Friday 31 October 2014

Nightmare in New Eden


For a few years now, a strange Nightmare, accompanied by a support fleet terrorizes the Eden cluster on the midnight hour of 30 October. At the helm is the Mad Capsuleer Tyen, who wants to bathe the starlanes in blood and burn the galaxy in a quest to silence the voices in his own mind. Only by the combined effort of capsuleers has the Nightmare threat been stopped in the past years. Can we do this once again this year?

As a way for capsuleers to challenge his Halloween Nightmare, Tyen had announced his arrival in the Ouelletta system in advance, allowing everyone ample time to prepare.

When the bell tolls at midnight

Arriving just 10 minutes before the Halloween Nightmare's arrival, I discovered a quiet system, just 8 others in local with me. There was no sign at all of any imminent disruption or chaos.
Then as the bell tolls at the midnight hour, a cynosural field opens! And through it, a majestic and powerful fleet jumps in the system! It's a combined force of Shadow Cartel, Cynosural Field Theory, Suddenly Spaceships, Goonswarm and Black Omega Security, backed up by Archon carriers flown by Northern Coalition / Black Legion! They'll be referred further as the Unity Fleet.
They had joined forces in order to stop the Mad Capsuleer Tyen and his Nightmare from threatening the New Eden cluster! But first they had to track him down.... He had to be in the system somewhere.... waiting... planning... scheming....

The Unity Fleet in all it's glory

Then an announcement sounded over local, Tyen taunted the capsuleers present to meet him in battle at the Jufvitte gate! His overconfidence to announce his location towards over a hundred capsuleers did spark caution among those present, expecting a trap just waiting to be sprung!
And so, for the next 20 minutes, everyone was waiting... trying to anticipate what the other would do... The Unity Fleet held off, expecting other contenders to arrive and they didn't want to be surprised. Tyen waited at the gate with his support fleet, the Dirt Nap Squad, for his enemies to arrive, wanting to spill the blood of those he challenged...

To stand together, now and forever!

Then all of a sudden, the wait ended, the Unity Fleet descended upon the Nightmare, a hundred ships strong. The Nightmare immediately fired up its engines, attempting to reach an optimal distance from the fleet in order to rain death & destruction upon them! Dirt Nap Squad however was overwhelmed and lost much of it's offensive power as their Hurricanes were demolished under concentrated Unity firepower.
After taking care of most of the Dirt Nap Squad threat, the Unity battleships pursued the Halloween Nightmare, covered by the smaller ships in their fleet. The Archons stayed in the back, serving as mobile repair platforms for those in need. Meanwhile, the Dirt Nap Squad fleet kept the Nightmare going, nullifying almost all damage done to this insidious ship!

The Halloween Nightmare fighting off the pursuing Unity ships

As the battle between the Halloween Nightmare and Unity was in full swing, a contender arrived! A small fleet of PL Ishtars and other ships landed on grid & proceeded to attack the Unity fleet! But under the guidance of their FC, Unity reacted swiftly, refocusing their firepower on the new arrivals.
Unable to do much against this powerful force, PL withdrawn after suffering heavy losses, but not before they demolished a Goonswarm battleship.

Now that the Unity Fleet had established dominance, the rest of the battle would be uneventful. Dirt Nap Squad did their best to keep their master, the Mad Capsuleer Tyen, alive in his Nightmare, but one by one they feel to the might of Unity.
At the end, it was just a handful of logistic ships, trying their best to keep the Nightmare alive, but to no avail. As Unity focused the firepower of their fleet on the Nightmare, it exploded in a bright fiery blaze of glory. And with that, the threat to New Eden was silenced, and celebrations could commence!
But silently it was known that this peace would only last for a year.... Tyen would return next year, as always, on Halloween.... to renew his threat to terrorize the cluster!

The conclusion

The Unity fleet's presence assured that all the others remained mostly out of sight, save a few small but futile engagements made against them. Unity Fleet was composed of several powerblocs from Lowsec & Nullsec, these being: Cynosural Field Theory, Shadow Cartel, Suddenly Spaceships, Goonswarm and Black Omega security in sub-capitals. The Archons supported the fleet were flown by Black Legion and Northern Coalition.
This amount of political power combined made any other capsuleer force wary to challenge their dominance against the Nightmare fleet. Only PL challenged them directly, but with a surprisingly small force, only composed of cruisers.

The Unity Public Relations Fleet Commander Niraia

The Halloween Nightmare itself stayed alive for a good long time, as initially, nobody wanted to take initiative, waiting what the others would do. But eventually, it was brought down by the combined force of the Unity fleet.

Killmail of The Halloween Nightmare, who perished at 00:45

Images of the Unity Fleet getting ready for battle, by Halcyon Ember
The first image shows the Titan who provides the Jumpbridge for the fleet to the Ouelletta system.

For more info, you can read Mad Capsuleer Tyen's announcement: 'Nightmare in New Eden public announcement', you can also find more & deeper information on his motivations here: 'Nightmare in New Eden organisation'

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Aurora Arcology population exceeds 1 million citizens!

This week saw 60.000 immigrants, refugees & rescuees join the Arcology, the second highest immigration number recorded since the start of Aurora News! This large number pushes our total population over the million!
I like to thank everyone who has helped over the years in making this milestone success!
You can always keep track of the growing Aurora Arcology population through this datalink: Arcology Population database
Thanks to the recent expansion, assisted by Caroline Grace and Pieter Tuulinen's assistance in security matters, management is confident that the Project will not face any issues despite it's rapid growth as more & more job opportunities become available as the Arcology's fame grows.

Under influence of capsuleer Khaprice and her ongoing struggle to help freed slaves getting a good start in their new lives, the Aurora Arcology has begun to set up a new division that will specialize in guiding freed slaves, as their needs for guidance are more complex then your average refugee/rescuee.
On top of this, Khaprice rescued a Private Dancer from certain death during the 'Explode a Nyx for the Kids ' battle, narrowly avoiding being spotted by the aggressors during her daring rescue!

Also, Aurora News got featured on EN24, one of the large capsuleer news sites! They asked permission to reprint the Children charity Nyx battlereport on their site: 'Explode a Nyx for the Kids- EN24 version'. I like to thank Bobmon for this opportinity! Looks like Aurora News is well on its way to become an established capsuleer news-service as well!

Lately there have been a few large immigration waves, this can be attributed to the rising visibility & fame of the Arcology project. because more capsuleers know of us, they also know a good place to transfer their rescuees & refugees towards.

Now onward to this weeks large census report! Major thanks to Khaprice, Angie Eiu, Riddic X, Halcyon Ember, Elenna Ailatan and many others for giving these refugees & rescuees a new chance in their lives!

Regular Civilians

-30 Caldari Prisoners of War
-49 Captured Civilians (Datafile: Sansha fleets raiding deep space facilities!)
-255 Civilians
-6 Construction Workers
-798 Homeless
-1.689 Janitors
-5 Manel's Servant
-5 Miners
-335 Refugees
-10 Science Graduates
-13 Scientists
-20 Ship's Crew
-21 Stranded Pilots
-6.841 Tourists
-27.716 Freed Slaves (Datafile: Freeing slaves, the first step of many...)


-4 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
-176 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-337 Freedom Fighters
-1 Kameira
-20.911 Marines
-413 Militants
-118 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-1 Spy

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-390 Female Exotic Dancers
-1.084 Male Exotic Dancers
-1 Prostitute (Datafile: Rescued during 'Explode a Nyx for the Kids' battle)

Council Members

-1 Fajah Ateshi
-1 VIP

It's been a busy week, both on reporting as guiding the many new arrivals to the proper sections within the Arcology, taking into account their cultural & social preferences. After all, the Aurora Arcology Project prides itself on providing arrivals a new place to call home!

Sunday 26 October 2014

Explode a Nyx for the Kids!

In order to raise awareness for sick children who need expensive medical support, CEO Bacchanalian of Rote Kapelle organized an event that would attract the attention of capsuleers across Eden. As he explains here 'Kill a Nyx for Kids & Charity', he decided to sacrifice his Nyx supercarrier in exchange for charity donations from capsuleers across Eden. To officialize these donations he set up a charity page here: 'Extra Life Donation Drive by Bacchanalian' where he aimed to collect 400 billion isk! (10.000 $ )
As Concord Command Personnel(CCP) heard of his pledge & charity drive, they offered their assistance, in order to create more awareness to this event. They even pledged that CCP would match the capsuleer donations 1 on 1 up to 200 billion isk! (5.000 $)

This event would occur in a yet to be named system on 25 October at 20H.
In an effort to create even more awareness, several capsuleers informed Bacchanalian they would sacrifice their capital alongside them, upping the total of capital ships to shoot at in exchange for donations to 6 ships. These were two Archons, a Phoenix, a Revelation, a Thanatos and the fabled Nyx!
5 CCP officals kept an eye on it all, to assure things ran smooth and assist when it was needed. These officials were: CCP Explorer, CCP Foxfour, CCP karkur, CCP Logibro and CCP Manifest. They kept an eye on the event through their advanced Enimga Observer Frigates.

A lone Thanatos and the mighty Eagles!

At the start of the event, the target system was announced: the Ostingele system in Placid region! And so, across the cluster ships undocked & made their way to the target system. However, unlike previous events, this one caused far less issue for Gate traffic control, causing a smoother flight!

And so begin the first fights in Ostingale, in an attempt to claim dominion on the battlefield grid. Among the notable early arrivals was one of the event capitals, the Thanatos carrier, piloted by Bobmon. The early fighting was focused around him, but he did survive the ordeal, as he managed to successfully demolish ships from various fleets, like Providence Bloc, VeGA and ILaw. It's important to note that these early fleets were mainly composed of smaller ships like various frigate types & destroyers.

Initially, most skirmishes were small-scale, where early fleet arrivals were testing each others strength while waiting for more backup to arrive. And then the first big fleet engagement happens! The Overload Everything  Vexor Fleet enters the Gallente warfare complex housing the event capital ships and proceeds to clear the area, massacring anyone unable to escape their onslaught on time! And so they were the first to establish solid dominance inside the Event Complex...

While several fleets continue their skirmishes across Ostingele, Snigwaffe decides it's time to move as well, before Overload can entrench itself.
As they enter, the Snigwaffe Eagles descends upon the Overload fleet, driving them out as Vexors explode left & right!
And with that, things just got serious.... Fleets readied themselves to launch their massive attacks on the Gallente complex, the small scale skirmishes left alone to those few stragglers flying around. The Eagles of Sniggwaffe were about to face some serious opposition...

No matter what comes through that gate, you will stand your ground!

And so it begins... the Great Battle for the Gallente Medium Complex housing the event capitals... The Sniggwaffle Eagle fleet holds the place, barring the gates to enter. But several fleets readied themselves for a large attack upon the complex, how long would they stand against them? They would soon know... as several fleets warped in to the gates of the complex....

As the various fleets descended upon the Medium Gallente complex, there is surprisingly little infighting among the various fleets as they all warp through the gates! It seemed that they hope to overwhelm the Sniggwaffe Eagles by their massive presence before they would fight for the spoils of victory!
Eve-Uni, Overload Everything, Spectre/RvB, Goonswarm, VeGA, Brave all these fleets would warp in, sometimes together, sometimes by themselves, all with the desire to drive out the Sniggwaffe Eagles and claim the complex as their own!

But despite this overwhelming opposition, the Eagles stood their ground, blowing up ships, left & right, while suffering little losses themselves. At the highpoint of this battle, hundreds of ships perished to Sniggwaffe in just 30 minutes!  
As the fight drags on, and the Eagles prove to be tougher then expected, some fleets turn on each other, trying to salvage whatever kill they could out of this onslaught. But more & more fleets began to reorganize, falling back & regrouping for a renewed attack. On top of this, more fresh fleets joined the fray, contesting the complex for their own. 

Among these fresh fleets was Nulli Secunda, who successfully drove out Sniggwaffe after the destruction of a few of their ships. And with that action, the chaos was complete.... All the hatred, all the rage the fleets had for each other erupted into a fiery ball of combat & explosions...
The whole thing descended into chaos as multiple front battles opened at the entrance gates and inside the complex. Goonswarm engaging Nulli Secunda, Pandemic Legion joining the fray, firing on anything that wasn't theirs. Eventually, the Nulli Secunda fleet crumbled slowly under this heavy pressure. The chaos was complete, and many smaller fleets entered combat, hoping for opportunistic kills, yet get slaughtered by the large combat fleets!

But the Sniggwaffe Eagles weren't defeated yet.... They regrouped, fighting off any pursuers and readied themselves for a renewed attack. Determined to claim the complex for their own, they engaged warp, minds sharpened, weapons loaded.
As they land on grid, the unfortunate Circle of Two fleet who just engaged the Nulli Secunda remains got massacred by them. With this swift & brutal action, the Eagles reclaimed their stake on the complex, driving out the rest. 
And so the Sniggwaffe Eagles held the ground firmly, but by now a new stage has arrived in the conflict... Various fleets had a second, more powerful force on the way... These were the dreaded Battleship fleets...

Let Ostingele BURN!

By now, most smaller fleets had disengaged or were just hunting stragglers across the system. When the Battleship fleets arrived, the combat outside the medium complex amplified & importance shifted to system control.
Whoever could control the system with their fleet would gain control over the event capitals!
As the fight inside the medium complex raged on against the Eagle cruisers, several battleship fleets arrived at the complex' gates. Unable to enter, they proceed with blasting away at each other!
By now, the remaining powerblocs in the system had minimally two fleets under their command, a mobile & agile fleet, usually composed of smaller ships, usually one shiptype of frigates, destroyers or cruisers and a large battleship fleet to lay down some serious damage on anything the agile fleet needed assistance with.

The two largest powerblocs remaining by now were the Pandemic Legion/Snigwaffe fleets and the Spectre/RvB fleets, along with a two smaller, but still menacing powerblocs; The Goonswarm fleets and the Brave Collective forces. Several of these fleets were roaming the system as well, cleaning up any small fleet or stragglers they found. Sometimes these behemoth fleets clashed, resulting in formidable engagements that often ended in stalemates as they withdraw before any conclusion could be made.
Often a battleship fleet managed to jump on one of the agile fleets, blapping several of their ships out of existence before they could withdraw. Keep in mind, at this point, the remaining fleets count in the hundreds of ships. During one of these engagements, the Goonswarm powerhouse located and annihilated the first capital ship! The Archon, piloted by Daagin went down under the blistering heat of the Armageddon lasers and the stings of dozens of harpies. This would be the first of the Event capitals going down!

During these formidable clashes, the RvB/Spectre force had an advantage. Due to their apparently random composition of corps & alliances, the coalition fleets often got surprised by them, resulting in the loss of many of their ships, battleships included!
Especially Goonswarm & Pandemic Legion got hit hard by the roaming RvB/Spectre force! In the meantime, the Snigwaffe Eagles didn't rest either, as displayed when they massacred the CAS fleet and gave the Goonswarp Harpies a serious blow as well, defending their turf.

For hours on end, Ostingele was the battleground of majestic Battleship fleets clashing, guided by their more agile support fleets in Eagles, Harpies or other smaller craft. 
During this fights often became chaotic as one fleet joined another engagement in progress, attempting to capitalize on the chaos. And yet, despite the presence of these mighty fleets, smaller entities often warped into Ostingele, hoping to catch stragglers, but many of these opportunists got slammed down when one of the big forces located them...
Especially Pandemic Legion proved itself to be an extremely dangerous adversary, cutting a path with their Apocalypses & Harpies through the fleets of their adversaries...

Ostingele was burning... Wherever you warped towards, dozens of wrecks welcomed you to their bleak final resting place... Often disturbed by opportunistic salvagers who denied them their eternal rest... And yet, the battles raged on... adding more wrecks to the pile...

The Final Showdown

But as the fight outside the complex raged on, the 5 remaining event capitals, who wanted to sacrifice themselves to gather isk for the Children charity were still very much alive, defended by Sniggwaffe Eagles. Deciding it was time to end this, the capital pilots jointly decided to warp to the 'Top belt!' in the system (also the only asteroidbelt) and get hammered by the powerbloc fleets that remained.

By then, many of the fleets already lost quite the number of battleships and supporting smaller ships. yet, when it was announced the sacrificial capital fleet had arrived in the top belt, they all raced towards it! The resulting chaos engulfed the entire belt, dozens of ships exploding on arrival as they were alpha'd by those who had arrived just a bit earlier.

But under the enormous firepower fielded by the various battleship fleets, the first two carriers exploded in a fiery blaze of glory! This was the Archon event carrier flown by Mutha Shut'yo'Mouth and the Thanatos event carrier flown by Bobmon, who managed to survive up to this faithful moment.
But the battle kept on raging, inbetween the dying capitals, ships exploded all over the place. To make it even more of an entangling mess, many of the earlier fleets arrived on the battlefield as wall, attempting to claim a part of the kill!
As Camel Empire, VeGA, Overload Everything and several others joined the fray dominated by PL, Snigwaffe, Goonswarm, Brave and RvB/Spectre, the battle lost the last bit of perceived control and dived into glorious chaos, as fleets mingled with each other, shooting at anything that wasn't part of them!

Amidst this chaos, two more capitals blew up shortly after each other, the event Phoenix Dreadnought piloted by Orar Ironfist, worth over 15 billion isk and the event Revelation Dreadnought piloted by Angel Vengen. Now only the Nyx remained... The fires of battle continued to rage, the battleship fleets started to wear out under the continuous battering of the other fleets as they tried to eliminate as much competition as possible.
In the 10 minutes between the death of the last dreadnought and the fall of the Nyx, hundreds of ships were lost, battleships and frigates alike burned in the fires of destruction. But at long last... the Nyx fell... Over 600 capsuleers battered Mishka Chinoise's Nyx into oblivion! And with that one last blaze of glory, the purpose of the event was fulfilled, the capitals sacrificed in exchange for massive donations for the children charity Extra Life!

Once the capitals were down, most fleets withdraw from battle rapidly, eliminating those foolish enough to chase them. PL & Snigwaffe remained for a while, hunting down any stragglers who didn't clear the system fast enough!
But now the action dwindled rapidly and people fled the system as soon as they could, allowing Ostingele to return to it's old faction war shenanigans.

The Aftermath: What is gained from all this?  

In the end, the 'Kill a Nyx for the Children' donation drive was a humongous success, as it gathered over 400 Billion isk! (over 10.000$) As promised, CCP added 200 Billion isk on top of it (5000$) by directly donating it to the children charity Extra Life!
A big thanks to everyone who donated, making the success of this event all the sweeter!

On the capsuleers themselves, they got some good action going, with Concord Traffic Control acting in great performance as the capsuleer ships were barely restrained by Concord delay protocols!
In total 6 capitals went down in all the massive fighting. These 6 event capitals were piloted by Rote Kapelle (Nyx), Brutor Tribe (Archon), Pandemic Legion (Thanatos) and 3 by Psychotic Tendencies - a fitting name! (Archon, Phoenix, Revelation)

Below you find the kill reports on these capitals and their time of death:

All in all, it was a very intense fight, involving several fleets that were a few hundred ships strong. Important to note is that while local remained mostly stable around 900 capsuleers (with a spike to 1100 at some point), there were over 3000 ships lost in this time period! This indicates heavy fighting but also a rapid turnover, for every capsuleer blown up, a new one joined the field!

I like to thank the Rote Kapelle CEO Bacchanalian for organizing this event, both the Kill a Nyx as the charity drive for Extra Life.
Also a big thanks for those who sacrificed their capitals alongside the Nyx to enhance this combat event!

This article is also mirrored on the capsuleer news site EN24: 'Explode a Nyx for the Kids!'

Final note form the author: I did my best reconstructing the fight, but I was unable to be everywhere on time, the chaotic engagements at times didn't help either. If you spot any glaring errors, do let me know! Also, links to images and such are also very welcome! You shall always be credited for images & links you provide!

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Aurora Project expands the Arcology!

Once again the Aurora Arcology has expanded it's holdings aboard the Caldari Provision station in Irjunen. Management already expanded the Arcology section last year, believing it would last for a good time, but they erred. Thanks to the great support the Aurora Project received this year, growth & expansion has been off the charts, leading to a new imminent overcrowding issue in the last month.

In order to form a more permanent solution, Aurora Management restarted negotiations with Caldari Provisions concerning their Irjunen station. After a few weeks of talks, an arrangement was made. Caldari Provisions informed us that we could rent one of the sealed off sections from their station at a premium rate.
The catch however was that the cost of the re-opening & reconstruction of this sealed off section fully came on our shoulders.
As this section was sealed off since capsuleers abandoned Irjunen as missionhub many years ago, alot of work needed to be done. But we had the manpower, many of the Aurora citizens were qualified to assist in the rebuilding of this section & it would grant jobs for the newcomers.
Also, transport specialist Caroline Grace was a joy to work with & delivered the required construction materials in record-time.

The final result is that approximately 6 cubic km has been added to the Aurora Arcology. Hopefully this is sufficient for years to come, as such volume can house many millions of refugees!
Currently the Arcology population is close to a million and still rising, thanks to the contribution of many capsuleers. Especially the Freed Slaves joining the Aurora Project had a major effect on the space needed, as they require more guidance & resources then most due to their traumatic experiences as slaves.

All in all, refugees, rescuees & immigrants to the Aurora Arcology Project can rest assured that enough space will be available for them to live & work in!
Also, a big thanks to all the capsuleers who have helped us over the years into making the Eden cluster a better place to live in for all involved!

Sunday 19 October 2014

The result of the YC116 Sleeper data research race: Tech 3 destroyers unveiled!

The final research count

The result of the race to collect sleeper data has been revealed! The last day saw one last big push to deliver large amounts of Sleeper research data to the four nations. As you can see in the list below, there have been some surprises! This article is the continuation of the earlier publication: 'Empires seek capsuleer assistance in Sleeper research!'

Final tally of the research points collected for all participants:

- Independents lead by Guillome Renard - 287.232 Research - 5th place

- Gallente Federation Navy - 435.734 Research - 4th place
Top donator & Title granted : Honorary Federal Harbormaster Shipstorm

- Caldari State Navy - 767.014 Research - 3rd place
Top donator & Title granted: Honorary Brigadier of Engineers TorDog

- Minmatar Republic Fleet - 857.310 Research - 2nd place
Top donator & Title granted: Honorary Fleet Architect Lotrec Emetin

- Amarr Imperial Navy - 936.960 Research - 1st place
Top donator & Title granted: Honorary Fabricator General Ascentior

And so it is revealed that the Amarr, masters of the political game have gathered the most research date for their Imperial Navy, resulting that they'll be the first to achieve a breakthrough provided bu the newly gathered Sleeper data.
It's interesting to note that the Caldari State who was leading strong previously has fallen all the way back. It's suspected that their strong lead previous to the final day closure has lulled them into a feeling of safety, believing they didn't need much effort to stay on top. Sadly, such attitude usually gets punished, as shown here.

The effort of Admiral Ascentior of PIE has been officially recognized by the Imperial Navy: Imperial Navy declares success in research race

The Independents are far behind in the end, despite them being able to keep up somewhat before. Yet, considering the lack of coverage they received from other news-sources, they did good. Guillome Renard did inform that he would refund all those who supported him in his effort to make a stand against the Big Four. His drive hasn't gone unnoticed however, as Concord recognized his effort & included him in the final tally publication!
On top of it all, it also gathered renewed interest to relaunch the Arek'Jaalan project, as can be read here: 'First Arek'Jaalan Symposium: Restructuring & Leadership - YC116-YC117' While currently nothing's solid, it is good that people show interest to re-open Arek'Jaalan for research. If anything solid gets decided, you'll read about it in Aurora News!

What will the research lead to?

And now comes the big question? For what purpose did the four Navies call out to gather Sleeper research data for them?
It turns out they'll be used for an advanced class of destroyers, called Tech 3 destroyers! The tech 3 moniker refers to the fact that these ships are constructed with knowledge & materials gathered from Sleepers! usually such ships use extremely advanced technology, allowing them to fulfill a wide variety of roles, as can be seen with the Tech 3 cruisers employed by various organisations across New Eden.

However it has been released that these tech 3 destroyers will work differently then their Tech 3 cruisers. With thanks to the newly gathered Sleeper data, they'll be able to eliminate the loss of memory that normally occurs when you manage to lose the Tech 3 cruisers.
As a trade-off however, they'll be less versatile, unable to equip any subsystems. However, with thanks to the usage of flexible new materials, they'll be able to assume 3 different roles on the fly.

Each of these 3 roles perform a different combat function (source)

* Defensive mode hardens the ship and makes it harder to scan down
- 33.3% Bonus to Armor/shield resistances (depending on primary tank)
- 33.3% reduction in signature radius (harder to scan down & lock on)

* Speed mode is self explanatory, boosts the output of the engines, making the ship faster & more agile
- 66.6% bonus to maximum ship velocity
- 33.3% bonus to ship inertia modifier (more agile ship)

* Sniper mode allows the ship to lock targets faster & further and increases the range of it's weapons.
- 66.6% bonus to ship's optimal weapon's range, allowing it to engage effectively from longer distances
- 100% bonus to sensor strength, targeting range and scan resolution, assisting in more efficient long range engagements.

On top of this, all variants will receive a general bonus that reduces heat buildup on modules when overheating them by 5%.
Also the new technology gathered through the research race will allow these tech 3 destroyers to transform into different roles on the fly! Only a delay between two transformations has to be taken into account, so no need to dock to switch between different roles! This does sound as a very powerful advantage!

While most of this research is still in an experimental phase, it does look promising for capsuleers! As the Amarr gathered the most research data, they'll be able to figure out the final issues in the design first and thereby be the first to deploy these ships into active duty! The Gallente on the other hand will struggle to hammer out the final issues in their tech 3 destroyer designs and subsequently will be the last to be able to deploy these versatile ships!

Further news on the tech 3 destroyers! The Amarr Imperial Navy & the Caldari State Navy  have released first impressions of these advanced new ships! Do keep in mind that these files do not contain any detailed information, in order to protect their research from others.

De-classified image of the Caldari tech 3 destroyer being developed by the State Navy

Released image of the Amarr tech 3 destroyer 'Confessor' under development by the Imperial Navy

Released image of a finished 'Confessor', the Amarr Tech 3 destroyer

Friday 17 October 2014

Sansha fleets raiding deep space facilities!

For years, Sansha's Nation has been launching large scale invasions across the cluster in an attempt to bring capsuleers to their knees, so far, without success.
However, along these attacks targeted at capsuleers, there's a variety of low key operations, aimed at claiming resources & manpower from various remote installations. As these deep space facilities are usually lightly guarded, they are rapidly overwhelmed by Sansha's Nation forces

This week, an emergency call was received from one of these deep space facilities being under attack by Sansha raiders. I immediately undocked my Paladin Marauder *Last Light* in order to defend the facility. However on arrival, it turns out it was too late... The resort & habitation modules were all empty, it's inhabitants taken away by the Nation strike force.

Determined to save them from whatever bleak future awaits them in Nation, I scanned the system, hoping to pin down their local raiding spot, before they returned home. Quickly, the scanner found a concentration of Nation ships! This might be it!
Warping to the location, I'm confronted with a small raiding taskforce, guarding a prison facility! As they noticed my arrival, a barrage of laser-fire is unleashed, decimating my shields!
Luckily, the Paladin Marauder is more renowned for it's sturdy armor layout, glowing golden as the repair nanites tirelessly work on to repair any damage caused by these Sansha lasers.
As the Nation ships continue to barrage my ship, I retaliate, scorching their ships to crisp with a single barrage.

A shielded prison facility

The small Nation task force proves to be a minimal threat and so the fight ended, with a field of wrecked Sansha ships.
Now changing focus on the unguarded prison camp, scanners pick up lifesigns but are unable to tell if they've been tampered with by Sansha technology. As the captured civilians are freed from this detention facility, they have to be placed in an isolated & secured area of the ship, in case they've been infected with Sansha nanites... Once they're all safe aboard, my Paladin sets course towards the Arcology, in order to help these people & cleanse them from any possible Sansha nanites in one of our specialized facilities.
In total 49 Captured Civilians have been saved from a gruesome future within Sansha's Nation!

But alas, many more civilians will not be so lucky. As long as Sansha's Nation continues their incursions into New Eden, so will their raids on deep space facilities continue in order to acquire more resources & manpower for their fleets....

Tuesday 14 October 2014

19.000 refugees welcomed in the Aurora Arcology!

This week saw the further unraveling of the Black Eagle prison camps by the Caldari Militia. It's not known how deep or far the network stretches, but the Caldari Militia are doing their part in dismantling it and saving the captives.
As most facilities are very small, it's doubtful it really hurts the Black Eagles, but given enough time, enough small setbacks could lead to a major fallback. In the meantime, the Aurora Arcology Project Management does their best to help out the rescued captives that are placed in our custody.

In brighter news, a great celebration is held among the Minmatar tribal societies, as they welcome their first Shaman into their midst! Spirituality is an important aspect of the Minmatar tribal culture and while the various tribal representatives are a good medium to assist them in their spiritual paths, it's ultimately the Shaman that can visualize these paths for them and provide council along the way.
With the Preacher and the Shaman, we now cover the two largest spiritual groups within the Minmatar society.
In the end, it's not enough to provide shelter, food & work to help people, because in the end, their spiritual health matters as much as their physical health!

Also, due to recent successes, our population limit is dangerously close to being reached. As we had this issue last year as well, a long term solution is being negotiated with Caldari Provisions, the owners of the Irjunen station we rent from.
As large parts of the station have been empty for years, it's expected that the Aurora Project can rent these sections at a premium rate, if we do the renovation of these abandoned areas ourselves.

Now onward to this weeks census report! Thanks to capsuleers like Khaprice, Diana Kim and others, refugees & rescuees with widely different backgrounds have found solace within the Aurora Arcology!

Regular Civilians

-21 Caldari prisoners of War (Datafile: Caldari Militia uncover a network of Black Eagle prison camps!)
-10 Civilians
-241 Homeless
-3.988 Janitors
-10 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-352 Refugees
-50 Science Graduates
-18 Scientists
-15 Stranded Pilots
-3.580 Tourists
-2.679 Freed Slaves


-638 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-239 Arctic Warfare Marines
-30 Caldari Light Marines
-797 Freedom Fighters
-6.571 Marines
-920 Militants
-369 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-200 Female Exotic Dancers
-495 Male Exotic Dancers

Council Members

-1 Dari Akell
-1 Logut Akell
-8 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)

I like to thank everyone who gave these people a new chance in their lives! Also, I hope to brief everyone soon on our latest expansion in order to prevent overpopulation!

Sunday 12 October 2014

A summary on the ancient civilizations of New Eden


The Eden cluster harbours relics & ruins of several ancient races, many of those now extinct. This article aims to give an overview of these ancient races, along with a short summary in order to understand the Eden cluster and it's history better as a whole.
Do note that for some ancient races, there's still left alot of room for speculation & theories, as they have left very little tangible remains to investigate.

Extinct ancient races

Here follows a list of races whom are suspected to be no longer among us. The reasons can be varied, from a collapse of their civilization by natural phenomenons to outright wars of genocide. Much research still needs to be done to fully understand these races and what happened to them.


They are suspected to be the oldest race of New Eden. Their origin is unknown but many of the oldest artifacts share a certain similarity that we all attribute to this ancient predecessor race.The best known relic that is tied to the Terrans is the massive EVE Gate in the New Eden system. Various other ancient structures are also attributed to the Terrans, among them the tunnels of Caldari Prime and the Crystal Steppe of Matar. There's also various ancient relics that are not tied to any known race and hence get attributed to the Terrans, like mysterious old weapons and strange devices.
Most of these relics are in terrible condition and are often bought by corporations in the hopes of making an important technological discovery by reverse-engineering these artifacts.

The only recent excavation of ancient Terran tech that was in relative good condition was the weapon used by Empress Jamyl I to demolish the Elder fleet at the Battle of Mekhios. However, outside it's extremely destructive nature, not much is known about this weapon.

Yan Jung

Among the oldest races that once existed are the Yan Jung. From the artifacts recovered from Yan Jung sites, it's known that they were masters of gravitational technology and possessed advanced force field knowledge.
Most relics found have been devices of defensive nature like advanced forcefields and gravitational repellers, as if to defend themselves from a powerful invading force. Archaeological research has indicated that these invaders were likely the Sleepers who brought down the Yan Jung civilization.

While not much is known about where they lived, archaeological digs in the Deltole system in Gallente space seem to indicate that this was once their home system or at the least a very import system to them.
On top of this, it's believed that the Jin-Mei are the descendants of the Yan Jung despite the absence of relics & ruins that would tie them to this ancient race. However due to similarities in language between Jin-Mei & Yan Jung texts this theory remains plausible.


This is one of the more recent discovered ancient races. When exploring a site known as Devil's Dig Site in Caldari Space, it was discovered that it was the home of a yet undiscovered race, the Talocans. The reason that they evaded discovery this long can be attributed to their migrant culture, as it was unveiled in researching the site.
From relics it is known that this ancient race mastered spacial manipulation and hyperspace mathematics, both very useful for an interstellar migrant culture. This knowledge allowed them to access the wormhole systems and keep them for themselves for a long time, until the arrival of the Sleepers. What occurred next is unknown, but both civilizations ceased to exist on an active level.
It is believed that their end came to be through biological warfare, as so many structures of both races have remained intact.

The most well known relics of the Talocans are the Black Monoliths that are present in various Talocan sites, both in the New Eden cluster as wormhole space. Their purpose is still a mystery despite the various theories surrounding it.


This region is home to a little known extinct civilization, brought down when the Angel Cartel moved in. All we know from the Feythabolis civilization is from the little bits & artifacts the Angel Cartel shares & trades with archaeologists.
The Feythabolisians were a civilization of progressive thinkers and egalitarian political philosophers that rose up after the collapse of the Eve Gate. Their social culture allowed them to thrive in the remote isolation of this region. However this came at the cost of their technological prowess and were easily conquered by the Angel Cartel who then decimated their civilization and subjugated it's citizens.
It is believed that only the Angel Cartel has a deeper understanding of this culture through the various rare art collectors among their high ranking members. However these people are known not to share any of these treasured artifacts & ancient texts with researchers...
Despite their ancient history, the Feythabolis civilization is rarely mentioned when the ancient races are brought up.


Despite being counted as one of the ancient races, the Takmahl are actually more part of the younger races, as they are an offshoot from the Amarr Empire. Exiled for heresy, shortly after the Amarr age of space-flight began, the Takmahl fled into deep space, founding a new space-faring civilization, independent of the Amarr.
As they advanced, the Takhmal became masters of biological, genetical and cybernetical engineering, expanding the limits of  human biology through technological means.

After centuries, the Amarr rediscovered the Takmahl, but they only found empty structures and abandoned facilities... For reasons unknown to this day, the Takmahl civilization died out after they had a thriving culture for centuries....

Most of our current knowledge from the Takmahl comes from a strange archaeological site discovered in amarr space, known as The Labyrinth. Home not only to fanatical archaeologists who dream of discovering fabled treasure, but also to Blood Raiders, hoping to find heretical texts that defy the Theology Council teachings, it is a dangerous place to visit.
Exploring this site is further hampered by the Amarr authorities who deem any research into the Takmahl as heretical in nature.

Ancient races still in existence to this day

Only two ancient races are still active today in some form. These two are the enigmatic Jove and the mysterious Sleepers.

The Jove Empires

The Jove are the oldest race in existence to this day. Their origin lies in the Curse region, now inhabited by the Angel Cartel. When the Jove had to move out for reasons not fully understood, they settled in the regions we now know as the Jove Empire Region.

The current Jove Empire is known as the Third Empire, risen up after a second dark age. They are mostly known for their advanced technology compared to what the 4 empires can field. However the current Jove technology is only a primitive version of what they once had, lost in the dark ages as they struggled to rebuilt their society after the emigration.

While information seems to suggest they don't have a large standing military, it is compensated by their vast intelligence network, allowing the Jove to be aware of anything that occurs in the cluster. They also contribute to the Concord initiative to maintain the peace through superior technology.
However, as you can read in 'Shrouded in mystery, the Jovian race', this Jovian intelligence network also allows them to meddle in a variety of affairs, influencing political shifts among the 4 empires and their conflicts.

Still alot remains to be discovered about the Jove, as they are reluctant in sharing information about themselves. Coupled with their silence the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for an investigation into Jove space to find out more about them.

The Sleepers

The first evidence of this civilization was found in the Ani Constellation, in Minmatar space. Through these artifacts it was discovered that the sleepers were masters of  virtual reality, neural interfacing and cryotechnology.
But it was only with the opening of the Wormholes that new information was revealed about them, and with it their activity through drones. While the current fate of the Sleeper race is unknown, their Sleeper drones are still active, guarding the various sites in wormhole systems with their life.

It's often summarized that the Sleepers are an offshoot of the Jovian race, left behind when they evacuated the area to the current Jove Empire region. Those who were left behind had to find a different solution to whatever threatened them.
Considering the Sleeper technological masteries, it's often believed that this threat is the Jovian disease. In an attempt to find a cure, they destroyed the Yan Jung civilization. Apparently, their efforts did not yield the proper results as they entered wormhole space, challenging the Talocan civilization there.

What happened when the Sleepers and Talocans met isn't known, but the fact that Sleeper drones are actively guarding all sites is a good indication that the Sleepers came out as the victor in their meetings. Whatever occurred it was not a classical war of firepower, as many installations are still very intact, Talocan and Sleeper alike.
However, research in the remaining Talocan structures seem to indicate that they've been used in a variety of Sleeper research program for unknown causes, perhaps to find a solution to the Jovian disease.

To this day, very little is known about the Sleeper civilization, only that their technology is beyond ours and that whatever we can retrieve from the wreckage of the Sleepers advances our technology, as one can see in the fabled advanced tech 3 cruisers.

Myths & Legends about unknown ancient races

With all that said, there's still rumours and tales about undiscovered ancient civilisations. While most can be waved away as old folk's tales and fantasy stories from adventurers, a few do merit a deeper investigation.

The Enheduanni

All we know about this race has been shared to us by a Jove agent known as Grious. They are supposed to be masters of Quantum & Particle physics. According to Grious, this mysterious race is no longer human, whatever that means... From the same source, it's also implied they directed the early history of certain young races for their own selfish reasons.

Considering the Enheduanni are the enemies of the Jove, any claims that this race is evil & acts selfishly have to be seen in this light. Also, no known relics & sites can be tied to this mysterious yet powerful civilization to this date, making the Jove claim hard to validate.

The Sefrim

A race of angelic beings, described in Amarr Scriptures. While most religious texts describe various mythological beings, the Sefrim are different. As can be read in the scripture 'Ametat and Avetat' ,their arrival is linked with traceable cosmic events like eclipses & impacts. On top of this, the lengthy stay of the Sefrim combined with the long stay of their gift, the Ametat and Avetat give credibility that they might have been more then religious mythological beings.
However, outside this nothing is known, making any claims to their existence hard to verify.

If the Sefrim are an actual race, then most likely they were one of the ancient races, either the Jove or their mysterious adversaries, the Enheduanni, or one of the now extinct races, who for reasons unknown decided to intervene in the development of the Amarr race.


As one can see & read, there's still alot of information to discover about the various old civilizations across the Eden cluster. With this, ancient technologies might await discovery by a brave adventurer venturing in deep space!
At all times, one has to keep in mind the Jove meddling, as they often show up when someone discovered new sites or relics about the ancient races, often trading valuable technology in exchange for whatever new information or relic you found!

Saturday 11 October 2014

Caldari Militia uncover a network of Black Eagle prison camps!

When I first reported on the Black Eagle prison camps in the article 'Caldari rescued from Black Eagle Prison Camps!', I made the erroneous assumption that it was a rare event.
Ever since that initial report, a small but steady stream of Caldari prisoners of war found their way into the Aurora Arcology project. Many of them were rescued by the Caldari Militia from small camps dotted around the Gallente-Caldari conflict regions, mainly Black Rise, Verge Vendor and Placid.

From the information gathered both by the rescued Caldari POWs and the Caldari Militia members, it shows there's a small but organized network of covert prison camps under Gallente control. This network is apparently set up by the The Black Eagles, in order to retrieve information by any means from their Caldari captives. To achieve their objective, the interrogators don't shy away from using various method of torture, from physical to psychological abuse.
The result on these captives is gruesome, giving away information, true & false, just to see their endless torment end. It's even suggested by some former prisoners, that a few interrogators just do it for the sport... not caring about what information they get...

When the Caldari Militia stumbles on these Black Eagle prison camps, they are often shocked at what they see when they locate the prisoners.
Upon rescuing them, various Militia members often abandon standard procedures related to retrieving captives, stating they must be detained until clearance has been given that they are not traitors of the State. Instead, they give these rescuees medical attention as soon as they can, and what little psychological assistance they can give.
Despite this, many prisoners have lost the will to live on, unable to deal with what they had been through. Often, the Militia capsuleers grant them this wish, allowing them to perform the Tea Maker Ceremony, so that they can face the Maker with honor.
The Tea Maker ceremony is reserved as a final option to resolve an unresolvable conflict. In granting this request, it reflects the terrible internal struggle the rescued POWs are undergoing, having been rescued & treated well by the Militia, despite that they had betrayed the State numerous times in their view, as they wanted the tortures to end.

Of the survivors, many of them want to bring the fight to the Gallente, to make them pay for what they did. This is a logical result of what they had to endure. And even those who do not want to fight, do ignite the fire in others when they return home and tell others of their gruesome experiences.
And herein lies the biggest danger. With the abduction & torture of civilians by the Gallente covert ops organisations and their subsequent rescue by Caldari Militia, it keeps the fire of war going.
The State might have evicted & disposed many of the Provist Hardliners in it's ranks, they are still strongly represented in the Caldari militia, simply due to what they see regularly. Even those who oppose the Provist hard line, cannot but sympatize for them after a time in the Militia, when they see the hypocrisy of the Gallente Democratic Federation.
In a way, the Black Eagles are readying a new generation of Provists, one that from a young age harbours a deep hatred for all that is Gallente...

So this is not only a call for the Caldari Militia to continue locating these Black Eagle Prison camps, in order to save as many as they can from their grasp; but also a call to those who truly believe in the Gallente Democratic ideal. Call out to your government! Ask them for an explanation about the covert Black Eagle Prison camps!

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Empires seek capsuleer assistance in Sleeper research!


As noted by the Sisters of Eve in their latest publication on their research into Sleepers, these ancient drones have become noticeably more active. Not only have the Sleepers become more active, but according to the recent findings they also changed their behaviour.
This change is present in various classes of Sleeper vessels. The reason for the increased activity and their change in behaviour are still unknown at this time, but the Sisters stress that the changes don't indicate any direct threat to the Empires, except for their explorers in the wormhole systems.

However, this research report was important enough for the Directive Enforcement Department and the Inner Circle to convene and study the report before sending recommendations to the various Navies.

The Navies ask for Capsuleer assistance

While not much conclusive recommendations have come forth from the meeting so far, it did spur the 4 Navies into announcing a request from capsuleers.
They ask capsuleers to hand over specific Sleeper salvage, namely Neural Network Analyzers and Sleeper Data Libraries. Looking at the nature of this sleeper salvage it's obvious the Navies hope to capitalize on the changes in Sleeper behaviour to further their understanding of Sleeper technology and possibly make a breakthrough in some technological fields.
This can be done by cross-referencing the newly researched salvaged data with the old one, analyzing what has changed between them & thereby understand it all better.

What do they need and to whom should you send it?

In short, the 4 navies look for these two materials:

Sleeper Data Libraries
These are the most sought after item, as these data-archives store all what the Sleeper drones does, including their recent changes in behaviour & activity. These need 4 researches per unit for proper investigation

Neural Network Analyzers
While less important, these items are still sought by the Navies as they give a direct insight in the inner workings of Sleeper drones. Any changes between older & newer Neural Network Analyzers would give a deeper understanding in the workings of these complicated data processors. These just need a single researcher per unit for a proper analysis.

You can contract these salvaged Sleeper components to one of these 5 representatives:

- Auvier Bavon of the Federation Navy
-   54.980 Research (10 October)
- 127.683 Research (12 October)
- 154.525 Research (13 October)
- 435.734 Research (18 October) - 4th place

- Hikemi Korrado of the Caldari Navy
-   76.976 Research (10 October)
- 168.564 Research (12 October)
- 311.249 Research (13 October)
- 767.014 Research (18 October) - 3rd place

- Heder Elislar of the Republic Fleet
-   13.130 Research (10 October)
- 135.430 Research (12 October)
- 167.726 Research (13 October)
- 857.310 Research (18 October) - 2nd place

- Ren Karetta of the Imperial Navy
- 132.301 Research (10 October)
- 152.740 Research (12 October)
- 155.789 Research (13 October)
- 936.960 Research (18 October) - 1st place

- Guillome Renard who supports the Arek'Jaalan Project (Independents)
-   13.082 Research (10 October)
- 106.505 Research (12 October)
- 255.626 Research (13 October)
- 287.232 Research (14 October) - 5th place

It is preferred to support a singular contact, as the Navy that collected the most Salvaged components will be able to make a breakthrough in Sleeper technology much faster then the others.
The Navies did mention they would reward the capsuleer that sent them the most sought salvaged sleeper components by crediting them for their effort through awarding them a commission.

Contracting items to Guillome Renard means you don't support any of the 4 navies but rather support a more equal dialogue between the Empires and capsuleers. A more equal co-operation where Empires and capsuleers benefit equally of the results of this Sleeper research. You can find a more in depth explanation by him here: The Research race of YC116 by Guillome Renard

You can read more on this in the announcement made by CCP Fozzie: The Research race of YC 116

The final result of the Research Race of YC116 can be read here: 'The result of the YC116 Sleeper data research race!'

Monday 6 October 2014

Over 42.000 refugees join the Arcology this week!

The joyous news of so many new arrivals is darkened by a tragic news that I received. One of our supporters has lost a transport filled with refugees in the Uedama system to a cowardly attack of thugs, preying on defenseless ships... The result is the destruction of the ship, and the loss of over a thousand lives...
This is not the first time it happened, as you can read in 'The Uedama Tragedy'. To repay the loss, I transferred ownership of one of my advanced industrial ships. These ships have frigate-like agility, allowing them to evade most gatecamps. But their high cost price generally makes them cost-inefficient in highsec due to lack of aggression.

But as I fly through Uedama, a moment of silence will be held to remember all those who have lost their lives, only because they wanted a better life...

But onward to more pleasant news! Thanks to Khaprice, Jack Sly, Halcyon Ember and others, thousands of immigrants & refugees are offered a chance for a new & better life!

Regular Civilians

- 8 Caldari Prisoners of War
- 20 Civilians
- 263 Homeless
- 887 Janitors
- 20 Port Rolette Residents
- 80 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
- 42 Refugees
- 10 Science Graduates
- 22 Stranded Pilots
- 3.427 Tourists


- 27 Hounds

Law Enforcement

- 44 Counter-Boarding Amarr Marines
- 873 Freedom Fighters
- 3 Kameiras
- 1.388 Marines
- 390 Militants
- 59 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

- 122 Female Exotic Dancers
- 632 Male Exotic Dancers

Council Members

- 1 Dagan
- 2 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
- 3 VIPs

As the growth-rate exceeds expectations, the Aurora Arcology is running into it's limits once more. Arcology management has been negotiation with Caldari Provisions for a while now to expand our section of the station greatly, in order to avoid any issues of limited space for a long time to come!

Sunday 5 October 2014

A selection of upcoming events in the Eden cluster

Capsuleers organize a wide variety of events for others to attend, for myriads of reasons. In this article will be a selection of these events that I'll do my best to attend & report on for you to read about & perhaps even be part of this happening!
Do note that there's many more events then the ones just listed, but I cannot simply attend & report on all of them, so I have to make choices. I'll include a link to the announcement in question & provide a short summary, so you know what to expect.

Most events can be found in the capsuleer message board sections, more directly in Events & Gatherings and Intergalactic Summit. Do note that some other subsections can also offer events you can attend, but they are far less used for such announcements.
With all that said, the list of events I'll do my best to attend & report on the coming month!

The Capsuleer Writing Contest, deadline 15 October

I reported about this one earlier, but it never hurts to repeat, if you like to unleash your writing skills upon the capsuleer community, this is your chance! Check the above link for details & mail your story to Lunarisse Aspenstar to qualify for the prizes of the contest! I do look forward to see what kind of entries make it to the large list of winning prizes!

Blow up a Nyx for the Kids! Time: 25 October at 20:00H

In a genius mix of Capsuleer madness & generosity, Bacchanalian plans to raise awareness to raise funds for the children hospital charity Extra Life. He plans to do this through sacrificing his own Nyx Supercarrier to capsuleers in a yet to be disclosed lowsec system. Bring your spaceships!
Through this action, he hopes to warm up other capsuleer to donate with him to his cause. If you like to know more why he does it, Bacchanalian explains it in more detail here: Extra Life | Play Games | Heal Kids

Nightmare in New Eden, when the day shifts from 30 October to 31 October, (0:00H) 

For a few years now, a strange Nightmare, accompanied by a support fleet terrorizes the Eden cluster on the midnight hour of 30 October. At the helm is the Mad Capsuleer Tyen, who wants to bathe the stars in blood and burn the galaxy in a quest to silence the voices in his own mind. Only by the combined effort of capsuleers has the Nightmare threat been stopped in the past years. Can we do this once again this year? Be part of those who defend the galaxy against the madness of Tyen and bring your spaceships to stop him!
You can find more info here: Nightmare in New Eden

Second Annual Masquerade. Time: 1 November, 18:00H

This is a capsuleer gathering, no spaceships involved. This Masquerade is also invite-only, to apply you are requested to apply for an invitation in the above-linked announcement.
I did attend this last year, and I found it was a good way to know more about the various Empire-loyal capsuleers and those who are loyal to a variety of non-capsuleer organisations. I would like to remind that security at the Masquerade Event has the authority to remove any capsuleer who acts too disruptive towards the events & other capsuleers, so please keep it in mind. It's a good place to meet fellow capsuleers & get to know a variety of supporters of non-capsuleer organisations in more detail and what they stand for.

This is a short list of the events I will do my best to attend & report on, but keep in mind, this is far from a complete list! There's a variety of other events out there that you can look up & join! Some have a more public character, while others operate on an invite-only basis.