painfully. Lucky, the boarding troops were wearing their mercenary suits, protecting them from harmful environmental conditions.
As the troops made way to the final hangar, where hopefully the suspect resides, they hear the roaring of engines!
As Foley Jones storms the hangar, he watches an old Caldari dropship take off. Reacting instinctively, he fires a tracking chip at it, allowing the I-RED fleet to keep track of the escaping ship. The ship was revealed to be flown by  'J.Kruger', a name that also can be found in the Scope Internal Leaks article.
In the meantime, a survivor was found, Otiaj Rukerg. While he claimed he had nothing to do with it all & declared Kruger a madman, he was still arrested & sent into custody by Internal Watch forces.

As the operation ran to it's end, the wounded survivors were transported to the medbays, the arrested personnel were sent to the transports, along with classified crates.
During this, one of the floating secured storage holds in space caught the interest of Korsavius, as it emitted a rather strange ID. Upon request, Capsuleer Kithrus managed to hack the hold & retrieved it's content. It turns out it's sensitive I-RED data stored away. Upon request, Kithrus hands over the data, as it's I-RED property.
With this final bit, it's over & the fleet makes its way to the nearby Lai Dai station, carrying the arrested personnel, the injured people, the arrested suspect Otiaj Rukerg and the various unmarked but classified cargo & sensitive data.
The suspect they were after, Kruger, got away however, but it's expected that the tracker will allow I-RED to find his whereabouts.

Syndicate Search & Rescue

Several days after the raid, another development occurred. A custom office holding an important I-RED informant got in trouble in Syndicate & broadcasted an emergency signal for assistance.
With all the focus on I-RED lately, quite some capsuleers jumped on this opportunity to help out & perhaps get a glimpse on what was happening on a deeper level.
The custom office itself was located in system AK-QBU, at planet III and was attacked by Eve University. While most of the surviving personnel were handled by E-UNI, a group of refugees wanted to be transported to another location & E-UNI agreed to escort them out. Among them was Jordan Kaine, informant & ex-employee of I-RED.
During the flight, they encountered pirates & the escort was overwhelmed. the refugee ship managed to flee but the pirates pursued, causing them to send out a distress signal, in hopes that someone would help them out.

Report of the emergency situation, by Haria Haritimado

As the emergency happened in lawless space, most ships that raced to assist were small & nimble, allowing to bypass gate camps & bubbles easy. Interesting to note is the wide diversity of capsuleers that came to assist, from SFRIM to PYRE & many others. Thanks to the coordination under the guidance of Haria Haritimado, the refugees were quickly located & the rescue could commence.
But as they approached the escape-pod, they discovered a problem! The emergency lock procedure failed, locking the survivors inside their pod, unable to be rescued.

Lucky Eran Mintor showed off his hacking skills by breaching the data-locks & decrypted the emergency lockdown code.
This allowed him to retrieve the 4 survivors, among them the I-RED informant Jordan Kaine. 2 of them were badly injured, requiring immediate medical assistance Due to the rough handling of people in previous raids by I-RED security, Erin Mintor was unwilling to hand the survivors over directly to them. Instead, he contacted the Aurora Arcology CEO, in order to make sure the proper steps would be taken in securing them
Once handed over to the Arcology, I-RED repeated the request to hand the survivors over to them. As these people were (former) employees of I-RED, the Arcology couldn't legally hold them. The two injured survivors remained, in order for them to recover from their wounds. Jordan Kaine & the other survivor were transported by a fast Aurora courier frigate to the requested I-RED facility & were assigned a lawyer, to make sure they would be treated properly.

Sadly, later on news spread that I-RED tried transporting informant Jordan Kaine & his lawyer to another facility, but once again fell prey to a pirate raid... The informant survived, but the lawyer perished... In response, Aurora Arcology management sent in an Investigation team, but they found nothing that conflicted this attack.
I-RED then made a public announcement, assuring everyone that the informant is safe within I-RED custody & offered condolences to the lawyer's family.
To put the concern to rest that Jordan Kaine was mistreated, capsuleer Jennifer Starfall was allowed to interview him & record it. The interview itself is intriguing, as it gives a glimpse on the Killing Field leak & that Kruger is involved in this possible deception.


With all this, I-RED remains in the eye of the storm that followed in the wake of the two slanderous Scope articles that were published. As could be read in the reports about the raids, I-RED actions help little in dispelling all the rumours & speculations that go around as a result of it.
However, the published interview between Jennifer Starfall & Jordan Kaine shows that I-RED is indeed looking into the Killing Field accusations & that there's something not quite right with it all!

However, with the tracker on Kruger's dropship & the informant Jordan Kaine safely in I-RED hands, it seems the final steps have been taken to bring all this to a closure & finally have some answers regarding the uncovering of the Killing Fields & the sabotage of the Tsuruma colony.
We can only wait & see to what the answer will be, but with the help of capsuleers investigating these matters, the truth will hopefully surface & the culprits brought to justice!

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