Friday 20 February 2015

Imperial Navy honours the Amarr Militia

For the efforts made by the 24th Imperial Crusade, also known as the Amarr Militia, Imperial high command has awarded the members with a decoration. The award is in honour for the total control of all Amarr-Minmatar contested systems. This goal was achieved on 15 December, YC116.

The Grand Admiral Ketzi Sundara issued the decoration at the Royal Shipyard, where normally the Empress blesses the ships that become the powerful 'Imperial Issue' variants. In the speech he praised the 24th Imperial Crusade for their dedication in the warzone, to serve God and the Empire through these actions. On top of it, he boasted how they completed the Reclaiming in the contested systems, showing the might of the Empire to the cluster.
After this speech, all members of the Amarr Milita were awarded the Righteous Cross Medal for their service to the Empire.
This decoration will surely bolster the morale among the Militia capsuleers. A well timed boost even, as the Republic has been preparing to strike back at the Empire through the deployment of a new ship & advancements in their weapon technology!

Later, the Grand Admiral attended the ceremony to name the newest Imperial Issue Abaddon in honour of the 24th Imperial Crusade, the TES Righteous Cross.
What was remarkable in this ceremony & the previous one, was the attendance of Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi instead of Empress Jamyl Sarum I.
Under normal circumstances, the Empress would lead both ceremonies as it is tradition in the Amarr Empire. However for unknown reasons, her Court Chamberlain is standing in for her in public appearances since September of YC116, giving rise to speculations on her absence.
Whatever they might be, seeing a Court Chamberlain appear so often in public makes the people feel uneasy. Keeping in mind that the previous Court Chamberlain was Dochuta Karsoth, a man who turned out to be a Blood Raider fanatic, the uneasy feel is understandable.

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