Friday 31 July 2015

Aurora News back online!

After a long absence, Aurora News is back online to inform you about news across the Eden cluster. Undoubtedly, many of you have questions on the long hiatus that we went through. In short, the danger & damage caused by the digital virus that struck our Arcology center was much greater then anticipated, forcing a full shutdown of our networks & databanks. This was needed as the virus proved to be too advanced for our protection software and had begun attacking core databanks, causing the loss of important information & the corruption of critical operating programs.

Luckily we were able to activate a backup network & programs, but as it was not meant to run as a main network, we had to cut all services but the most necessary to maintain the Arcology. Due to this, many non-essential services were cut, among it Aurora News & the Immigration center, resulting in a full immigration stop once again.

Rebuilding our main network took months and was only possible by the injection of personal funds by our CEO, Jandice Ymladris & afflifiated capsuleers, as such operation is not only a large undertaking, but also highly expensive. Thanks to everyone's efforts, the Arcology network has been rebuild and is once again in operation.
In the process of rebuilding the network, digital security has been upgraded & improved failsafe systems have been installed &  additional backup databanks are now available to prevent a repeat of this catastrophic event caused by this complex encrypting digital virus.

It was mentioned in the previous report that data regarding ongoing publications would be decrypted for publication, but alas, this proved to be a futile effort. While not all work was lost, it's unlikely all the reports mentioned will ever see the light, a serious blow to the credibility & integrity of Aurora News.
Efforts are still ongoing to salvage some data, but it is no longer a priority for Aurora News. Instead our team focuses on a new & fresh start, bringing the news to the cluster once again! And we all know what main event is coming once again this summer, the fabled 13th Capsuleer Alliance Tournament competition! Watched by billions across New Eden!

And of course there's all the ruckus going on in & around the Empire, from an ambushed Lai Dai Supply Convoy at the Imperial borders by unknown assailants to the destruction of a SoCT Gnosis by Imperial forces, the Amarr Empire keeps a high profile for quite some time now in the galactic news.
Soon Aurora New will report on ongoing events again once we're settled & are brought up to date with all the events of the past few months.

( OOC: My sudden vanishing does need a more direct explanation, especially to those who kept checking in hoping for more news & those who messaged me directly & were worried.
It's a combination of things.

One initial major factor was that I stumbled into a writer's block, unable to write freely, feeling forced to do things & general lack of creative feel to write. One of the causes of this writer's block was me trying too hard with too little time. While I do enjoy writing all the reports, I just tried to do too much, leaving too little to write for myself. I realized that I missed the immigration reports more then I thought, as they allow me to vent my own opinion on things happening in Eve, so they don't get in the way when I write the actual reports on these events. So yea, they'll be back, I'm aware they're the least read of my articles & gather little interest outside the RP folks, but they are important for me, allowing me to write the deeper & detailed reports that you lot love!

Second is that I had a serious case of an emotional backlash due to a serious event earlier in the year (No worries, no physical harm occured to me!), and I had to get that straightened out first. Sadly my initial reaction to emotional stress is to shut out social contact... Bad habit I know.... But now I'm back & once again reporting on the various shenanigans happening in Eve! )