Sunday 27 April 2014

First large wave of Colonists arrive at Ayem!

Thanks to the support of 4TH District & Providence residents, the Ayem colony is ready to receive it's first large wave of colonist.
As reported in "Ayem Colony Expansion Progress", the speedy delivery of large amounts of supplies allowed the development of infrastructure at an accelerated pace. Due to this, the first section of the colony is ready for large scale habitation.
The focus of this part of the colony is to reinforce the local industries & agriculture, to be able to build up a stock of supplies & sustain a much larger population in the near future.

With assistance from capsuleer Savastan & 4th District member Cyrillian Voth, over 20.000 civilians have arrived safely at Port Larren for a final screening before they could go planetside to assist in the colony expansion.

Sadly, the arrival didn't go flawless as a minor disagreement escalated into a small riot during transition. Thanks to Port Larren Security, these 12 troublemakers have been arrested rapidly. They are now imprisoned and await their trial. Due to their actions, this group has been exiled from the colony project and will return to the Arcology Project at the first transport home.

Recognizing the need for a minimal security force, Cyrillian Voth has approved a small temporary security detachment to go along with these first colonists, to assure initial safety till the Arcology security force has completed their training aboard Port Larren.

Currently, the Ayem Colony Population is as following:

~20.000 locals
-10.130 Workers (janitors)
-20.120 Colonists (tourists)
- 60 Port Larren Security personnel (Militants)
-6 Construction Engineers (Construction Workers)
-9 Geological Engineers (Miners)
-31 Exotic Dancers
-1 Project Overseer (VIP)

People awaiting transit in Port Larren:

-12 Prisoners (returning to Aurora Arcology at the arrival of the next transport)
-1.000 Arcology Marines training under 4TH District to assure high quality security service

The colonist transport also ferried additional goods & supplies to Ayem, provided by a variety of highsec capsuleers. Among it are clothing, industrial & agricultural supplies, machinery, spareparts, entertainment holoreels, etc.
This will assist in a more efficient growth of the colony, being able to bridge the inevitable supply shortages at start due to the increased population.
Also, due to earlier contacts with the Monyusaiya Industry Trade Group [MITG], the colony has it's first solid income outside 4TH District supply contracts. The main goods exported to MITG is planetside produced food, mainly meat, fish & grain products. In the future, this will be expanded to include dairy products & alcoholic drinks.

The increase of Exotic dancers is due to the establishment of a bar, advertising exotic dance-shows, providing entertainment for colonists & locals alike. This was a local initiative, for now they're being monitored loosely, but as long as no troubles arises, it's allowed to exist in it's current form.

Saturday 26 April 2014

Major tradehubs under attack! Operation 'Burn Jita!' is in effect!

The Burning of Tradehubs
Chaos & mayhem at Jita, image is property of Capsuleer Christy D Floyd

This weekend, Goonswarm & their allies have announced a third attack on Jita and related tradehubs, under the operation name: "Burn Jita!" .
Through this large scale destruction of peaceful traders & transports, this nullsec organisation wants to make several statements:

-That they are able to disrupt or even shut down trade at any moment at their leisure.
-To display their might against the Empires, forcing their hand to react.
-To fuel their desire for wanton destruction.

This statements occur through the large scale destruction of transports and other high value ships in the various tradehubs, mainly Jita & Amarr as they are the largest.

To disrupt the trade

The disrupt trade part however is only partially true. In the past, the 'Burn Jita!' operation proved the flexibility of tradehubs. In mere days, and in Jita's case, just hours, trade normalizes after the operation ends.
Also, as the attack on the tradehubs is announced in advance, skilled traders prepare in advance, altering their offerings to suit the needs of attacker & victim alike during the operation, selling higher numbers of Catalysts, Tornado's, freighters & other transports. As noted by a famous trader: ' War is good for business' as it guarantees the selling of ships, ammo & equipment that needs to be replaced.

This report shows what kind of weapons & ammo was used last year: Announcement: Burn Jita 3. Despite it reporting about this year's attack, it contains a schedule of what was used last year, to have an idea of  the armaments involved.
Smart traders can use this list to stockpile on the needed ammo & weapons to sell during this attack.

Addendum: the list of freighters destroyed in Jita can be found here, giving an idea of the scale & losses: Burn Jita in effect: Freighters destroyed!

Showing their might to Highsec

Their ability to amass such fleets and the wealth to throw them against Concord's retaliation police force is certainly impressive. It does highlight the need of Concord's presence to ward off aggressive nullsec capsuleer organisations. Without them, attacks on highsec like this would be far more destructive to the people.
To be able to to direct and supply such force into an attack that lasts for multiple days also displays a large amount of organisation, showing the Empires they are not to be trifled with, and should be taken more seriously as independent foreign states.

Blow it up, blow it all up!

And the final statement is the bleakest of all. Goonswarm & their allies just want to see it all burn to crisp. They embody the worst capsuleers have to offer, blowing up ships just because they can. They revel in seeing what they can take out, holding contests on who can score the highest value ship destruction.
To destroy, just for pleasure, to see a ship burn in the dark of space is among the most senseless reasons to blow up ships and kill their crew....
The speed at which such ganks happen don't give the crew of those ships much time to escape their doomed fate, condemning them to an icy grave in space.

A swarm of catalysts attacking a lone Nomad jumpfreighter,
 image is property of Capsuleer Asteroid Veldspar

The counter-response

However, there's organisations fighting this attack! Among them is Scopewerks & Spectre-Fleet. Scopewerks runs an active *disrupt the ganker*-policy, awarding members for successfully disrupting or even thwarting ganks. So far they booked many a success with their tactics, especially with ECM-focused ships.

Spectre Fleet runs a more passive policy, shooting anyone that gets suspect, usually gankers, but sometimes others that end up going suspect by Concord law.
There are also plenty of individuals or even small groups doing their best to disrupt these ganks, giving people hope that not all capsuleers are interested in senseless destruction.

A message from Jita Traffic Control & other tradehub controllers

Fly Safe! (Image provided by Melana Emmagan)

During the ongoing attack on the tradehubs, Traffic Control advises everyone to fly safe! If possible avoid the tradehubs directly, but trade at the adjacent systems to minimize your risk & keep the trade going.
Should you at any point need something at Jita or any other tradehub, it is advised to transport the bought item after the weekend's over. In case waiting is not an option, Traffic control advises you to fly a ship that can field an adequate tank, without it holding back the warpspeed. A tech I or II Damage Control unit helps alot in thwarting ganks on your ships as well.
Also helpful are instant warp undock markings. These marks are placed in a direct line from undock at a warp-able distance, reducing your risk to be attacked by Goonswarm & their allies.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Over 11.000 Refugees join the Arcology

This week saw high activity from our reporters on the Manhunt event. Due to the large scale, it was decided that for this week, our News Agency would solely focus on it, reporting every change. Adding to this was an advertisement campaign, aiming to bring the news as soon as possible to the relevant crowd. This payed off, as the Manhunt article series became our most successful reports, read by thousands!
To keep it easy for future reference, a final article has been made, combining all previous Manhunt events, and a little explanation about it all: The Provist Manhunt Summary.

The Aurora News Network, and it's CEO, Jandice Ymladris like to thank all our viewers, advertisers & informants for their trust in our news agency and their help in making it grow & provide correct information!
We shall continue to provide news on important events and giving additional information about them!

Now onward to this week's immigration list. Due to the Manhunt, the immigration clearance for the refugees, rescues & immigrants was delayed due to the heavy workload on several departments. We like to thank the Amarr system traders for their assistance to the Arcology Project.

Regular Civilians

-5 Civilians
-884 Homeless
-2786 Janitors
-148 Refugees
-30 Science Graduates
-4 Scientists
-2398 Tourists
-1826 Freed Slaves


-11 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
-236 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-50 Amarr Light Marines
-1400 Kameiras
-1640 Marines
-160 Militants
-118 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-270 Female Exotic Dancers
-320 Male Exotic Dancers
-1 Prostitute


-1 Kardimo Palettan

About two weeks ago, a representative of the Tash-Murkon Family inspected the Arcology, to check how the Amarr were treated and their culture respected. More info on the why can be found here: Over 12.000 immigrants arrive this week at the Arcology Station!
The Aurora Project passed their inspection and to assure our Project remains within these expectations, the representative informed us that he would periodically stay at the Arcology. To assure his safety, he has send 1400 Kameiras to assure his security and that of his staff.

This massive influx of elite Amarr forces caused a lot of friction among the Minmatar delegation. Already unhappy with the Arcology Amarr delegation supporting the Praetoria Imperialis Exhubitoris (PIE) Kameira Program, they are now infuriated by what they perceive as a military build-up by the Amarr in the Arcology station. The Minmatar faction informed the Aurora Council that if this continues unabated, they will take action themselves! Rumor has it, they secretly recruited over a thousand Freedom Fighters for their cause...
In order to prevent any escalation, the Council will hold a special meeting to discuss how they can appease both sides, as turning away the Kameira force would surely anger the Amarr, as they would see it as an insult to reject support from a Major House.

Monday 21 April 2014

The Provist Manhunt Summary

How it started

A little over two weeks ago, Provists hijacked several capital ships from the Caldari Navy. Among the stolen ships were several Phoenix dreadnoughts, multiple Chimera carriers and even a Wyvern supercarrier.
This theft was made possible by the exiled former officers of the 37th squadron, who betrayed the state after their trial ended!

While a reaction was expected to the theft, none realised how far the Caldari Navy wanted to go to apprehend these criminals.
In an unprecedented move, the Caldari Navy placed major PLEX bounties on all the exiled officers who have joined this theft!
While the bounties are certainly excessive, they do serve as a statement: "Cross the Caldari Navy and you shall find no rest, no place to hide, for capsuleers will hunt you down to the edge of the universe if they have to, just to claim the prize on your heads!"

In response to this, the Provists intended to die as a martyr for their cause, to give their life for what they believed to be "The True Caldari Way"

And the Hunt is on!

And so it starts, for a whole week, Capsuleers would hunt the treacherous Provist commanders of the 37th squadron, who had joined the Dragonaurs.
In exchange for this task for the Caldari Navy, they would be handsomely rewarded for their efforts. But as this hunt is fuelled by greed, it was expected that the eggers would compete among themselves for the prizes, and this expectation turned reality!

Below you'll find the list of the Manhunts and a short summary, also included is a quote highlighting something special in a particular manhunt;

Provist Tovas Tagahaiken engaged in Akkio!

The first Manhunt was in lowsec and immediately showed how much manpower some capsuleer organisations would field, just to kill their competitors and claim the prize for their own. This hunt turned to be a total domination for Pandemic Legion, who eliminated all others on the field before downing the Carrier and it's escort.

Memorable Quote: "The Dragonaurs suffered the ultimate humiliation as they were nothing but mere playthings for the powerful nullsec capsuleer organisation Pandemic Legion."

Explanation: PL just played with them, keeping them alive till they had total dominance and were assured maximum payout of the PLEX-bounty when they turned their guns against the Dragonaurs.

Dragonaur Tsatei Uppas meets his end at Samanuni

As this hunt happened in highsec, Concord kept watch, preventing an escalation of aggression among capsuleers.
In a joined effort, the capsuleers downed the stolen carrier in mere moments, making this the shortest encounter of the whole Manhunt.

Memorable Quote: "A few brave Provist supporters tried to help the carrier by repping it.... but they flashed twice, once yellow, to mark them suspect, and the second flash was their ship exploding in a blaze of targeted fire..."

Explanation: This refers to how fast Provist supporters were killed, the moment a capsuleer decided to help a Provist, he died.

Provists Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara fall at Okagaiken

Once more in lowsec, Pandemic Legion mobilised their forces, in order to dominate the field again. Initially, it seemed to work, only to see their dominance challenged at the end. As the stolen capital ships were being demolished by PL, Gorgon fleet jumped in to lay claim on the killing bounties, along with other brave capsuleers!
The plan succeeded, and PL lost out on a few PLEX bounties.

Memorable Quote: "Lucas Raholan and his friends dived in, targeted the escape-pod and subsequently killed him in name of the Amarr Empire, screaming AMARR VICTOR! over the local comms as they ended the Dragonaur commanders life."

Explanation: Lucas Raholan was part of a small but brave Amarr fleet, who used the chaos created by the Gorgon fleet to lay claim on a part of the PLEX bounties, showing even a small taskforce had a chance on claiming them!

Dragonaurs Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko slain at Mastakomon

This hunt occurred in highsec, and thereby saw less chaos as Concord kept a watchful eye. This battle saw the two hostile Chimeras repping each other. This meant that the initial capsuleer fleet couldn't break them, untill the slower heavy hitters had arrived. Once that happened, they died fast.

Memorable Quote: "Detonate the Nuke! Level the place! Miss the target!"

Explanation: This refers to the smartbombing Apocalypse who arrived at the scene after one of the chimeras was destroyed, leaving his commander in an escape-pod. In an attempt to claim this prize, a capsuleer tried to smartbomb the area, to no avail. Despite massive collateral damage (dozens of ships destroyed & pods lost) he missed his intended target, only mere moments ago destroyed by another capsuleer.

Provists Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila defeated at Torrinos

Once more in highsec, but this time, the Provist had changed battle-doctrine. Sitting in their stolen dreadnoughts, they went after the expensive heavy hitting ships this time, instead of the weaker, softer ships.
This proved successful, as several high value ships were destroyed before their ultimate demise.

Memorable Quote: "Quality above Quantity"

Explanation: This refers to the Provist successful change of battle-doctrine, as they no longer went for killing many cheap ships, but rather went for the removal of fewer, but much more expensive capsuleer ships.

Provist Taskforce succeeds at Taisy!

This was a return to lowsec and Pandemic Legion control. However, this time, their control was constantly challenged by others! In an unforeseen move, PL decided to defend the stolen carriers till their unknown objective was completed, allowing a Provist victory!

Memorable Quote: "Chaos!"

Explanation: The constant challenging of PL dominance by a wide variety of fleets, who each in turn didn't always like each other. This resulted in chaotically 3-way and even a messy 4 way battle at times! A true chaotic fight!

Dragonaur capital fleet defeated at Usi!

This was it, the full might of the former 37th squadron commanders against a massive capsuleer fleet! In a formidable fight, the capsuleers eventually triumphed as they organized themselves and coordinated their attacks on single capital ships.

Memorable Quote: "The Final Showdown"

Explanation: this refers to the all-out deployment of the Dragonaur force, deploying every capital they had, including their Wyvern supercarrier in an effort to defeat the capsuleers head-on in battle.

The aftermath

So what was the result of this manhunt? Outside a bunch of even wealthier capsuleers?

First: Caldari Navy redeemed itself, a long time bastion of Provist power. Thought this hunt, and the large prize they set on the culprits, they displayed that the Navy would penalize traitors of the State severely, including Provists. None would be safe from the Navy or it's wrath, should they act against the State best interest.

Second: The Provist power, and in extension to that, Dragonaur power has been broken. They're now branded as criminals & terrorist, acting against the State. Those who would support them, would face equally harsh measures.

Third: If you want capsuleers to be somewhat reliable, play on their motivation of greed. For a big sum of isk, they'll execute your commands, throwing in substantial assets in order to claim the prize. This however has to be seen in light of how expensive capsuleer life is. They fly & own entire starships and employ their crew, running structures in space and doing industry or security tasks. This all costs substantial isk, so when someone offers a big lump of it, it's no wonder many would go after it, to fund their expensive lifestyle.

Addition, the official news report on the distribution of the bounty across the capsuleer community:
Caldari Navy distributes bounties for destruction of Provists
From this report we know that the slain Capital ship commanders had no clone-contract and are permanently dead!
The consequences for Pandemic Legion's assistance to the Provists still hangs in the balance, due to their erratic behaviour during this manhunt. The Caldary Navy is looking into options of possible penalties along with Concord. Should any future news arise about the decision, we shall inform you as soon as possible!

Sunday 20 April 2014

Dragonaur capital fleet defeated at Usi!

The Exodus

As news spread that Provist were victorious at Taisy, people readied their best ships for the next attack. However, this Dragonaur victory also bolstered their supporters in setting up fleets to assist them in the upcoming fight...
It dawned to all those involved that the next attack would be decisive, putting the two sides against each other...

And then word spread... a capital Dragonaur fleet had jumped into the Usi system! This was it, the big attack everyone was preparing for! Immediately, hundreds of capsuleers took off, heading to the target system. The sudden and massive movement of capsuleerfleets overburdened traffic control, which lead to delayed jumping and slowing down travel in general, causing frustrations among the warping fleets!

This was not all, during the journey, the Provist supporters started a campaign of disinformation, making people think the capital fleet was somewhere else, or already destroyed. But thanks to the enduring work of helpful fleetcommanders, this false propaganda was quickly dismissed and people continued their travel to Usi.

The Final Showdown

As the first capsuleers arrived on the field, they were rapidly approached by a large drone swarm, originating from the carriers. Those who were careless and greedy died fast. The 8 carriers had deployed their drones and attacked all those who entered on field first. 7 of the 8 carriers where Chimera's, piloted by Verkkomi Obanin, Uesharas Pumenen and Hyn Soila who were successful earlier at Taisy. They were assisted by 4 new Provist commanders, Kekamaa Togenurii, Sajila Halmon, Ichonen Aroki and Arameki Ibuken. These ships were protecting the flagship, the Wyvern Supercarrier, piloted by Former 37th squadron officer Kossen Jaikka.
This fleet proved to be a formidable foe as the initial waves got destroyed by the massive drone fleets these ships could field. To top it off, they were all repping each other, making their tank hard to breach.

However, most capsuleers didn't wait on their heavy hitting friends to arrive and started fighting each other! Coupled with the Provist taking out ships themselves, quite some capsuleers lost their ship and their clones. However, a member of EvE Uni, Kelon Darklight charged in, and disrupted the Wyvern's jumpdrive!
Several Provist supporters tried bumping him away from the Supercarrier by ramming him, but Kelon tried his best dodging them, holding his critical position.
But despite these losses, numbers kept growing, till the system had over a thousand capsuleers present. The Provist loyalists still attempted to sabotage the encounter, by overloading local comms with their nonsensical chatter and spreading false info.

As the heavy hitting ships arrived en masse, like battlecruisers and battleships, the attack was slowly turning to capsuleer favor. The first primary was the Stolen Chimera, piloted by Kekamaa Togenurii. After a long & hard struggle of damage versus their repair/boosting speed the Chimera finally perished. After the first Chimera went down, one after the other followed, always faster as the spidertanking was losing efficiency with every Chimera that fell...

Slowly the end was closing in for the last Chimeras, but then a white flash is seen, Smartbombs! In an attempt to destabilize the manhunt fleet, Provist supporters nuked the area with their explosive weapons. Dozens of capsuleers got caught in the blastwave
Despite this desperate attempt by Provist supporters, the fleet redirected itself at the Wyvern supercarrier, who was unable to leave the field, thanks to Kelon Darklight's stubbornness to keep the ship's warpdrive disrupted despite numerous attempts to remove him from the area.
Only one Chimera was left when the massive firepower of the massed capsuleerfleet downed the Wyvern in recordtime!
Shortly after the Wyvern perished, the Chimera went down as well.

As people scrambled to kill the escape-pods, another massive blastwave, caused by smartbombs rushed through the fleet, once again killing dozens... This blastwave was much larger, executed by many eggers who assisted their friends in claiming kills & removing opposition from the field.

But now it was over.... the Provist power broken, capsuleers once more stood triumphant and the Caldari Navy achieved it's goal for bringing justice to the traitors.
People across the cluster cheered as they heared the good news, the Provist traitors have been defeated, and the Dragonaurs suffered a heavy blow!
Celebrations & mourning

Once more, the Eden cluster has grown a bit more safer with the elimination of this Provist capital fleet. People rejoiced and celebrated the end of the manhunts, signalizing a severe blow to the Dragonaurs. The fight lasted long, but in the end, all the Dragonaur capitals perished under capsuleer might.
The Caldari can claim a major victory, as over 1000 capsuleers were on the field, fighting the renegade 37th squadron forces for them!

However, the Provist supporters caused a large loss of human life due to their smartbombing terror on the battlefield. Twice they detonated en masse, and twice it claimed many lives. But now, their side has lost the conflict despite their failed attempts to overturn the event into a Provist victory.

The number of Provist capitals deployed were in total 8, in more detail; 7 Chimera's and 1 Wyvern. While their tank was formidable and didn't bend under the bashing over a hundred capsuleers, it was only a matter of time before they'd be overwhelmed by the ever increasing capsuleer ship numbers.
With coordinated teamwork, the Dragonaur task force went down slowly under concentrated gunfire, despite attempts to disrupt the public comms.

This is the Usi Battle Report (See 19 April)

All in all, after this capital engagement, it's unlikely the Dragonaurs will be planning something on this scale again.
This event has been considered a great success among capsuleers, as they were able to earn great rewards through them. The defeat of this capital fleet will haunt the Dragonaurs for a long time and force them to keep a low profile for the foreseeable future.

May peace return to the Caldari State after these events, so we can rebuild what has been torn down under Heth's rule.

The offical publication: Provist remnants slaughtered in Usi

Saturday 19 April 2014

Provist Taskforce succeeds at Taisy!

The gathering of fleets

The Provist taskforce has been sighted at Taisy today, deploying 3 stolen Chimera carriers, piloted by Verkkomi Obanin, Uesharas Pumenen and Hyn Soila. Curiously, there was no escort around this time.

As expected, the Pandemic Legion Apocalypse fleet was present in the system, but the system lockdown wasn't as dramatic as previous events, albeit the Snigwaffle fleet assisted PL. Several other fleets entered the system as well, EvE-Uni, Spectre, RAZOR/, FCORD and The Dithanian Fleet as the larger ones and a few smaller fleets were present as well.

Rapidly, the Provist task force was located at the second asteroid belt of Taisy VI and scouts were sent in advance to evaluate the situation.

The initial battle at Taisy VI, Belt 2

The various scouts for the fleets immediately reported that the 3 stolen Chimeras were protected by the PL fleet. As the first few smaller fleets engaged, the tactics became obvious. The Waffle fleet jumped in & locked down the aggressing fleet while the PL Apocalypse ships decimated them.
After this first wave of attacks, the fight died down for a moment, as the other fleets were deciding on a proper approach to counter the Waffle/PL combination.

Then Spectre engaged, opening fire on the Chimeras with their Naga detachment. When Waffles tried to lock them down, the Spectre fleet just warped to another point on site. This ratchase kept going for a while.

During this, several other fleets jumped in, making the chaos complete. Initially FCORD warped in, only to flee shortly after as PL took out their logistic ships in rapid succession. Right after, RAZOR jumped in with their ECM fleet, only to be attacked immediately after by the Dithanian fleet who warped right on top of them. As several RAZOR members died to Dithanian fire, Waffles arrived at the skirmish as well. Dithanian fled,with RAZOR in their wake as they both realized they could not win this fight.

During all this, Spectre kept on attacking the triaged Chimera carriers with their Naga attack force. But as the chaos died down, and Waffles became more persistent in their chasing, Spectre did a tactical withdrawal.

As the fight raged, the 3 Dragonaur Carriers managed to silently warp away to the next belt, continuing their unknown objective.
Once the fleets noticed, they warped out, while PL warped directly to the new spot. Waffles in the meantime remained at Belt 2, attacking stragglers.

Chaos at Taisy VI, Belt 3

The change of location meant that PL once more had full control over the field, allowing them to protect the 3 stolen Chimeras efficiently.
Other fleets who wanted to engage had to set up new warp points before they could go all-in due to this...
As it was quiet for a while, the former 37th Squadron Commanders began congratulating PL for their enduring support, defending them from hostiles. They praised the efforts PL brought to secure them in this operation.

And then, all helll broke loose, as two fleets warp in simultaneously on PL, one Pirate fleet, unspotted till this very moment, and a second attempt by RAZOR. the 3 sides immediatly began fighting each other, pirate ships exploded left & right. Trying to take advantage of the chaos, RAZOR tried pushing the advantage, only to get thwarted by a 4th fleet appearing on site! Eve-Uni charged for them, took out several ships and retreated from the battlefield when they spotted the Waffle fleet moving in to assist PL.

As the chaos died down, wrecks were left behind and PL remained in control, along with the Waffle fleet assisting them. But the peace won't last long... Spectre joined the field once more, repeating their attacks on the Chimera's.
Waffles once more gave chase, but now they knew their opponents tactic. After a few fruitless jumps, they managed to lock down several Naga's, demolishing them. This was the signal to Spectre that it became too dangerous, and they retreated as well.

Now victory was complete! Pandemic Legion and Waffles had the belt secured for the 3 Provist commanders, allowing them to fulfill their objective in peace. Once it was done, they congratulated Pandemic Legion for their assistance and jumped out.

To the Victor go the spoils...

And so it turns out, there's a deeper meaning behind these manhunts... The Provist objective is unknown, but one can always guess. One theory is that of resource gathering, as they were in asteroid belts during this hunt. Another theory is that they were attempting to hack communication lines, databanks/archives or any other infrastructure they wanted to have access towards.
Another hypothesis is that their objective might be connected to the Kyonoke Pit, a chilling thought.... Let us hope that neither the quarantined mining station nor the research facilities were part of their objective...
Whatever it was, the Carrier commanders managed to complete it, thanks to Pandemic Legion and then jumped out their Chimera's once finished

Adding to the mystery of the objective is that this time the 37th Squadron commanders were without their trusty Dragonaur Escorts, albeit this might have to do more with the armament of the Chimera's, namely smartbombs.
Todays defense was very successful for the Dragonaurs, eliminating dozens of capsuleer ships, more than in any other manhunt for them. This can be seen in this overview: Dragonaur Battle results

The combat in Taisy was very chaotic, often resulting in 3 and even 4 way attacks! Many of the fleets also used their mobility as an advantage towards the slow, lumbering PL Navy Apocalypse fleet. However, the Waffle fleet was present to negate this disadvantage of PL.

All in all, it was a very chaotic fight today as seen in the overview: Taisy Battle Results

Capsuleer Emu Evil of Spectre-Fleet provided a holovid link. As interceptor pilot he had a unique view on the battle as he could jump all over the battle-site.

Part 1 : Preparations to engage Pandemic Legion & the Provist capitals on site
Part 2 : Continued mobile attack of Spectre Fleet on PL & the Provists

The official publication of this news: Provists escape Taisy due to Pandemic Legion assistance

Thursday 17 April 2014

Provists Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila defeated at Torrinos


As Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila were spotted in Torrinos, piloting the stolen Phoenix dreadnoughts, capsuleers flocked to the system, ready to deliver justice upon these traitors. It was quickly noticed they had the same 4 Dragonaur Navy Raven capsuleers as escort:  Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.

As people arrived in droves, they located the Dragonaur task force hanging right outside the station, ready to defend themselves. When the capsuleers began their attack, they quickly noticed a change in the attack pattern of the Dragonaurs.... They no longer went for weak small ships, but went for the larger, more expensive ships....

Quality above Quantity

And the change in combatdoctrine pays off for the Dragonaurs.... A Tengu perished as the first ship in battle, instead of the more usual weaker & cheaper destroyers or frigates. In an attempt to reduce expensive losses, the capsuleer fleet changed their priorities as well, and went for the escorting Dragonaur Ravens first!
As these Ravens were no match for the massed capsuleer fleet and they fell quickly. The two Phoenix Dreadnoughts did their utmost best to cause as much damage and expensive kills as they could. A massive exchange of firepower began between the two Provist commanders and the gathered capsuleer fleet.
As the Dreadnoughts sustained damage at a rapid rate, they still managed to take out a few high profile capsuleer ships. This had the adverse effect, as capsuleers wanted to down them as fast as they could now, before these Dreads would kill them. And then in short succession, two massive explosions happened, signaling the near simultaneous destruction of Ina Okonada's Phoenix and Aikabinen Unijila's Phoenix.

After the subsequent destruction of their pods, the fight died down. But then chaos ensued! As capsuleers were dispersing, a lone Rokh charged into the fleet and detonated it's smartbombs! Luckily, the majority of the fleet was spread out by then, causing only a handful of ships to be lost.
Once people recovered from this blast, they returned home, as their duty was done, and the Provist task force defeated.


This fight also occurred in highsec, assuring a minimum of chaos due to Concord's ever watchful patrols, ready to visit retribution on any capsuleer that violates the aggression laws.

The fight itself was short but tense, as the Dragonaurs went for high value kills this time, making many of the heavy hitter capsuleers nervous. This is something to watch out for in future manhunts.

Once more the PLEX bounties got shared all around as no dominant force was present to claim as many as they could. This seems to be the norm in highsec as Concord won't tolerate capsuleers shooting each other without the correct permits.
The lone Rokh smartbombing is a bit of an oddity, he did it after the fight was over, perhaps frustrated about his late arrival and thereby failed to claim a podkill bounty on one of the Dragonaur commanders?

Here is todays battle-report: Torrinos Kill & Loss list

The official nes can be found here: Two more Provists slain in Torrinos

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Dragonaurs Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko slain at Mastakomon

Taunting & Mocking

As word got out in the afternoon that the Dragonaurs have been spotted in Mastakomon, Forge region, capsuleers embarked their ships and flew full speed to the target system. As it was in highsec, the chance of being shot by your fellow capsuleers was drastically diminished, as shown during the Provist encounter at Samanuni.

The reported Dragonaur Provists were Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko, both commanding a stolen Chimera class carrier. Their escort are the now well known 4 Dragonaur capsuleers: Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.
The Carriers were repping each other & the Navy Scorpion escort, making them a sturdy & resilient target. This time, they won't go down easy...

As the first fleets jumped in the system, they were in for a surprise! The Provist taskforce was just hanging right next to the Uchoshi Gate! No need to probe them out this time! Seems that they've been caught offguard by the rapid arrival of the first few capsuleer fleets.

However, as the capsuleers began their attack on the Provists, they realized quickly that these small ship could not breach the Chimera's shields. Some redirected their fire on the Dragonaur Navy Scorpions, but due to the reppings from the carriers, it was in vain as well.
seeing the futility of this attack, the Provists began mocking the capsuleers. Pyykakiwa Sarnen took the lead in this, taunting the capsuleers at his hearts desire.

Some examples of his taunts:

 "Pyykakiwa Sarnen > If you're going to come after us, you should probably bring something bigger than those pea shooters"
 "Pyykakiwa Sarnen > If you think you can stop us with these insignificant forces, you are mighty confused"

But these mockings & taunts only worked to fan the flames... As the capsuleers realized they needed some heavy firepower fleets, they rallied friends & allies, more and more flocked into the system.
Hubris comes before the fall

Now over 200 capsuleers had arrived in the system, firing at will on the Provist task force, but they failed to make a dent in the carriers shields... Feeling invincible, Pyykakiwa Sarnen taunted the capsuleers haughtily one more time: "Impressive numbers, but you sure don't have what it takes to bring us down"

But these words would be their downfall, infuriated by these taunts of the mocking Provists, two capsuleer leaders, Sue Abbott & Silver Dolan instructed the gathered capsuleers to focus all their weapons on Tuohmirasen Oittakko's Chimera.
Under the concentrated fire of about 200 ships, the Chimera didn't last long, despite that Saara Humo's Chimera desperately tried to rep it. As the first stolen Dragonaur Chimera exploded, the capsuleers switched fire to Saara Humo's Chimera. In mere moments, he joined the fate of his commander.

Detonate the Nuke! Level the place! Miss the target!

But as the two carriers were down, chaos followed as capsuleers began firing at will on the 4 remaining Scorpions. The Dragonaur Escort was determined to make one final stand and returned fire with all they got. Amidst this chaos was also floating the escape-capsule of Saara Humo, on who was a bounty for killing him.

As people noticed this, they went for a mad dash towards the capsule when suddenly a massive explosion engulfed and blinded them! As the glare faded, a large field of wrecks was left behind, where moments ago there was a fleet chasing a pod....
Amidst this wreckage was the burned out husk of an Apocalypse class battleship. It turns out this ship was rigged with smartbombs, in an ultimate attempt to kill the pod, to claim the bounty, and damn the consequences! 
And the consequences were damning, over 50 capsuleers or their ships perished, directly and indirectly to this massive explosion. That's some massive collateral damage to kill a single pod... And it was all in vain, as Saara Humo was killed just moments before by Mazica Airuta, a member of EvE University.

But the fight went on, and amidst the chaos, the remaining Dragonaurs managed to take out several capsuleers before they were obliterated by capsuleer weaponry. As the last Dragonaur pod exploded, the capsuleer fleets rapidly dispersed, as their duty here was done, the Provist taskforce defeated.


This engagement saw a very diverse participation. There was no dominant group or fleet. This can be attributed to Concord presence, as they maintain order among the capsuleer forces, penalizing them for unlawful aggressions.
The presence of two Chimeras repping each other did prove an initial challenge, but nothing that throwing more capsuleers at it couldn't solve. The Dragonaur Navy Scorpions put up a valiant resistance, but ultimately met their repeating fate, death by capsuleer fire.

Due to the large diversity of the bountyhunters, the PLEX bounties got spread around various organisations as well, with no group claiming dominance.

Here is the list of kills & losses in the Mastakomon fight: Battle-Board - Mastakomon

The official report on this manhunt: Provists routed in Mastakomon

So far, the Provists prove to be no match for the capsuleers that hunt them, but they are deploying stronger assets in every encounter. Due to this, it is advised to stay alert.
Of special notice is that this Provist fleet was not in a secluded orbit of a planet, requiring them to be probed first, but that they were right next to a gate, visible for all to see. This did make it easier for everyone to find them and take them down.

I like to thank all who contributed their knowledge of this fight, allowing me to create this report, so everyone can stay informed!

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Provists Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara fall at Okagaiken

A deadly arrival...

This evening, the stolen Chimera, piloted by Uehuma Inikas was spotted once more in Black Rise, but this time in Okagaiken, a low sec system. He was escorted by a Phoenix, piloted by former 37th squadron captain Arano Kokkara and 4 Dragonaur Navy Ravens, piloted by Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.

As the news of the sighting got around, people flocked to the Okagaiken system, but they were wary of Pandemic Legion presence, remembering the first Manhunt in Akkio where PL totally dominated at the Carrier fight.
As people arrived in the system, they realized the situation was even worse now... Pandemic Legion did not only bridge in their Navy Apocalypse Fleet to engage the Provist forces, but also a Tornado fleet to put the system under lockdown.
The resulting slaughter surprised none. Many capsuleers, including yours truly got caught offguard by the speed and scale of the system lockdown and lost ships rapidly.

And so, Pandemic Legion has the field.... None can oppose them, and the Provists stand no chance against such formidable force...  And the navy Apocalypse fleet is ready to engage the Provist Chimera and its escort...

System control and crashing the party

But as the PL fleet warped in on the Provists, they were met by a suprise! They saw how a capsuleer group, the Gorgon Empire, had run past their blockade and had engaged the Provist task force! The Gorgon Ishtar Fleet had destroyed 3 Dragonaur Ravens already before they did a tactical retreat on seeing Pandemic Legions Fleet.
The Provist Carrier and its escort were now at the mercy of Pandemic Legion. Initially, Pandemic Legion thwarted all attacks against the Dragonaur task force, seemingly defending them once more. All this time, the former officer of 37th squadron, Uehuma Inikas was lamenting about his position, saying how he wanted to see the Gallente destroyed, how this day will make him a martyr in the Provist cause...

PL Navy Apocalypse fleet defending the Provist ships, image provided by Anna Karhunen

As Pandemic Legion got bored of his ranting, and no further capsuleers warped into their trap, they pointed their laser-batteries at the capital ships and opened fire... The Provist commander rested in his fate, saying a final goodbye to his fellow Dragonaurs as his ship was going down.
But then, all hell breaks loose! From the darkness of space, the Gorgon Ishtar Fleet returned! They went in, guns blazing! Rapidly, several ships exploded in the onslaught, among them, another Dragonaur Raven!
Initially too focused on bringing down the Dragonaur Phoenix, Pandemic Legion scrambles to reorganize against this threat. Meanwhile, the Gorgons redirected their firepower at the heavily damaged Chimera. Unable to withstand such brutal assault, the capital ship exploded in a fiery blast!
Using this chaos in his favor, Lucas Raholan and his friends dived in, targeted the escape-pod and subsequently killed him in name of the Amarr Empire, screaming AMARR VICTOR! over the local comms as they ended the Dragonaur commanders life.
After this lightning attack, the Gorgon Ishtar fleet retreated once more, their objective completed with minimal losses.
The Pandemic Legion Fleet was left behind amidst the wrecks, realizing these few minutes of chaos costed them a substantial part of the PLEX bounty....

A quick overview of the aftermath

The short summary of todays manhunt was this: Pandemic legion spared no resource nor effort to put the Okagaiken system under lockdown to make sure they could get the full PLEX bounty. But a chaotic 5 minute fight at the end caused them to lose a part of this PLEX bounty.

The Gorgon Fleet, who was present since start, managed to keep under the radar, barely attracting attention as they were harassing other capsuleers across the system. And when the moment was right, they dived in and raided what they could from the PLEX bounty.
Looking at the results, their daring action can be called a success!

Of special note is the action of Lucas Raholan, who performed a suicidal run with his friends and successfully podded the Provist Chimera Commander! And with this action they showed that even a minor force can stake claim to a part fo the PLEX bounty with good timing!

A battle report from Okagaiken system taking the Gorgon viewpoint: Operation:  The Battle of Far Far Away

There's also the offical report on this: Two Provists slain in Okagaiken

Once more we see the same Dragonaurs returning. It turns out all 4 Dragonaurs who had been spotting flying Battleships are capsuleers, just like us. Their names:  Mulakiri Mumanoi, Pyykakiwa Sarnen, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.
During this fight, they proved to be alot more dangerous as well, killing dozens of capsuleerships. They are obviously stepping up their game, as shown by the deployment of a Phoenix as additional escort ship.
This serves as a warning for those who want to continue the Manhunt on these traitors. They are escalating their escorting forces, with the intent of taking down as much capsuleers as they can!

I like to thank all those who provided me with useful information & their tales of the event, assisting me in creating this after-action report.

Monday 14 April 2014

Dragonaur Tsatei Uppas meets his end at Samanuni

The gathering

Early today, word came in that Former 37th Officer Tsatei Uppas' Chimera Carrier was spotted in Black Rise, Samanuni system, along with 3 of his companions; Pyykakiwa SarnenEdashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo.
Rapidly, the word spread, and hundreds of capsuleers set course for the system. As it was in highsec, Concord presence would minimize chaotic intercapsuleer fleet engagements. Rapidly, local climbed up to 400 capsuleers... almost all of them there to claim the bounty....

People realized quickly that the Carrier and his escort were in orbit of Samanuni X. After probing them down, the attack could begin...

There was a Chimera... Then nothing....

As the stolen Chimera Carrier and it's escort of Dragonaur Navy Scorpions was tracked down, fleets warped in and primaried Tsatei Uppas' Chimera.
In only mere moments, the stolen Chimera Carrier perished under the concentrated fire of nearly 200 capsuleers, many of them flying ships capable of delivering massive damage... A few brave Provist supporters tried to help the carrier by repping it.... but they flashed twice, once yellow, to mark them suspect, and the second flash was their ship exploding in a blaze of targeted fire...
After the quick demise of the carrier, the 3 escorting Dragonaur ships perished as well, one after the other... They never stood a chance as they were fired on by over a hundred capsuleers... No battleship can survive even for a moment under such a brutal assault....

The final moments of The Provist Chimera, image provided by Heli Talvinen

After this formidable display of capsuleer might against the powerless Provist traitors, the system fell silent again, save for some broadcasts and gloating from these eggers.


This engagement showed that Concord makes a large difference. Yesterday, capsuleers fought each other en masse in lowsec. Today, with Concord overwatching them, capsuleers stood grudgingly side by side as they focused fire on the stolen Chimera, bringing it down in record-time. There was no clear dominance of any specific capsuleer organisation.

A curious thing to note is that the Provist Dragonaurs have at least two capsuleers among their ranks: Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo. These men were also present in the Akkio engagement, and show up again today, despite being killed, proving that they are capsuleers. It is suspected that more will show up in future engagements.
Despite that the Provists are outnumbered, caution is advised, as capsuleers can always pull an ace out their sleeves.

The battle report listing the kills & losses in Samanuni: Kill & Loss report in Samanuni
As noted earlier, there hasn't been much capsuleer infighting, compared to the numbers present. Most non-Dragonaur forces that died were Provist supporters that died the moment they showed their allegiance.
The high number of capsuleers, along with Concord overwatching them to prevent any large-scale chaos meant that the Dragonaur forces never stood a chance.

Also, here is the official news on this battle: Tsatei Uppas killed by capsuleers in Samanuni

I like to thank those who contributed information, allowing me to report on this event. Especially Melana Emmagan, who spend quite some time with me, explaining things and hightlighting smaller details. If you spot any glaring mistakes, please mail me ingame: Jandice Ymladris

Sunday 13 April 2014

Provist Tovas Tagahaiken engaged in Akkio!

It begins

Today, the first Provist group emerged in Akkio, composed of 4 officers of the 37th squadron, Mulakiri Mumanoi, Edashi Mokkiainen, and Odazai Tuolimo, flying Navy Ravens fitted with smartbombs to ward off attackers engaging Tovas Tagahaiken's Chimera.

As word came in these men were spotted in Akkio, hundreds of capsuleers poured into the system, despite the dangers of travelling through lowsec. Enroute, opportunistic capsuleer ganks quads engaged these travelling ships. Despite these hazards, over 800 eggers made it into the system of Akkio.

As people arrived in the system, the chaos was complete, capsuleer organisations were fighting among themselves in order to secure the bounties for the renegade Dragonaur forces.
The largest of these battles was around the Akkio Sun. This turned out to be a large slugfest, causing the loss of hundreds of capsuleers and their ships. The chaos was fueled by wrong intel, claiming the Dragonaur Chimera was there.
Later on it would turn out the actual place was a safespot close to the 3rd planet.

To defend and betray
One of the dominant forces on the battlefield was Pandemic Legion, who fielded a large and strong Navy Apocalypse fleet. These ships cleared the battlefield from opponents, thanks to their powerful laser batteries.
They had located the Carrier fairly soon and immediately showed who's boss by destroying one of the 3 escorting Navy Ravens. After this they proceeded to defend the Chimera from other capsuleer organisations fiercely, to the point they they were boosting its shields! Initially, Dragonaur Officer Tovas Tagahaiken praised them for this action, telling them that the Provists would reward such gesture.
Despite the enduring defense of Pandemic Legion, one of the two remaining Navy Raven escorts perished to 4TH District forces.
But as time passed, and capsuleers stopped warping to the Pandemic Legion fleet, it became clear that it was just a ploy to assure a maximized bounty payout to their organisation... The shield boosting stopped... and the Navy Apocalypse vessels turned their deadly laser batteries to the remaining Navy Raven.... and decimated him! When Officer T. Tagahaiken realized what was happening, he raged at Pandemic Legion for their betrayal, but the only response he got was a continued battering of lasers on the quickly diminishing shields of his once powerful Chimera...
One fiery blast and it was all over... nothing but wreckage and abandoned drones were surrounding the strong PL Navy Apocalypse Fleet, showing their dominance on the battlefield.
And so it ends
And with this, the 37th Squadron officers who had joined the Dragonaurs suffered the ultimate humiliation. In this fight, they were nothing but mere playthings for the powerful nullsec capsuleer organisation Pandemic Legion. Through their actions on the battlefield PL assured a maximum efficiency on the bounty payout to them.
An official report can be found here: Provist Tovas Tagahaiken slain in Akkio!

This is the official loss & kill report on the Akkio system engagement: List of kills & losses in Akkio
If this event is any indication, then the Provists won't stand a chance in their upcoming attacks....

Saturday 12 April 2014

Caldari Navy organizes a manhunt on Provist Raiders!

A few days ago, a Caldari Navy staging station was attacked by unknown assailants and managed to hijack several capital ships. These were a Wyvern class supercarrier and several Chimera carriers. More detail can be found in the official news report here: Caldari Navy confirms attack on border region staging facility.

Investigations into this raid has shown the Provists were behind this large theft. More exactly, the discharged officers from the 37th Squadron who were put on trial earlier this year, as reported: Wing Commander Okuuda discharged dishonorably and later found dead.
Turns out his fellow officers were less honorable than Former Wing Commander Okuuda and decided to dishonor their legacy further by leading a raid on a Caldari Navy Staging point in the Otsasai system.
Using their knowledge, they managed to succesfully raid the Navy Station with minimal casualties and hijack several capital ships with the backing of Provist strike forces.

On response of the outcome of this investigation, the Caldari Navy has announced a Manhunt on these Provists and their supporters!
No expense is spared for this manhunt, as the bounties placed on these criminals border on the excessive! To assure Capsuleer backing, the bounties are placed as PLEX licenses. The Caldari Navy has released a list of the bounties placed and they are mind-boggling!

A copy of the bounty listing is transmitted below for convenience by request of the Navy:
  • Kossen Jaikka - 80 PLEX
  • Arano Kokkara - 40 PLEX
  • Ina Okonada - 40 PLEX
  • Aikabinen Unijila - 40 PLEX
  • Tovas Tagahaiken - 40 PLEX
  • Tsatei Uppas - 40 PLEX
  • Uehuma Inikas - 40 PLEX
  • Saara Humo - 40 PLEX
  • Tuohmirasen Oittakko - 40 PLEX
  • Hyn Soila - 40 PLEX
  • Verkkomi Obanin - 40 PLEX
  • Uesharas Pumenen - 40 PLEX
  • Ichonen Aroki - 40 PLEX
  • Arameki Ibuken - 40 PLEX
  • Sajila Halmon - 40 PLEX
  • Kekamaa Togenurii - 40 PLEX
  • Pyykakiwa Sarnen - 40 PLEX
  • Mulakiri Momanoi - 40 PLEX
  • Odazai Tuolimo - 40 PLEX
  • Edashi Mokkiainen - 40 PLEX
It is believed these men will strike soon in Caldari Space. As they know Caldari Navy protocols, they'll be able to circumvent the Cynojammers in place, allowing these treacherous men to attack targets and stations in high security space! To assure a rapid response from Capsuleers in such cases, allowing a minimisation of civilian casualties, the Caldari Navy put up these record-high bounties.
However, the payouts on the bounties won't be one large PLEX package, to assure that as many capsuleers as possible can get a share of the wealth. The distribution of the bounties is as following:

Kossen Jaikka – 80 PLEX Total -> He is believed to be the one who orchestrated the raid and thereby the most dangerous man. He is also the only one qualified to fly a Wyvern Supercarrier.
  • Top Damage – 15 PLEX
  • Final Blow (ship) – 15 PLEX
  • Final Blow (pod) – 15 PLEX
  • Corpse – 10 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battleship) – 10 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battlecruiser) – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Cruiser) – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Destroyer) – 3 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Frigate) – 2 PLEX

All Other Capital Pilots – 40 PLEX Each
  • Top Damage – 7 PLEX
  • Final Blow (ship) – 7 PLEX
  • Final Blow (pod) – 7 PLEX
  • Corpse – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battleship) – 5 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Battlecruiser) – 3 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Cruiser) – 3 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Destroyer) – 2 PLEX
  • Top Damage (Frigate) – 1 PLEX

 More info can be found on the published report by Concord Communication Personnel. CCP Falcon explains into more detail here : Caldari Navy Manhunt - Event Details & Claim Criteria. Due to Concords widespread Intel system, they'll even be able to guessimate the attack times in advance! So check out the linked Concord report!

Thursday 10 April 2014

Over 12.000 immigrants arrive this week at the Arcology Station!

This week saw the continued saga of Ishukone versus the other mega's continued, culminating in the forced reveal of Ishukone's bid on Arcurio, the last large city that's still under Gallente control. We keep track of future developments and will publish a full news story on this; from how it began, to it's end.

In further news, the Amarr delegation from the Arcology project pledged their support to the Praetoria Imperialis Exhubitoris (PIE) Kameira Program. 700 Kameiras have been transferred to PIE Inc custody.
This mode caused a stir among the Arcology Council, mainly from the Minmatar delegation, as they feel this is a move to support slavery, a subject on which the Arcology Project takes a neutral stance when possible.
After further inquiry, it has been revealed that PIE Inc intends to deploy these Kameiras to protect local populations from aggressions, preventing these civilians to flee their homes and become refugees. Albeit tensions between Amarr and Minmatar factions remain high, this answer soothed the Council for now.

The pledged support for the Amarr cause did not go unnoticed however, as a representative of the Tash-Murkon Family has announced to take a tour aboard the Arcology Station, to verify that the Amarr faction in the Arcology project are treated well and their Faith is respected.
As there's already an Amarr Diplomat and a Preacher living amongst them, it is expected this inspection will go smoothly. Such visit is even a boost to the Amarr living here, as it shows the Empire cares for them, even during dark times in their lives.

Now onward to this week's immigration list!

Regular Civilians

-482 Homeless
-1819 Janitors
-300 Civilians
-10 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-30 Refugees
-21 Science Graduates
-8 Stranded Pilots
-4717 Tourists (Datafile: Sansha raid on deep space resort failed!)
-1619 Freed Slaves


-1 Miniature Hound
-88 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-44 Amarr Light Marines
-157 Freedom Fighters
-2756 Marines
-355 Militants
-16 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-1 CONCORD MTAC (Datafile: General MTAC Information)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-50 Female Exotic Dancers
-204 Male Exotic Dancers


-1 Fajah Ateshi
-1 Geeral Tash-Murkon
-4 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
-1 Damsel

The Aurora Arcology Management likes to thank all those who contributed this week. Your acts of helping refugees and rescuing hapless civilians make the Eden Cluster just that little brighter to live!

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Aurora Security boosted by military grade MTAC addition! + General MTAC Information


MTAC is short for Mechanized Torso-Actuated Chassis, or Mechs in short. They come in many variants, but most are used in industry and security departments.

The most commonly used variants are:

Miner MTAC with remote control

These are used for heavy duty mining. Most often they see use in harsh environments unsuitable for normal mining ops, like Lava worlds, Storm planets, Plasma worlds or Frozen planets. The exoskeleton safeguards the miner from all outside influences, allowing him to mine in the harshest conditions.
If needed, the Mech can be remote controlled, allowing the miner to reach dangerous areas without exposing himself to harm.

They can also see use as an emergency security force in case of hostiles attempting to disrupt the mining ops as MTAC units are virtually immune to anti-personnel weapons. This makes them a fearsome opponent against pirates expecting an easy raid.

Concord MTAC equipped to perform a search & rescue operation

These are the most versatile MTAC units available and of high quality as well. They can be modified for a wide range of applications, from industrial hauling to heavy weapon battle platform. Due to this versatility they are in high demand across the cluster for all kinds of tasks.
Currently, most of these are tied up in security operations against deep space facilities of Sansha's Nation.

Military grade Caldari MTAC unit. Saw service during the Battle of Caldari Prime. Equipped with a wide array of weapons, including shoulder-mounted machineguns and anti-armor & anti-tank weaponry, they were a fearsome opponent in battle, driving back the Gallente military forces. Due to it's military use, all images of this MTAC unit are classified.

More info on the MTAC variant gifted to the Aurora Arcology Project
As our reputation and visibility grew among the public, there was also a growing concern of security for our citizens. Due to the growing threat posed by aggressive capsuleers and the ability to hire Dust Mercenaries to act against ground & station targets, the need arose to provide security with some heavy duty military equipment.
All forms of training are helpless against a Dust Merc squad that is equipped with a suit that can deflect or resist most normal weaponsfire and can carry guns that make short work of any personal armor a normal human can carry.
In order to prepare for such event, there has been an ongoing search to acquire a CONCORD MTAC unit, but due to the Sansha incursions, they're hard to get, as they are deployed en masse during these attacks, leaving barely any available for the market.
However, Commander A9 managed to acquire several spare Military grade CONCORD MTAC units, of which he donated one to the Aurora Arcology. We're extremely grateful for this gift as this variant is especially hard to come by!
Military grade MTAC's are an extremely resilient and heavily armed weapon platform, able to stand toe to toe with Dust Mercs, exactly what the Arcology Security Force was looking for!
Commander A9 also provided us with a write-up about this specialized unit, which is published here:
"The military grade CONCORD MTAC is the equivalent of a sort-of man-powered 'powered assault armor' in use by several military forces. It's designed to protect the pilot from hostile fire and environmental hazards, while bringing forward weaponry that standard infantry are unable to carry without the assistance of some type of motorized or mechanized chassis.
For me, the MTAC is a close reminder of a similar weapons platform in use by the Global Defense Initiative, my previous military force; it was called the "Wolverine Light Battle Mechanized Walker." An entirely enclosed system standing about 7-9 feet tall, it was equipped with an advanced sensor package and communications system to detect enemies at ranges deep behind enemy lines...and was most notable for its twin 25mm Gatling Guns."

Wolverine Walker

Sunday 6 April 2014

Ayem Colony Expansion Progress

This is a continuation of the 'Ayem Colony expansion has begun!'- report. With the backing of 4TH District members & officials, the infrastructure expansion is going well! At this rate the Ayem Colony will be able to receive it's first large immigrant waves by the end of this month!
The 4TH District supplied building materials, construction machines & additional livestock to assist in rapidly opening & establishing new districts within the colony. Food production & industrial output have been increased greatly with the new supplies & materials, preparing the colony for it's large population boost in the near future.

In total, this is what has been supplied:
-5.000 Smartfab units -> To modernize & expand the existing industry
-9.072 Construction Blocks -> Increasing development of the new infrastructure
-2.000 Robotics -> Various machinery to accelerate development of the colony
-10.000 Livestock -> To assist in expanding food production

Additional supplies came in the form of salvaged intact circuitry, allowing to establish a modern digital database network on the colony.

Right now, there's a bit over 30.000 people living in the Ayem colony, most of them the original inhabitants. A growing group however are the Arcology immigrants, expanding the colony for a new & brighter future as a central population hub.
Also, currently a detachment of Aurora Marines are training under 4TH District security forces in preparation for their task of providing security planetside.

Current inhabitants:
~20.000 locals
-10.100 Workers (janitors)
-100 Employees (tourists)
-6 Construction Engineers (Construction Workers)
-9 Geological Engineers (Miners)
-1 Female Exotic Dancer
-1 Project Overseer  (VIP)

In training at I-MGAB station Port Larren are the 1.000 Marines for their future task of providing security planetside.

Aurora officials already had talks with a capsuleer who houses refugees in Providence and is interested in the development of Ayem Colony.
Remember, the first immigrants who arrive at the expanded colony will have the best job opportunities to choose form and first picks on the newly available housing modules! With this in mind, if you house any refugees around Providence that are interested in helping to push the State frontier, don't hesitate to give Jandice Ymladris or Demion Samenel a call!

It is expected that, if all things go well, that by the end of this month, the first large immigrant waves form the Arcology population will arrive at the Ayem Colony, after 4TH District approval.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Sansha raid on deep space resort failed!

Last week, capsuleer Jondar was exploring the Derelik region with his Stratios cruiser, the 'White Shadow' when he caught an emergency broadcast. A deep space resort was asking for help as they were under attack by Sansha raiders!
Jondar immediately set course to help defend these unfortunate people from being taken by Sansha's Nation.

The Stratios cruiser 'White Shadow'

As he warped in cloaked, he altered his orbit in such a way that several of the Sansha cruisers were in optimal range of his lasers. As he decloaked, two Sansha cruisers perished almost instantly. The rest of the ships were thrown in disarray by the sudden arrival of this aggressive newcomer. As they tried to reform, several of the smaller frigates got shredded under the continuous attacks of Jondar's 'White Shadow'.
As the Sansha  realized they had not planned on a capsuleer intervention, they attempted to disengage and flee the site. None of them succeeded, as the 'White Shadow hunted them down to the last ship.

As the fight ended, the deep space resort survivors established comms with Jondar, informing them that the Sansha attack left their resort in ruin, several modules destroyed and life support was failing on the few habitats that were not yet breached.
They quickly agreed to board the 'White Shadow' and disembark at the nearest station to await further assistance. Meanwhile, Jondar contacted the Aurora Arcology Project as he received word we specialized in assisting refugees & rescuees.

Thanks to Jondar's quick and selfless actions, 40 people (Tourists) were rescued from a Sansha Raid and been given a chance to recover in a safe environment. Once the survivors are back on their feet, the Arcology project will undoubtedly be able to offer them tasks suitable for their desire of adventure.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

This week sees over 16.000 refugees joining the Arcology Project!

And thanks to your support readers, refugees & rescuees from across the Eden cluster keep pouring in! Thanks to your assistance, thousands are given a new chance in their lives weekly! People like the Ember capsuleer family, Reforger Tadaruwa, Dust Angel, Jack Sly & Khaprice all help to make the universe just that little more bright and hopeful for the people.

In other news, the report 'Shrouded in mystery, the Jovian race' is since recently our most popular report! It knocked the old famous 'Capsuleers respond en masse to the Call for arms, the Navies fail to assist!' of it's first place!
This old report about the Navies failure was our first major success and gave our newsagency a major and lasting boost in viewership. Thanks to all those who stuck around!

The article about the Jovians did interest people greatly, especially as by accident it was published shortly before Concords announcement that they had archived the Jove ship database due to lack of recent sightings. This lead to a renewed interest of capsuleers in Jovians, and our report gave a handy synopsis about them, with links to various events involving Jovians & other knowledge related to them.
That said, there was also rightful criticism about our article, pointed out by Jove-experts. These will be corrected once we cross-referenced all data for confirmation.

Known issues with the report: description of how the Jovians look like is outdated & will be corrected with the future update.
The Jovian involvement with the Minmatar Rebellion is also missing. This was due to our reporters being unable to find any relevant documents, but the Jove-experts were helpful in pointing out where such information could be found!
Rest assured that when the update happens, you shall be informed along with all the changes to the original Jovian report.

Now back to the core of this report, the refugee & rescuee list! This is the disclosure of the immigrants that join the Arcology this week.

Regular Civilians

-710 Homeless
-3539 Janitors
-110 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-23 Science Graduates
-19 Stranded Pilots
-5079 Tourists
-400 Freed Slaves


-1 Fedo (Datafile:A strange animal)
-293 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-10 Caldari Light Marines
-220 Freedom Fighters
-5264 Marines
-440 Militants
-9 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-56 Female Exotic Dancers
-792 Male Exotic Dancers


-4 Oura Madusaari (Patients suffering the Oura M. Syndrome)
-10 VIPs

Quite some of the Exotic dancers that joined us this week had performances during the Caldari Prime Battle memorial event. Many of them were in services of capsuleers, but after hearing about our Arcology Project they were happy to give these people under their employ a new start in life. The main reason is the much lower risk of getting blown up as they no longer have to travel aboard spaceships, but now can perform their dancing jobs in the safety of a station.