Monday 23 February 2015

Jovian structures delay Aurora Projects

Ever since the appearance of the cloaked structures, the Aurora Projects have suffered major delays through them. The Aurora Arcology Project put in a full immigration stop after one of these strange structures was found. this was on top of the spotting of the Circadian Seekers, who's aggression levels were unknown back then.
The other project, the Ayem Colony support also suffered through it, as it was deemed to unsafe to travel to Providence with these unknown entities around. On top of it, 4TH District also found a cloaked structure along with their own group of Circadian seekers patrolling & scanning in the  I-MGAB system.

However, the recent upheaval about the Jovian Drifters appearing in known space, along with the decloaking of the structures has led to a re-evaluation of the risks involved with these projects.

The Aurora Arcology Project

The refugee project is the most known of the two. Under normal circumstances, refugees & immigrants can join the Arcology to have a new & fresh start in their lives.
But as noted above, an immigration stop was called to assure the safety of it's population towards the unknown threat.
But the immigration stop proved to be unsustainable in the long run for the Arcology project, as the various Aurora immigration camps faced major overpopulation issues. To resolve this, a one-time Convoy operation was organized. As you can read in 'The Arcology Convoy is an overwhelming success!', the outcome of this operation was beyond expectations!

Currently, negotiations are ongoing with security to find a good compromise between security & immigration. Until an agreement can be reached, the immigration stop will remain in place, at minimum till end of this month.
The security of our population is of great concern, as the Arcology houses 1.3 million people from a wide variety of backgrounds. With the recent surge of mad capsuleers wanting to one-up each other in genocide, a good working & strong security is paramount.

The Ayem Colony Project

This project is a joint venture with the 4TH District alliance, in order to establish a large, populous colony in Providence. You can follow the development here: 'Ayem Colony development'. The development plans stalled when Providence saw a high number of attacks from other capsuleer organisations. Due to this, it was deemed too dangerous to transport new colonists to Ayem for the time being.
When things finally began to cool down, a cloaked structure appeared, delaying the development even further. While no new colonists were arriving from the Arcology, the earlier development by Aurora Arcology & 4TH District did cause the colony to grow slowly by attracting small groups of settlers from surrounding systems & stations. Currently, the Ayem Colony houses over 70.000 people, but with room to house much more, as the expansion plans were already set in motion before the colonist transports were halted in light of the events in providence & the appearance of unknown structures.

However, unlike the Aurora Arcology Project, the Ayem Colony project faces a more dire situation, as not only has the structure decloaked now, it is also accompanied by Drifter Battleships protecting it!
This development has put 4TH District on high alert, as by now, the Drifter damage reputation is well known. This also resulted in an emergency meeting by 4TH District, in order to discuss the best method of approach.
The outcome of this meeting was that the Drifters are not considered hostile and will not be engaged, but they will be monitored closely to make sure they pose no threat.

Based on this stance, the colonist transports to Ayem will resume in the near future, likely once the immigration stop is lifted or softened in the Arcology Project.

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