Monday 28 October 2013

Charity organisations working with civilians and assorted in the Eden Cluster

It's time to highlight some positive notes about capsuleers in the cluster. The Arcology project is far from the only capsuleer-run charity organisation that offers people a new chance in life. But several capsuleers have initiated their own charities, who in turn  have their own focus and preferences. We'll sum up a few here and provide links to check out their activities.

The Aurora Arcology Project

Well, this is us of course. The project is run by Jandice Ymladris, any questions concerning the Arcology project can be asked through the mail. Our main focus is to assist refugees and other civilians from conflictzones to give a new start in their lives, and if required, help them to re-integrate into society should it be required.
This is mainly done by assigning them jobs at the Arcology Project itself, helping it to be a self-sustaining project.
A disclosure of the Arcology population: Citizen Registration Datafile
Special note: slaves are not permitted into the Arcology due to it answering to Caldari law, and slavery is outlawed in the State.

The Order of the Ebon Rose

The Order is run by Steffanie Saissore. After the Colelie incident, where a Minmatar and Gallente capital fleet engaged each other, an orphanage initiative was started. This was to help all those who were orphaned after this incident, and for families that suddenly only had a single parent for income and struggled to survive.
Due to overwhelming financial support from other capsuleers, the Order can look forward to a great and bright future for the people and children they look after.
More information can be found here: Establishment of Orphanage and Support network

The Disciples of Ston

This is an older and more widely known charity organisation. The Disciples of Ston are named after Momaki Ston who runs the charity and his followers who assist in this. Their main focus is the rescuing of slaves and setting them free through their Matriculation program. They do rescue anyone they find in the so called Death-Cans, cans jettisoned by cruel capsuleers that contain people and air for 90 minutes.
Their focus on releasing slaves to freedom does make them controversial to certain groups, mainly the Amarr as it isn't approved by all official nation laws.
The tracking record of the Disciples of Ston can be easily described as impressive: Former Slaves enter Matriculation Program.
There is also a separate informationboard that addresses how they came to be: The Disciples of Ston


If you have knowledge of other charities working to help refugees, outcasts, or any other form of unfortunates, let us know and we'll update the list.

Saturday 26 October 2013

The 'Oura Madusaari' Syndrome

After findings that the Disciples of Ston came to a similar conclusion about the increase in number of people believing to be Oura Madusaari, we felt it was needed to publish our reports on this strange psychological sickness in order to create awareness about this odd phenomenon.

Some background on this strange syndrome

Lately, charity organisations helping out civilians have run into a rare and strange psychological affliction, dubbed the 'Oura Madusaari' Syndrome. At first it wasn't even recognized as something odd as these people don't act abnormal individually considering their traumatic experiences. But once more and more people identifying themselves as Oura Madusaari appeared, it became apparent there was more going on than just a false name. Point in case is the fact we managed to trace back most affected individuals as being rescued from a wormhole-like anomaly. It is suspected the anomaly caused some form of mental trauma.

All the people who refer to themselves as Oura Madusaari have eerily similar behaviour. They also truly believe they are this person. Any attempts to disprove it to them resulted in hostile behaviour. They also strongly react against being 'helped' believing they do not suffer any form of delusion.

Treatments attempted and the resulting findings

Once we discovered this strange Oura Madusaari delusion amongst some of our refugees, we undertook actions to help them. Initially we were met with much hostility and even outright violence against out psychiatrists and scientists. Quickly we discovered this was something new. It was no damsel in distress illusion nor an odd form of schizophrenia.
The second wave of attempts went much better initially as we tried a more subtle approach. But as all attempts to foil their illusion that they are Oura Madusaari failed, our next step was an attempted group therapy. It was thought that by letting them face each other, they would realize something's amiss and being more open to the suggestion they suffered a psychological trauma causing them to take on a different identity.
But it failed... it turned into a terrible disaster of horrible violence towards each other. Marines had to be called in to contain the Oura Madusaari patients.
The shocking realisation of this outcome was that the grouptherapy actually reinforced their identity as Oura M, believing all the others were imposters and only them as the 'real Oura M'.
By now it became clear this wasn't a normal mental affliction, but something stranger. All known methods and treatments for mental delusions and identity swaps had failed. It looked like a deeper and more troublesome mental sickness... So deeper and more intense research was needed to find out what was actually going on...

Research into the Oura Madusaari Syndrome origins

After the failure of the initial treatments, psychological and neurological scientists were called on to investigate the matter. First steps was to find all similarities between them, and to determine possible causes and ways to assist them.
Initial findings discovered the original Oura Madusaari vanished during an expedition aboard the 'Paryi'. As we delved more into this, we found strange rescue-reports, indicating she has been rescued multiple times. Most of these rescue-reports detail that she was sitting in an escape pod along other crewmembers near a strange wormhole-like anomaly.
The next step was tracking down these crewmembers, lucky many of those are refugees who joined alongside the Oura M patients in the Arcology and were willing to help us out. From their stories and anecdotes about their former crewmember we learned alot. With their help we were also able to contact several capsuleers and convince some of them to share the datafiles they had on the anomalies.


After reviewing the reports, and verifying our science-team results several conclusions could be drawn and possible theories were noted down.

-It's a new psychological phenomenon. While it bears similarity to known psychological issues, none of the known treatments or therapies work with the Oura Syndrome.
-Only women caught in this specific anomaly have a risk of being affected with it. The individual affected will always identify herself as Oura Madusaari, no other name or personality.
-The original person of the individual is erased in favor of the Oura Madusaari personality. This is seen in the fact that they truly believe they are this person, having no knowledge who they were prior.
-A person affected by the Oura Syndrome will aggressivly resist assistance to help her. If placed in presence of another person with the same syndrome, great violence will occur. Advised to keep patients separate in all cases.
-Initial indications are that the proces that causes the person to identify herself as Oura Madusaari is irreversible, however research on this is still ongoing.

Conclusion is that we are dealing with something new, somehow the original Oura Madusaari managed to have her mind imprinted in a strange anomaly that can appear anywhere in the Eden cluster. Unprepared ships that explore this anomaly get violently ripped apart, leaving their crew in escape pods. Among the crew the Oura Madusaari imprint seems to seek a viable female crewmember to infiltrate and eventually erase her mind, replacing the original identity with Oura Madusaari. It is unknown if this happens purposefully or just as an extention on how the anomaly works.
There has been theorycrafting that it is somehow linked to Sleeper technology as there's some eerie similarities with the 514 tagged mercs who went insane. It must be noted however that this is just a theory, but it merits further research.

Thursday 24 October 2013

New Arrivals: Over 14.000 Refugees joined!

The amount of refugees has climbed to a new height! This can be attributed to a few things, amongst it is the increasing visibility of the Aurora Arcology Project among the cluster. As we expand our venture and co-operate with more organisations, more people hear of us and subsequently give refugees they rescue a second chance at life within the Arcology project. A major boost in publicity was our CEO reporting on the protests at Elokur's trial and its subsequent conclusion.

Capsuleer Turelus of 4TH District assisted the colonial departement Gattaca by supplying a group of experienced personnel. This group will support the Gattaca departement in refining their training methods and improve selection of colonists for Ayem.

To add on the good news, we're currently in negotiations with Eos Corporation to expand the Arcology itself with an additional departement. This departement would assist re-integration into society for those who have trouble doing so. By this, more difficult refugees can be helped. Details will be released when all is settled.

Now towards the disclosure of this week's newest arrivals:

Regular civilians:

-42 Civilians
-560 Homeless
-2356 Janitors
-100 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-44 refugees
-20 Science Graduates
-4 Stranded Pilots
-7393 Tourists


-433 Hounds

Law Enforcement Additions

- 1 Amarr Forensic Investigative Deployment
-10 Caldari Light Marines
-318 Freedom Fighters
-4502 Marines
-250 Militants
-166 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

Employees for L'Etoile Rouge

-113 Female Exotic Dancers
-18 Male exotic Dancers


-Quantum Entanglement Rockband (Datafile: Rockconcert)

Note, the rockband isn't part of the council, they're filed there to indicate they're working directly with the council to assure their concert will be a stunning succes.

Relations between Minmatar and Gallente groups within the Arcology deteriorated more with the recent press release within the Federation : Gallente Senator calls Republic untrustworthy! The sabre-rattling between the Minmatar Republic and the Gallente Federation has given our security departement troubles, as with each announcement the malcontent between these two groups grow. This has caused a few isolated incidents of vandalism so far, but the fear is that it might escalate one day. To prevent this from happening, security has stationed a large group of Marines in the gallente district to assure their safety. This is due to the fact the Gallente are the smallest minority and most vandalism concerning the ongoing events has been in their district.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Rock out! The famous Heavy Metal Rockband Quantum Entanglement will perform at the Arcology!

Due to the great diversity of the Aurora population, a large variety of small scale events are organized for entertainment, from marketfairs to artshows. However, once in a while, the Council manages to attract a more famous artist or event. In such cases, even attendants from beyond will come to enjoy it.

Now the council managed to outdo themselves and were able to make the famous heavy metal rockband Quantum Entanglement make a stop at the Aurora Arcology. Despite the high admission prices to cover the cost of this event, it already shapes up to be a smash succes!

The show at the Arcology will be given at 2 November at 20h Eve-time. Any non-Arcology attendants will be required to pass a security check so they're required to reserve their tickets well in advance.
If any capsuleer wishes to visit the show, please let the Arcology Authorities know, so special precautions can be taken, to assure their safety out of pod.

The Quantum Entanglement band will sing and rock out their hitsongs, but will also cover some smash eve hits like: I'm in a Rokh, from the Galaxy Punks and Jita Burns! from Alienhand! The show will display grand background screens to accompany the music with appropriate footage. So ladies and gentlemen, you'll be in for quite the ride at the Quantum Entanglement Heavy metal Rock Show! Come and join the crowd and rock out!

Friday 18 October 2013

Elokur Trial: The conclusion!

It turns out Elokur's trial is a short one! Congratulations to the Gallente Justice system for this quick verdict.
Elokur stood trial for his act of self-defense against 3 attackers; the accusation was that killing the 3 was a show of excessive force. After presenting evidence of both parties, the Jury ruled in favor of Elokur's freedom, stating he had to use lethal force to defend himself from these men.

Follow this lead for the source: Synchelle Trial conclusion: Elokur declared 'not guilty' !

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Minmatar/Gallente protests in Synchelle for Elokur's Trial!

What is it all about?

A few months ago, a young Brutor student, by the name of Kinhar Elokur has killed 3 people who harassed him. Very little information is available about the exact circumstances. He has to go on trial on 15 october, over two months after he was imprisoned. Due to the controverse around his and that the Gallente denied bail, protests have arisen.
More valid information can be found here: Minmatar react to Senate report; call for Elokur's freedom.

Two rallies have been called on the day of his trial. One is organized by those who believe he acted in self-defense and henceforth he should be released. This protest is backed mainly by the Minmatar citizens.
The second rally was called after the first and calls for justice to be called upon Elokur, as he might have used excessive force in disposing of his attackers. As expected, the call for justice is mainly supported by the Gallente citizens.

The reason I was present was to observe this protestrally between Minmatar and Gallente capsuleers and being a neutral third party if required.

The beginning of the rally.

Shortly before 20H the first capsuleer attendants arrived. This didn't go unnoticed because as in usual capsuleer spirit, a squadron of 8 tornado's arrived, hellbent on causing mayhem and destruction amongst those who carried valuables! However due to a lucky turn of events, a capsuleer released his killright on one of them, leading to the demise of one of the Tornado's. The rest lingered on, but then decided it was too tricky to hang around, in case others might arrive with killrights on their remaining squadronmembers and thereby fled back into the depth of space.

The rest of the preparations went fairly quiet, some words shouted over comms, but nothing much. Once Commander A9 and Valerian Eldiart arrived things got into shape. Commander A9 is a well known advocate of of freedom and thereby called the Freedom supporters to join his fleet to form a more organized protest against Synchelle's trial against Elokur, demanding the man to be freed.  The Freedom fleet rapidly grew in size, their calls to free Elokur sounding louder with every new member joining.
On response of this, the mysterious capsuleer Valerian Eldiart called for Justice and let the trial determine a proper punishment for Elokur's crime. As support grew for the justice side,  capsuleer Paskis Robinson offered assistance to manage the Justice fleet. And so the protest began.

Protests! Freedom! Justice! Escalation?

As the protests continued, each side shouted their demands. The Freedom Force  demanded to Free Elokur, as he only defended himself against vicious attackers. At the same time, the Justice Fleet shouted for justice brought to this villaneous man, who killed 3 men in a show of excessive force! Meanwile Station authorites requested the fleets to stay within their rally-spheres and keep the station undock clear for incoming and outgoing traffic.

As hours passed without any official response, the demands, shouting and arguments grew more heated by the minute. Small containers broadcasting provoking messages were dropped by both sides. The more levelheaded capsuleers on both sides attempted to call for peace, to calm down before things would escalate further. Yet more and more calls for blood were screamed, and each side was blaming the other for threatening to shoot...
And what had to happen, occured... two capsuleers had enough of the arguments and decided to settle it with gunfire... In a duel they let their guns speak, and their combatprowess decide who was right and wrong...

The Ending....

Seeing the increasingly hostile speeches and the subsequent bloodshed by the two duelling capsuleers, several people began voicing their concerns about what was supposed to be a peaceful protest... Then one of the capsuleer ships went ablaze, many of its crew lost and with that, the protest lost its momentum as people realized what their call for violence and bloodshed had resulted into...
As escape-pods from the wrecked vehicle soared away, the protest became less loud and voiced, arguments were still shouted, but with less passion, less heat. And then the two leaders of the protests, Commander A9 of the Freedom Force and Valerian Eldiart of the Justice Fleet called to end the protest, to prevent further escalation.
Right on time it seemed, because more gunfire was exchanged during the dispersion of both fleets. The gunfire silenced as ships fled the field or docked with the station and then fell silent, save for a few scattered broadcasts about Freedom and Justice.


Both sides had voiced their opinions and concerns to the Synchelle Justice department organizing the Elokur Trial. The protesters also experienced first hand what calls for aggression can result into. Hopefully, lessons have been learned for the future.
The protest itself was a great succes on both sides, seeing a good capsuleer presence with a large variety of ships.
There was no official response from the Synchelle Justice Department, but from trustworthy sources it's known they did listen and observed the protest, reserving their response for another day, realizing the delicate situation between the Minmatar and Gallente.

Saturday 12 October 2013

New Arrivals: Once more 11.000 refugees are accepted!

It's my pleasure as CEO to announce that once more 11.000 refugees found shelter in the Aurora Arcology Project! The continious succes is by the work of all involved, from the people working happily in the Arcology to the capsuleers who rescue and deliver refugees from deep space to the Arcology. It's with your help we can save so many lives from poverty and ruin. All inhabitants of theAurora Arcology like thank those who gave them the opportunity for this new life.

As mentioned in an earlier publication, the continious population growth made us aware of future concerns about avaible space. Rest assured that this issue has been resolved after negotiations with 4TH District. The colonyworld Ayem has been approved to expanded settlement wich shall prevent any form of overpopulation in the near future at the Arcology.
To prepare and train willing colonists, the Aurora Council has set up a new department a few weeks ago. This department will be called Gattaca and is in charge of all colonial affairs, the colonist selectionprocedure and subsequent training.
The first selection of colonists is already being trained in preparation for the Ayem colony expansion.

Now onward, to unveil this week's new arrivals at the Aurora Station:

Regular Civilians

-303 Homeless
-769 Janitors
-30 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-147 Refugees
-29 Science Graduates
-18 Scientists
-20 Stranded Pilots
-5870 Tourists
-26 Freed Slaves


-96 Hounds

Law Enforcement additions

-4717 Marines
-1 Mercenary Pilot
-470 Militants
-119 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

New employees for L'Etoile Rouge Nightclub:

-100 Female Exotic Dancers
-70 Male Exotic Dancers

New Councilmembers

-Lazron Kamon (Datafile: AI & Drone Expert)

Currently, only the Expert team is on Ayem, puting up a report to evaluate the future of the colony and the requirements to prepare it for large-scale human habitation. More news on this will arrive in due time.

Monday 7 October 2013

Expert in AI & Drone development joins the Arcology!

As some have noted, the Aurora Arcology has a science department. One of these departments is into AI research. They mainly investigating advanced learning algorithms and see where the line can be drawn between advanced decision-making AI algorithms and Self -aware artificial intelligence.

To reinforce this team, the Aurora Arcology is happy to welcome Dr Norzal Mokan and his team of scientists. This will provide a great boost in our development of AI-based algorithms. The main purpose for now is development of medical expertise AI's. The reason to this is that so far we have very few medical experts on staff, despite the increasing number of people living at the Aurora Arcology. To assist them, plans are to develop Medical AI-assistants (AIMEDs).
With the help of renowned scientist Dr N. Mokan, we should be able to produce reliable and trustable AIMEDs for our medical staff. In turn this will help shortening the waitlist for treatments & surgeries.

This will also assist the Arcology staff in screening possible colonists. As people who live planetside require a strong health, a medical check is required to pass the selection procedure. With Dr N. Mokan's team of scientists we'll be able to produce specialized AI routines that assist with this selection. In turn this will help us deliver more colonists to Ayem, enhancing the colonisation.

Notification: Aurora Arcology Authorities are aware on the ban of researching Self-Aware AI and we do not condone any research or effort into this field. Our AI research is focused on developing advanced AI assistants and put blocks where needed to prevent a Self-Aware AI to arise.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Expert Colony Team: Ayem report I: The Planet

An Expert Team has been selected from the Aurora Arcology, in order to gain more detailed information about the planet, and a closer inspection of the colony.

The composition of the Expert Team:

-1 Arcology Teamleader (VIP)
-9 Prospectors (Miners)
-6 Construction-Engineers (Constructionworkers)
-100 Corporate Workforce (Janitors)
-100 Corporate Employees (Tourists)

Initial planet report (susceptible to change after second part: Colony inspection is finished)

First impressions: mountainous world but rich in local plantlife and local cattle, as noted by the export, so it can support a large population. The mountains will provide a serious challenge for large scale farming but it'll be good for large scale underground housing, in which the State has experience.
The high density of the planet, combined with mountainous terrain confirm initial scans that there's plenty of easy to reach ores to work with, perhaps not enough for export, but surely enough to setup a large scale industry to supply the populationgrowth and to sustain a large planetary economy. Together with large supplies of carbon compounds for advanced materials as plastics & carbonfiber this is an area where we shouldn't face any large issues.

The mountains on the other hand do provide excellent hideouts for rogue elements and criminals of various caliber, so a military presence will be required early on, requiring additional import of materials to sustain them early on.

On overall the resources are fairly well spread across the oceans and the various continents, making the choice to expand the original colony a logical choice. A coastal presence is surely required to feed a large populace due to the mountains.


-Expand agriculture, both land & seabased to accommodate the first wave of immigrants
-Import Buildingmaterials to expand the industry & create additional homes.
-Import Robotics for more advanced underground complexes, best suitable in a mountainous environment.
-Start up/ expand the local industry & miningsites to accommodate a much larger planetary population and to boost the local market with addtional products.
-Establish a garrison early on for law enforcement, preferably with a detachement experienced in mountainous warfare. Also stationing of Anti-grav vehicles recommended. Will require import of planetary vehicles.

This report is not yet finished and is susceptible to change. Next step is to inspect the colony itself, which has a high chance of affecting the recommendations depending on what will be found.

Thursday 3 October 2013

Additional info on Ayem (I-MGAB II)

Now that we're approved by 4TH District to manage the colony, here is some additional info on the planet and it's history (Credits to 4TH District members for this information):


Pre-empyrean history

Most of the regions early history is still undiscovered. No known expeditions were made to the planet, the system, or even same region of space. Recent Evidence supports some inhabitans of Minmatar and Amarr origin. This indicates the area may have been under a process of colonization. There is strong evidence of Sansha activities that dates back to the early stages of Sansha Kuvakei's Nation

Empyrean History

YC 109.08.05 the Empyrean power Aegis Militia established a foothold in the area, clearing up the Sansha activities and building the system's Research Outpost. Aegis Militia maintained control until the early YC 111, when Opticon Alliance took control for a short while, with no evidence of major impact on the planet. Soon after Circle-of-Two established control and held it for a half year. In late YC 111, CVA gained control during its crusade to recapture Providence. Around the same time, CONCORD opened up planetary development to capsuleers and now the resources could now be exported and refined in a more effective way. CVA held power until fighting with Ewoks erupted. The small scale planetary development was underway and escaped destruction during the fighting. In mid-112 the constellation changed hands and The Fourth District established nominal control. In late 112, CONCORD refined capsuleer planetary development to include  direct corporate control (POCO´s). In the first quarter of 114, a member corporation of The Fourth District, Lai Dai Infinity Systems removed the InterBus Customs Office (POCO) and established its own, as part of a larger planetary development campaign.

Current Situation

4TH District maintains security in space, as Nation is prevalent in the area shown by this News Report. Ayem colony remains under Fourth Infrastructure Investment Ltd with the CEO of Aurora Arcology (Jandice Ymladris)  as added boardmember.  An expert team from AA is send out to inventarize the colony, assessing the best course for the future after consulting the Board of Directors

Colony Data

Designation:      I-MGAB II
Common Name:   Ayem
World Type:      Temperate Planet
Governance:      Corporate, Limited Tribal
Population:      ~15,000 Corporate Employees, Unknown Tribal
Resources:       Aqueous Liquids, Autotrophs, Carbon Compounds, Complex Organism, Micro Organisms
Principal Exports: Fertilizer, Livestock, Polytextiles, Test Cultures

Planet Data

Temperature:  309K   (36 °C)
Orbit Radius:  1.121 AU   (167 mill KM)
Eccentricity:  0.022   (normal circular planetary orbit)
Orbital period:  405 days   (expected)
Radius:   4700 Km   (9400 Km diameter)
Mass:   2.4e+24 Kg   (normal for it's size)
Density:   5.434 g/cm3   (normal)
Surface gravity:   7.1 m/s^2   (expected for it's size & mass)
Escape Velocity:   8.2 km/s   (expected parameter)
Atmospheric Pressure: Very low (requires terraforming to bring it in line for long term human habitation)

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Outcome of the Colony Survey Report

The Colonial Committee has been working hard, analyzing the propositions we received and also sought out for ourselves.
In the end, 3 serious candidates were left:

 Highsec system, selected as the colonies & settlements suffered greatly during the Sansha's Nation strikes a few years back, leading to one planet becoming entirely depopulated. Most secure and existing infrastructure. However also most regulations and possible competitions from other Corporations who might attempt to disrupt it economically.

-Eos Corporation:
They offered to assist the Aurora Arcology in building up a colony in the lowsec region they planned to settle. Lowsec has fewer regulations but also higher risks. The backing of Eos was a great plus in this, together with Concord's announcement for additional deployable structures and expanding known deployable rights to capsuleers.

-4TH District:
This organisation has their base in Providence where they build an addition to the State. Building a colony-infrastructure is part of this. As we heared of this, we contacted their diplomats, who were open to the idea. They already had an old colony that they wanted to develop further and during talks it was mentioned we could get custody over this world. While it is indeed in Nullsec, the 4TH District maintains a firm control over the security there.

The endconclusion ultimately fell on 4TH District.
Umokka was turned down due to the enormous bureaucracy and costs required to maintain control over a developed planet in State space, with the risk of being bought out by one of the Mega's.
The Eos Corporation offer was very tempting, but declined as it was in Gallente space, and then we would risk open conflict, as we're not in high standing with the Federation, due to our State aligned charity.

4TH District was chosen as they are building an addition to the State, and the Aurora Arcology wishes to assist in this endeavour by expanding the colony-infrastructure. As it is in nullsec space we would also get alot of freedom in developing the planet, not hampered by Concord regulations. After exploring the 4TH District region, the Colonial Committee came to the same conclusion as the 4TH District experts, I-MGAB II, better known as Ayem is the best place for a settlement, as all other temperate worlds had lesser beneficial statistics for long term colonisation.