Saturday 21 March 2015

Digital virus struck Aurora Arcology data-centers!

As many of you noticed, Aurora News went inactive for weeks. This was due to a digital virus that slipped past our network defenses.
Once inside, it immediately began encrypting files across the various civilian data centers, jeopardizing the Aurora Arcology workings. Due to the continuous encryption of random files, many systems had to run on backups or in limited safe mode, reducing their effectiveness.
Of the affected civilian data centers, Aurora News was struck the hardest. The digital encryption virus locked out many tools & search networks, required to maintain up to date information & fact-checking. It also prevented the publication of various news reports.

Only through the joint effort of our security department & the scientists specialized in digital encryption methods, we were able to overcome this virus.
However, the damage done is vast, as it took weeks to contain and eventually eliminate the ever-adapting virus.
However, as the main method of attack by this digital virus was encrypting random files, the after effects will last for a while. Currently, our digital security team is doing their best to decode the encrypted files.
Caution is needed however, as the virus sometimes places copies of itself in these encrypted files, requiring us to isolate any encrypted file before decoding it, to prevent any new copies of the virus to infect the system once again.

Usually, viruses like this are used to ransom the targeted organisation, corporation or individual. However, no claim was made & no ransom was issued. Either someone wanted to jeopardize the Arcology workings for a period, or the virus got into our system by accident. The latter is unlikely however, due to the security in place to prevent accidental tampering.
Due to the increased visibility of the Aurora Arcology through several very successful publications by Aurora News as of late, it's more likely it was a deliberate attempt to destabilize the Arcology workings.
In light of this, our digital security team will be beefed up, to avoid such digital attacks in the future.

Quite some files of Aurora News are still encrypted, among them various newsreports that should be published:

-The 4th Seyllin conference
Highly encrypted, decoding team faces a serious challenge in decoding it. Recovery chance mediocre

-The Aurora Arcology Introduction
Due to the extreme levels of encryption, it's unlikely that this old news report will be decoded anytime soon. Recovery chance: low
Likely, a new introduction will be written once the Aurora News team has worked away their backlog.

-Poetry Night at The Golden Masque
Lowly encrypted, shouldn't be too hard to unlock this file & make it available for publication. Recovery chance: high.

-Concord Ship Overview
Medium encryption, will take some time, but this will be recoverable, allowing people to have a more in-depth view of how Concord got their powerful ships. Recovery chance: high.

-The Drifters Evolve
Heavily encrypted. While this will be hard to rbeak, due to it's relevance, our digital security teams will do whatever lies in their power to unlock this data, to make it public for everyone. Recovery chance: medium.

-Hilen Tukoss Fourth message
While this newsreport is fairly outdated in light of recent events, it's publication would still be valuable, if only to provide people an insight into the latest messages of Hilen Tukoss. Recovery chance: high.

-Arek'Jaalan findings
The Arek'Jaalan science community invested alot in their research regarding wormholes, sleepers & drifters. This was meant to provide an overview of these findings, but alas, it's now heavily encrypted. Security is doing their best to recover the files. Recovery chance: low

As noted, a long list. Aurora News will do its best to decode the news-articles & put them up for publication. You can keep track of the decoding through this report or check in on the Aurora Arcology immigration reports, who will mention if a news-article has been successfully decoded.

I thank all my readers who stood by us in this dark hour. Aurora News will return, stronger & more resilient then ever! We shall not be held back on our mission to provide news from across the cluster to you!