Friday 29 November 2013

Scientists & graduates needed to enhance Vaccine Production.

One of the main sources of income for the Aurora Arcology is the production and trading of medicines and vaccines. As the Aurora project became more widely known, our medical sales increased greatly.
We're now at the point that we seek out medical graduates & scientists to assist in the production and enhancement of existing medicines and vaccines, and to develop and produce entirely new ones.

The Aurora Arcology medical facility currently produces these medicines and vaccines:
-General Antibiotics
-General Vaccine injectors
-Zemnar Medicine
-Galeptos Medicine

With additional medical graduates & scientists new medicines can be developed, and existing medicines can be enhanced & produced in a more efficient way!
Capsuleers have assisted us this week as they helped refugees. Arista Shahni has rescued several Medical graduates from deep space and they were happy to join the Arcology and be employed in their field of work.
We thank everyone who gives refugees of all varieties a new start in life at the Aurora Arcology!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Busy stations face capsuleer 'space-slums', causing strikes from Traffic Control!

Ever since Concord granted capsuleers the privilege to build & deploy depots, they have been popping up all over the place.
Busy systems involving trade, mining, jobagents and transport are overrun with numerous depots. This causes a large amount of safety hazards. These safety hazards include, but are not limited to: travelhazards, increased collisiondangers, space-littering, illegal trades, etc.
Gatherings of a dozen or more depots are usually referred to as 'space-slums' or 'tent-cities' due to the fact their icon represents the pictogram of a tent or shack.

This is most apparent in the large tradehubs, like Jita or Amarr, where entire space-slums, composed of dozens, some even say hundreds of depots have been constructed around the stations. Traffic Control is furious as this means even more work for their overworked employees.

At Jita, Traffic Control has held several strikes already, closing down the gates for anyone wishing to enter the system, infuriating the traders and clients!
There have been demands from capsuleers and locals alike for the State to step in, either to bring Jita Traffic Center back in line or take action against the 'space-slums'. As the economy is affected, it's suspected the State will step in, but in which way is unclear, due to the power capsuleers have.

To show the gravity of the situation, there have been reports that the Amarr Traffic Control has announced strikes as well if the uncontrolled deployment of depots continues unabated. Disruption of the heart of the Amarr Empire traffic is practically unheared. The very fact ATC has been pondering the idea of shutting down Amarr for traffic has caused a small upheaval in the Empire as the Homeworld should always be in connection with the Divine Empire.

Concord so far has released no statements yet, but there's rumors abound that they're looking into regulations to confine Depot deployment around high traffic area's. A precedent in this is the Anchored Can-case. They were once seen everywhere, till Concord forbid the anchoring of them at any Surveillance level security (this is security 0.8 and up!). There is a possibility that Depots will fall under the same rule, but as of right now, this is mere speculation.
Aurora News Network will keep you informed should Concord alter any laws concerning Depot deployment!

Sunday 24 November 2013

Over 20.000 immigrants join the Aurora Arcology!

It's indeed correct! This week has seen the greatest influx of new Arcology inhabitants since early YC115!
In a single week we smashed all immigration records ever since we went public. Part of this increase in numbers can be attributed to the large amount of people we rescued from the freighterwreck in Uedama. As some of you may have noted, that newsreport was apparently blank. This was due to a reorganisation within the Aurora News Department.
Due to continued complains about spelling-errors, the old editors got fired and replaced. In an act of disobedience, they sabotaged the last newsreport. This has now been corrected! The new editors also ran a check through all newsreports, eliminating almost all remaining spellingerrors & layoutissues.

The Aurora Arcology Project also received support from Steffanie Saissore, head of The Order of The Ebon Rose. In her quest to help orphans, she also ran into adults seeking a new life, and through us, she can offer it to those people as well!

Now onward to reveal the immigrants who joined the Aurora Arcology this week!

Regular Civilians

-700 Homeless
-2904 Janitors
-120 Refugees
-10546 Tourists
-689 Freed Slaves


-96 hounds

Law Enforcement additions

-5506 Marines
-10 Militants
-68 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-970 Female Exotic Dancers
-10 Male Exotic Dancers

We like to alert all our readers who want to support us to do so, every refugee matters here at the Aurora Arcology! Providing additional information on how they were rescued or from where helps us greatly in improving their integration into society.
Show the people of New Eden that not all capsuleers are solely out for murder and mayhem, but that there's also plenty of capsuleers who help build a better world, in their own way!

Thursday 21 November 2013

The Uedama Tragedy

Marooned in Space

Our transportship, the Jolly Roger was doing its daily duty, picking up refugees who wanted to join the Aurora Arcology. During its journey, it passes through the Uedama system, a dangerous system for transportships of all sizes. As it was about to clear the Sivala Gate, a freighterwreck was spotted on the overview.
Quickly the Jolly Roger changed course, to check for surviving crew. As they inspect the wreck, they make a shocking discovery! Thousands of people are still alive in one of the unbreached bulkheads! Apparently, whoever blew up the freighter had no interest in those poor people and abandoned them in space...
After informing the Aurora Council, the transportship starts the rescue-operation immediatly. Despite reprimands of Concord for 'stealing' from a wreck we don't 'own', the operation is a succes as the last of the marooned people boards our transport. After this, the Jolly Roger made way to the nearest station, so the crew could check on the people, to see if they're all fine. Many of them are in shock as they felt the freighter exploding and heared bulkheads ripping, killing thousands of less fortunate souls than them.
As the rescued civilians recover from their situation, they express their gratitude and agree to join the Aurora Arcology, as they are immigrants from various regions, seeking a better life in the State.

In total, the Jolly Roger rescued 4639 civilians from the marooned wreck.
-4342 Tourists
-40 Refugees
-157 Marines
-60 Janitors
-30 Homeless
-10 freed Slaves

A tragic event

The above mentioned freighter-tragedy ended in a happy end for the survivors. However, such tragedies are not a rarity in Uedama, a system notorious for it's thugs that prey on unarmed ships.
Early in Y115, Caroline Grace, one of our big supporters, was piloting a freighter carrying thousands of refugees to the Aurora Arcology. During this trip she entered the Uedama system. As she exits the jumpgate, a group of cowardly thugs open fire on her defenseless ship. Concord retaliated, but alas it was too late... the freighter explodes... The attack was so brutal and so fast that those aboard never stood a chance of survival... Under impulse of capsuleer Caroline Grace, a rescue-operation was started against the odds, but to no avail. None had survived this terrible tragedy... Thousands of innocent lives lost, in the blink of an eye...
Now, every time one of our transports pass the Uedama system, a moment of silence is held, to remember those who died that day.

Monday 18 November 2013

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The News Department


The Aurora News started as a local news agency to employ some of the refugees. Originally it was founded to inform it's residents of what was going on in the Arcology and to give them more insight in some of the decisions of the CEO.
A few months ago, Aurora News was renamed to Aurora Arcology News. The namechange came to be due to the fact the Arcology now published to the Capsuleer Network. This was done on decision of the CEO Ymladris to inform supportive capsuleers about the workings of the Arcology and to report on the influx of refugees into the facility.

History of the News Department

Under the name Aurora Arcology News, the first public article for capsuleers was published on 31 august Y115, informing them on the workings of the Arcology. The first few newsreports were all in the same vein, giving more information about the workings of the Arcology and the groups of refugees that joined the Aurora Arcology Project.
With the publisment of the newsarticle about the Molden heath Refugees, a new step was taken in the newsagency. This was the first newsreport about events beyond the Arcology, but it was still tightly tied to the Project as it was about the rescue of a refugeegroup. However this newsreport was a small hit among capsuleers and residents alike, so effort was made to provide more of these refugee rescue reports.
For the next two months, the Aurora Arcology News Agency published news about the Arcology project and rescued refugees. Reader attendance had now stabilized at a higher level thanks to the rescuereports, who were enjoyed by it's readers.
One of the highlights in this period was the publishment of the Ayem Colony Project, an expansion of the Aurora Arcology Project. The responses recieved on this showed people & capsuleers alike, even in this age love stories about pushing the frontier and living at the fringes of civilisation.

At the end of october, things changed however. This was due to a report on the Elokur Trial Protests and it's conclusion. This was the first report that focused more on capsuleers and their actions rather then the Arcology itself.
These newsreports where a big hit among the readership. Turns out actions of demigods; for good or evil; always interest people. With this, the Aurora Arcology News shifted it's focus from Arcology centered news only to include newsarticles that involved events with large capsuleer presence in Empire Space.
A month later, another capsuleer event placed the Aurora Arcology News in the center of attention! This was the report about the Call to arms, where the Navy commanders failed to support capsuleers. Capsuleers spread the infolink to friends and corpmates of theirs, who in turn shared it. Quickly the attention gathered for this newsreport outshined all previous reports.
Due to the massive public viewage recieved, a decision was made to change the name of the newsdepartement to reflect it's new course. From now on, the department was called Aurora News Network, to indicate that from now on, capsuleer news would gain preference above local news. This was done to accomodate the greatly increased readership!

Current status, and the future of Aurora News Network

With all the recent events, the News department has called on capsuleers to help them inform of future events, so they can publish newsreports on it. Also, any capsuleer who has a rescue story to go with the transferred refugees is welcome to share, so the notion of 'evil capsuleers' is combatted.
Currently the focus lies on capsuleer events and publishing information about the Arcology project and refugee rescue reports. What the future will bring is unclear. However readers, rest assured that the News department will continue to expand and change itself to accomodate you and to deliver news that matters!

Saturday 16 November 2013

Jita Local Comms cleared from illegal automated advertisements! Capsuleers rejoice!

Old Jita Local: SpamCentral

Anyone who's been to Jita knows it, check the local comm channel and you get floored by advertisements. To top it off, practically all of those are false advertisements, offering non-existent or fraudulent services or  showing lower prices or more valuable items then what they actually offer! It's been so worse most people just closed the channel, or just block it outright.
For a long time, the Caldari State has tried to combat these illegal advertisements ever since they started to hurt profits. The mass spamming of false advertisements caused honest traders to look for other hubs, usually Amarr, Dodoxie, Rens or Hek.
A while back, the State realized they could never win this spamwar, as they barely had any jurisdiction over Capsuleers, who caused this mass volume of spam. So to resolve this situation, the Caldari State turned to the one entity that had authority over Capsuleers, Concord...

The Great Cleansing!

About a week ago it happened, Concord agreed to support the State in culling the illegal and false advertisement spam in the Jita Local comm channel. 3 members of the Communication Control and Protection division of Concord showed up in Jita.
Their arrival didn't go unnoticed, as these CCP personnel flew the latest in Concord technology, the Enigma Polaris frigate! Using these high tech ships, undoubtly equipped in the latest technology to combat unlawful use of commchannels, the CCP crew was able to make quick work of the most obnoxious capsuleerspammers. Using the authority of Concord, they arrested many of these capsuleers on grounds of abusing the right of Free advertising in Jita by using bots(programs that abuse the capsuleer Comm privilege to spam automated messages) or excessive spamming of advertisements, preventing a good working of the Jita local channel.

We provide with a direct commentary of one of the CCP commanders, Stillman:*Botting is not ok, and spamming like mad isn't OK either. Chat is supposed to be for chat. We'll take appropriate action in each case. Don't push it. Spammers and bots are why we can't have nice things.*

Shortly after the CCP ships took care of the excessive spams, the effect was noticeable. Jita comm channel was silent... People had gotten so used to the spam that they initially were unsure what to do now that their Jita Local channel wasn't spewing hundreds of advertisements per minute. Once reality set in, the channel exploded in chatter! Many congratulated CCP's actions in the matter, and began talking amongst themselves on how great a clear channel for communications is.

Temporary effect or lasting?

Initially it was tought to have just a single day effect, but now a week has passed, and while some false advertisers have returned, it's a far cry of the old days. The disbelief of a manageable Jita Local still gets mentioned on the comms, but people are happy with this new take on things. Alot more chatter between folks happens now, exchanging the latest news on various events and things!
The effect on the local population was also noticeable. Ever since Jita local got cleansed of these mass-spammers, freeing up communication bandwidth for regular capsuleers, it has seen an increase in numbers. And more visitors means more customers, so the goal of the State has been achieved with this intervention of Concord!
All in all, everyone's happy about the new and clean(er) Local commchannel in Jita. The esteemed Capsuleer Chribba has also provided statistics on the changes, showing a major reduction in communication bandwith usage ever since the spammers got arrested : Jita Local: Bandwidth usage/hour.
Ever since CCP's succesful operation in Jita Local Comms, requests have been made to do something similar in other tradehubs, especially Amarr as these get plagued with excessive advertisement as well.
One can only hope that in due time, this will happen, allowing proper trade to happen through the local comms once more!

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Around 15.000 new arrivals in the Arcology!

While this is the highest amount of arrivals published so far, it should be noted alot of time has passed since the latest registry, causing a buildup of people wanting to join the Arcology, but had to wait for clearance.
Most of the waittime can be attributed to the tumulteous times in the Cluster, between Capsuleers attacking Concord, and incompetent navy commanders leading capsuleers to their doom, it have been eventful times!

However, it's far from over, as there's several projects still being organized. The Ayem Colony plan is still going, albeit there have been unforeseen delays due to hostilities in providence. The Psychiatric ward on the other hand has been estabilished, in cooperation with EOS Corporation, more news will be unveiled in a future report.
Due to the increasing succes of our media department, overhauls are in place to improve on it's workings, so that people in and out the Aurora Arcology can be offered high quality news!

Now back to what this report is about, the new arrivals! Many capsuleers have assisted once more to rescue refugees across the cluster and giving them a new start in their lives at the Aurora Arcology Project! A big thanks to all those who assisted!
This week's arrivals are very diverse, coming from all kind of backgrounds. This makes it alot easier in assigning jobs to them, and restart their lives.

Disclosure of the new arrivals:

Regular Civilians:

-363 Homeless
-1 Freed Hostage
-2574 Janitors
-20 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-90 Refugees
-20 Science Graduates
-9 Scientists
-23 Stranded Pilots
-6034 Tourists
-6 Troubled Miners
-778 Freed Slaves


-39 Hounds

Law Enforcement:

-1 Amarr Forensic Investigative Deployment
-40 Caldari Light Marines
-179 Freedom Fighters
-3 Army Recruits
-1050 Kameiras
-5064 Marines
-213 Militants
-89 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for L'Etoile Rouge

-49 Female Exotic Dancers
-10 Male Exotic Dancers


-1 Fajah Ateshi
-2 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
-2 VIPs

Note, the Oura Madusaari patients aren't part of the council, but mentioned here, as the psychiatric ward they reside at is under direct supervision of the council, due to the agreement with EOS Corporation.
The large number of Kameiras is due to the joining of Fajah Ateshi, a religious Amarr scientist noble who brought her private militia along for defensive purposes. This has caused alot of friction with the Minmatar population, but for now things are still civil. Fajah Ateshi has joined to assist with the Oura M syndrome, as she is an expert in strange anomalies, and they seem to be tied to this strange mental affliction.

Saturday 9 November 2013

Capsuleers respond en masse to the Call for arms, the Navies fail to assist!


About a week ago, Concord, in name of the 4 navies sent out a call to arms, to help the nations defend against an unnamed large threat to the cluster. This caused alot of speculation due to the timing and the scale. The only times the 4 nations banded together was to put a stop to Sansha's Nation advance, so rumors where high of a new large scale attack from them. On the other side, people believed it was related to the mysterious explosion in Syndicate, that it was an advanced weapon tested by a piratefaction and had to be stopped.

It quickly became apparent that the call to arms was a great succes. As the day of the gathering came closer, pilots of various backgrounds travelled to the two meetingpoints. Sarum Prime was the chosen system for the Amarr and their Caldari allies, Meves was the chosen rallypoint for the Gallente and their Minmatar friends.
As times passed, capsuleers numbers increased greatly, showing the great support they were willing to lend to the 4 nations in order to defend it's population from harm. By the time the navy commanders arrived for the briefing, thousands of capsuleers were present to offer their support, an overwhelming number!

The briefing, and troublesome traffic controllers

As everyone gathered, the navy commanders informed they would visit several systems, looking for clues and investigations and to throw off possible enemies. Two fleets were formed, one in Meves under Gallente/Minmatar control, and the other in Sarum prime, under Caldari/Amarr control. Initial destination systems were set, but as the fleets started to move, a large problem became apparent.... Traffic control wasn't informed of the huge additional load of thousands of capsuleers using the jumpgates...
Jumps were cancelled or placed in queue as capsuleers tried to stay with the Navy Commanders, who didn't pay any attention to the problems caused by the overloaded traffic controllers. This caused the fleets to string out, and after a few new systems were called for visits, the fleet got scattered across a large part of the cluster.
By now, it became apparent that the Navies didn't care much for the massed capsuleer support... Yet many choose to go on, if not for the Navies, at least for the people they're supposed to defend from the threat...

And then the final destination was given. For the Amarr/Caldari Fleet, they would go to Curse, the RMOC-W system, to take out a clandestine Angel research station. The second fleet, under Gallente/Minmatar command, would go to Syndicate, to take out an illegal Serpentis research station in the 8V-SJJ system.

The Angels are waiting...

As the target system is called for the Amarr/Caldari fleet, the commanders flew directly to RMOC-W at high speed, without waiting for the capsuleers, avoiding the whole traffic congestion at gates, leaving the supportfleet to fend for themselves. Despite being scattered across the region and left behind by their Navy Commanders, they decide to push on. As they enter Curse, a nasty suprise awaits the first arrivals. The Nullsec powerblocs await them, their fleets to slaughter the barely prepared and scattered capsuleerfleets. As the capsuleers trickle in and getting blown up, some make it through to the next gatecamp to die.

A fleet accompanied by Wedgetail manages to reach the target system by a combination of skill and luck. They noticed the Navy commanders had attacked the Angel installation by themselves, without any form of backup. With this action, they had alerted every Angel combat ship in the region to reinforce the station's defenses. Wedgetail's fleet rushed in to assist, but the Angels were just too strong... All thanks to the foolish attack of those Commanders... As the attack was repelled, reports flooded in that the Angels had evacuated the station, securing their researchdata and scientists and had activated the self-destruct sequence, to prevent anything valuable to fall in Navy hands.
It was clear the Amarr/caldari side of the operation was a failure... Maybe the Minmatar/Gallente fleet fared better?

Friend or Foe? Confusion at the Serpentis Station!

As the Gallente & Minmatar commander confirm the target destination is the Serpentis research station in the syndicate system 8V-SJJ, they immediate set course for the system, avoiding the traffic control shenagians for jumpgates. And here the same story as above, the capsuleers were left behind, fending for themselves to help. Many decided to push on, part in revenge for the destruction of Rilnais by the Serpentis.
As the first fleets enter Syndicate, they face off against the Nullsec powerbloc residing there, albeit not on the scale as the Amarr/Caldari fleet encountered in Curse. Quite some manage to pass the Nullsec defenses and reach the Serpentis researchstation, where the Gallente Commander already attacked the pirate station, alerting the Serpentis defense fleet with his actions.
However, the Minmatar Navy Commander apparently waited for the capsuleer backup as he was parked near the gate. All hope of competence was shattered however when the Minmatar Commander bubbled the capsuleerfleet and fled, to assist his Gallente ally. The capsuleers struggled to get out the bubble, cursing the clueless Minmatar Commander.

Despite all this, many capsuleers still proceeded to engage the Serpentis, even managing to destroy a part of the science-station! A quick scan of the wreckage showed Vindicators and even unknown Serpentis implants among the items that could be retrieved.
But the Serpentis resistance proved too much, pushing back the Capsuleer fleet, taking out many of it's fleetcommanders.
In the end, they had no option but to withdraw and watch as the Serpentis destroyed the drifting assets and activated the stations self-destruct after they secured their research and scientists.... So here the fleet failed as well to accomplish its objective....

Wait? What? Nobody told us!

By now, both fleets had failed to complete their objective, prevent the pirates to secure their research. However, the Navy comms remained silent on this, causing hundreds of capsuleers to die for no reason in gatecamps layed out by the Nullsec powerblocs. Even worse, thousands were still enroute to the targetsystems, struggling with an overworked and disgruntled Gate Traffic Control departement that did not recieve any info for special clearance for these fleets.
Slowly but surely, conflicting reports about the piratestations being destroyed started to spread among the fleets. As the reports spread, more and more people managed to warn their fellow pilots to halt the advance to the targetsystems. Still, alot of confusion caused death, as official validation from the Navies was not given, instead capsuleers had to rely on people they didn't know.

Once it was clear the navies weren't responding, and the pirates were gloating, many fleets aborted their travels, checking for fleetmembers who went ahead and attempt to warn them on time. In many cases, the warning came too late... Several hundreds still poured into the targetsystems, only to be greeted by a hostile fleet and a failed objective...

The aftermath... Conclusions.

Well.... what can we say? It was a total disaster. Hundreds of ships lost for no reason, the pirates being able to continue their dangerous research at an unknown location and failure of clear communications from the Navy Commanders resulted in the majority of the fleets getting scattered across the regions and a substantial part getting blown up in gatecamps, without support.

But what caused this failure on such scale? Several different issues have lead to this... Lets sum them up and explain:

- Long travelroutes from the stagingsystem, with detours to far-away systems before the real targetsystem got called, at no point, the navy commanders slowed down to let people catch up.
>> This caused the large caspuleerfleet to get dispersed across the cluster, in an attempt to keep up, making them easy pickings in hostile space.

-Gate Traffic Control was not informed by Concord or the navies to give special clearance for the large amount of capsuleers.
>> This caused major delays in gatejumps, making catching up practically impossible, and got majority of the fleet stuck in systems long enough for the operation to be over before they could even assist.

- No assets deployed by the navies except the commanders.
>> For a call to arms to defend the cluster from a great threat; it's notable that the navies had deployed no assets to assist the capsuleers in their daunting task. They even went so far as to let the commanders attack the stations before the capsuleers even arrived, giving the pirates ample time to organize a defense against the approaching capsuleerfleet.
On the contrary, the Pirates had contributed serious assets in the defense of their stations, entire fleets of Machariels for the Angels, and Vindicators for the Serpentis proved to be a formidable opponent for those who managed to arrive at their destination.

-Sending capsuleers straight through a Nullsec Warzone riddled with chokepoints.
>> Since some time, Curse has seen serious fighting between the powerblocs in Null. This meant they were ready to defend their turf from any form of aggression with fleets on standby. Without any form of assistance, subcapital fleets entering Curse were doomed to die at the hands of these experienced combatfleets. The amount of chokepoints, preventing using alternative routes added to this.

-Almost non-existent communications from the Navies.
>> The lack of communications caused the fleets to get spread out in the region as the new patrolsystems were not always announced clearly. It also caused needless death at gatecamps as helpful capsuleers tried to reach the piratestations.
Also the lack of confirmation that the operation had failed and was aborted contributed to a few hundred extra shiplosses and their crews.

In short, this operation has baffled many capsuleers in how amateurish it was handled by the Navy Commanders and Concord. A closer stagingsystem, some more comms or support from the navies or Concord would have gone a long way in preventing the pirates evacuating their stations succesfully and would also avoided so many needless death..

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Capsuleers fail to organize a gank on Concord

A call for Anarchy

A few weeks ago, an underground movement amongst capsuleers called for an attack on Concord forces, to show the might of capsuleers and to show the cluster that Concord ships can be taken down. Outings like this surface once in a while, but rarely get followed upon due to the technologic superiority of the Concord ships.
This time, the call was louder... and some capsuleers began organizing an event at Yulai for this very purpose, and were heared by many others. This time, it seemed the call to destroy a Concord ship, or perhaps even a fleet as some dreamed, would happen.

To defy concord on this scale isn't unheard of, but so far it has only been succesful in two cases.  We now provide footage to both these events:

- Capsuleer Pirate Corporation defying Concord: Recovered old footage
-Thukker Tribe assaults Concord: Yulai Standoff footage & Fragmented Empyrean Newsreport

A recipe for Chaos

As the gathering occurred in Yulai, capsuleers of all colors and beliefs converged at the Yulai Battle site, intending to challenge Concord on the very ground where they were once defeated by the Thukker Tribe. As more and more capsuleers joined the gathering, insistence was made to organize all through the public local comms... And so the inevitable chaos grew, by people disrupting local comms and others just showing up to witness the mayhem and profit from it by bringing their salvage-ships and transports.
The local count kept on rising, dozens became a hundred, a hundred turned into hundreds. Imagine, between 200 to 300 triggerhappy capsuleers, all gathered at one place, with the intend to disrupt the law and let chaos reign. What follows should suprise no-one who is aware of an eggers nature.

A shot was fired, Concord warps in with a fleet to investigate. Total strangers used local to call a variety of concord ships as primary, more shots were fired. Concord responded in kind and retaliated against the aggressors. Chaos erupts, yet amidst the chaos a group managed to gather enough eggers to focus fire on the Concord Commander, but alas... it was too little... too late... despite the Concord Commander Battleship being under heavy attack from a dozen capsuleers, the Commander kept control over the gathered Concord fleet and called target after target. As soon as one offending ship blew up, the next was targeted and subsequently exploded a few seconds after.
Amidst this, the chaos was complete. As Concord was taking out the last few organized attackers, capsuleers began fighting amongst themselves. Destroyers shattered by battlecruisers, assault frigates taking down cruisers and then you have those maniacal pilots charging in to blow up all around them with smartbombs... Capsuleer madness burned bright that day... Tens of thousands of lives lost because eggers wanted to bash heads, just because they could.

The Hubris of Capsuleers

And so their hubris became their downfall. What started as a gathering to show Concord who ran the show ended in a humiliating defeat, not only at the hands of Concord, but by their own as well.
As show by this Yulai Combat Report  (date 19/10 is relevant to the event) the capsuleerlosses were staggering, and all for nothing for no Concord ship was destroyed. Reports even indicate that at no time a Concord ship's shields were breached. In short, the event was a total failure for capsuleers, but a great PR boost to the Concord law enforcement. This shows Concord is capable of handling focused aggression against their ships and fleets.

The aftermath, some comments by those present

Meizu Kho provided a Holoreport about the attack on Concord: Capsuleers versus Concord

Caroline Grace: *I was there with my Talos, collecting corpses. No matter how creepy it sounds, it pretty much sums up the whole event*

Nevyn Ascent: *Eggers crushed as they assault Concord, really what did you expect?*

Commander A9: *It was total Chaos!*

Esan Vartesa: *A little spin is all the media needs to make it into a bigger failure than it already was!*

Concord Fleet Commander: *Now do you see the error of your ways, Capsuleers?  You cannot hope to match the might of CONCORD!*

Hary Hernandez : *What Happened: People Showed up. What was supposed to Happen:  Fuck the Police.  What really happened: We fucked ourselves.  Outcome:  Shit was a blast*

Final conclusion: Concord might remains unchallenged. It will take quite some time before another gathering of this magnitude will happen to defy Concord as it was a landslide victory for the Law. Aurora Arcology and associated did a search and rescue to gather as much crew as possible before they suffocated in space, or worse.