Friday 28 February 2014

Wing Commander Okuuda discharged dishonorably and later found dead

About a week ago, ANN reported about the arrest of Wing Commander Okuuda and his officers of the 37th squadron in this news article: Caldari Navy arrests Wing Commander Okuuda! Their short trial has run it's course and the Caldari Navy discharged all 57 officers dishonorably.

More details on the trial can be read on the official report: Caldari Navy announces discharge of courts-martialled officers.
The official charge was : “actions performed against the best interest of the Caldari State and People”.
More details are hard to come by, as they were involved in classified operations as Spectre and Highlander. However, internal sources within the Caldari Navy mention the charges were severe, ranging from incompetence of command to insubordination.
To support this information, it has been confirmed several officers are sentenced for prisontime, several of them for long duration. The former Wing Commander Okuuda however is not among these men and has been spotted to embark a civilian transport to leave the system after the trial.

The Caldari Navy closed the trial with the statement that this closes a chapter of internal investigations following the ousting of Heth. Now that this is over, the Navy can refocus on its core purpose, protecting and preserving the interests of the Caldari State and its people.

Update: Sami Okuuda found dead on Caldari Prime

This is the end of it all then. Former Wing Commander Okuuda was found dead wearing a full military outfit at the seating area of Kariola Park on Caldari Prime. There was no foul play involved, so it's highly likely he took his own life to preserve his honour and that of his family. May he find peace & rest in the winds

Update II: Caldari Navy announces Manhunt on Provist raiders!

Turns out it wasn't the end.  The discharged officers plotted agains the State and raided a Caldari Navy staging system with the backing of the ousted Provist faction. The Caldari Navy placed high bounties on these exiled officers to make sure this will end with their deaths.

Thursday 27 February 2014

Ayem Colony expansion has begun!


After months of negotiations, a development plan for the expansion of the Ayem colony has been agreed on by 4TH District & Aurora Arcology. The old plan proposed a few months ago has been altered slightly (Datafile: Future development of Ayem Colony)
The development will happen in 4 phases. The first phase will focus on expanding existing colony infrastructure & build additional infrastructure as well. In this phase a large group of workmen will be sent down to assure rapid development. Once this is done, the second phase will start which focuses on expanding the colony population by moving willing citizens from the Arcology project to the Ayem colony.
Approximately 30.000 or more colonists will arrive during this phase, reinforcing the existing population & operate the new facilities established. Phases 3 & 4 will focus on the full integration of the additional colonists & solidify the future of the colony & it's population

The first new arrivals!

The recent report of 4TH District official Demion Samenel revealed something good concerning the current colony. It turns out there's more original settlers than expected. The total original population is now estimated around 20.000! This is good news as this means more local workers can be recruited for the Ayem colony expansion.

The first 5.000 workers from Aurora Arcology have recently arrived and 5.000 more will be expected to join them in the coming week. After they are settled in the workcamp, their first focus will be expanding the subterranean sections of the colony. This is required as the planet is very mountainous, hence flat land is rare and reserved for agriculture.
Once the subterranean sections are ready, the workers will focus on expanding the various industries and increase food production.
This will be achieved by prospecting for ore deposits & other resources to be used in the upcoming factories that will support the local economy & population. Enhancing food production will be done by expanding the farms & import additional livestock. Increasing the size of the fishing fleet will also be looked into

During this month, buy orders for Livestock, Robotics & Construction Blocks will appear in the I-MGAB system, allowing capsuleers to help out by supplying materials.

What will the near future bring?

Once the initial infrastructure expansion is done, the way is free for the first large waves of immigrants. It is expected that the colony will be able to support a population double it's size once phase 1 is over.
Plans are also drawn up to send the first security detachments with these arrivals to guarantee their safety, but also to combat crime. Negotiations with 4TH District concering these security forces are in a final phase and no problems are expected.

For those who like to assist, you can! 4TH District looks for additional corporations to develop their planets. Additional PI deployments on planet Ayem ( I-MGAB II)will help in boosting the local economy, attracting more settlers & increasing revenue, allowing the colony to expand further.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

The Xiadii Charity Ball


Some background information about this event. The Holder of the Draconis family, Lord Vulxanis Nitsujj Draconis - Kor-Azor. (short form: Lord Draconis) is a man who cares about the slaves under his employ, as seen in his public announcement here: 'Slavery, Blessing or Curse?'
In order to strengthen his words, he intends to establish an University at one of his holdings, so his slaves can expand their knowledge of the world but also being able to learn new, more educated professions.
As opening a university is a costly affair, even for a Capsuleer-Holder, Lord Draconis organized the Xiadii Charity Ball which will also see a silent auction of a wide selection of Amarr ships. The bids on these ships will go to fund the construction of the Draconis University.
Attendance was by invite or approval on request only to avoid unpleasantness during the Ball. Also, as it is a ball, formal attire is required for attendance.

Opening of the Ball

Attending capsuleers were asked to dock at the famous Amarr establishment The Golden Lounge in the Kihtaled system. From there, a shuttle took you down to the planet  Kihtaled IV, where it landed on the Estate of Lord Draconis.
On arrival of the estate itself, the earlier attendees were greeted by Lord Draconis in person, a great honor! Once he led us inside, people were amazed at the grandeur and opulence of the estate. Adorned with imposing tapestries along the walls, and majestic chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling, the Great Hall truly deserved it's name!
Among the attendants were several members of PIE, honoring Lord Draconis with their presence. It was however far from an Amarr focused event, as the attendees came from various backgrounds, a tribute to the kindness of the host in his public affairs.
Among the guests were a fair share of Gallente, Caldari and even Matari. The well trained security of the estate, composed of  Kameiras, assured any issue would be dealt with swift & discreetly.

The Banquet

Once most attendees had arrived, the guests were requested to take a seat and pick something from the menu to eat & drink. Each seat also came with a private auctionpad, to allow people to check on the offered ships, and bid on the ones they desired.
As people ordered their drinks & dinner, house-servants took note and also brought samples to taste when one was in doubt. The selection on the menu was very impressive, and would indeed turn out to be the highlight of the evening!

Below you'll find a copy of the menu, showing that Lord Draconis spared no expense to provide an enjoyable and tasty banquet. Credits also go to Mister Ber Kan, who assisted the host in creating this menu.

Beverage Options:
*Dark Amarr Black wine
*Minmatar Spirits
*Spiced Wine
*Amarrian Red Wine
*Sparkling Red wine
*Sparkling Pear cider
*Virgin Merry Mimosas
*Shirley Temple
*Sparkling Rasberry Tea
*Sparkling Pear Tea
*Tropical fruit teas(hot or cold)
*Virgin Pina Coladas

First Course:

Shrimp Appetier Supreme
Gazpacho Soup with Avocado Creme Fraiche
Parmesan-Asiago Spread served on Handmade sourdough bread
Basalmic Shrimp
Celery Root and Truffle oil soup

Second Course:
Spring Greens with Poached Egg
Tomato Bruschetta
Asperagus wraps

Khaldari Baked Lobster Tail

Third Course:

Chipotle Grilled Filet with Mango Salsa
Lamb Chops with Cracked Pepper and Rosemary
Island Boar tenderloin
Hearty Beef stew


Flourless Chocolate Cake
Creme Brulee Blackberry Pie
Cinnamon-Sugar Ice Cream
Peach Ice Cream

As you can see from the menu-list, there's something for everyone! As a sign of the excellent food, even Diana Kim, who normally swears by her dried rations, allowed herself to enjoy something different.
From the reaction of the many guests it was clear the banquet was a great success. Lord Draconis and his staff clearly outdid themselves for us. The wide variety of food also provided good starting points for enjoyable discussions & talks.
All this contributed to a relax and enjoyable atmosphere where people had fun and chattered away with each other.

The Auctions & the Ball

During the enjoyable banquet and pleasant talks, people also bidded on the various ships on offer by Lord Draconis and his donators. Among the ships auctioned were Navy battleships and tech 2 cruisers, so there were bound to be interested wealthy capsuleers intending to acquire these ships
As the banquet came to an end, Lord Draconis called for attention as he announced the winners of the auctions. By each name called, the crowd applauded, as it meant more isk for the construction of the University.
The Silent auction was a success, as several of the high valuable ships found a new owner. Once the auction was over, it was time for the ball, and allowed people to mingle with others across the evening. Miss Lasairiona Raske played beautifully on the majestic piano in the Ballroom, after she got permission from the host.
Only one small incident disrupted the festivities, as a guest threw a very vitriolic comment at a latecomer. Due to Lord Draconis personal intervention, the situation was quickly under control, as he took aside the malicious guest and made clear his authority on the premises.
Once it was dealt with, the rest of the evening was a pleasant experience of chatter, dancing and enjoying various exquisite beverages!


The Xiadii Charity Ball was a success. There were many attendees and everyone enjoyed themselves. Despite it being advertised as a ball, it was easy to see that the food became the main attraction and talk of the evening as such vast selection is a rare opportunity to experience.

The host himself, Lord Draconis was enjoyable and friendly to have around, far from the stereotype of the rigid and serious Amarr. However, as demonstrated by the incident at the end, he wields authority as a second nature when required.
I have to congratulate him on organizing this event, and on the open-mindedness of the people he invited. It's people like him that remind us to be critical of stereotyping others.

Sunday 23 February 2014

The Arcology welcomes over 28.000 refugees!

This week sees a record number of immigrants joining the Aurora Project. Second only to the Holiday arrivals a few months back!
The major success can be attributed to the capsuleers who assisted this week. Thanks to them, these people now have a view on a better life, and a more positive view of capsuleers in general.

This week didn't see much news related to the factions or capsuleers in general, perhaps it's the silence before the storm, or just a lull in activity before things pick up again. Rest assured that any new developments among the factions will see articles about it here!
The Aurora News Network did add a new method of reporting on news however. It's planned to expand on known public announcements with additional info, so people get a much better understanding on what they are all about.

-Shiigeru wreckage site will be salvaged & cleared in a joint Gallente/Caldari operation.
-Caldary Navy arrests Wing Commander Okuuda!

This are the first two articles that expand on a public announcement. The aim is to give people a better understanding on what it was about and give them additional background information. The original public announcement is always included in the newsreport.
Due to the positive responses received, we'll continue expanding on public announcements when necessary.

Now onwards to the list of refugees that joined this week!

Regular Civilians

-772 Homeless
-6697 Janitors
-4 Scientists
-11 Stranded Pilots
-1 Survivor (Datafile: A failed rescue...)
-4120 Tourists
-30 Freed Slaves


-3 Fedos (Datafile:A strange animal)
-264 Hounds

Law Enforcement

-25 Caldari Light Marines
-14.142 Marines
-3 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-21 Riot Interdiction Teams

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-2834 Female Exotic Dancers
-250 Male Exotic Dancers
Special note: 1 exotic Dancer is employed at the Ayem Colony Taskforce

This week we achieved our first successes in the Redemption Program! A group of Slavers has redeemed themselves and have finished their retraining to become Riot Interdiction personnel. This shows that our phrase*We offer people a new start in their lives!* is not just a hollow slogan, but truly the goal we strive for! It's our hope that the Redemption program continues to prove it's success & usefulness in the future.
Due to the addition of new security groups, we have updated the Datafile: Internal Security to keep it up to date.

Friday 21 February 2014

Caldari Navy arrests Wing Commander Okuuda!

As some of you already heard, the Caldari Navy announced they will court martial the 'Octopus' Squadron.
It has been confirmed that Wing Commander Sami Okuuda and all 8 officers of the 37th 'Octopus' squadron have been placed under arrest. The Navy also stated additional arrests and replacements will occur in the days to come.

The arrests are a direct result of their failing command of the Caldari Providence Directorate, but also the failures during operation Spectre and Highlander.
We'll go into more detail here, to fully understand their arrest and the possible charges they might face.

Caldari Providence Directorate (CPD)

This organisation was founded shortly after Tibus Heth became CEO of Caldari Constructions. As Heths power grew, so did the power and influence of the CPD. At the height of it's power, it controlled the State industrial base, directing the production of the supportive Megacorporations and assisting the Caldari Navy in expanding their fleet against Gallente aggressions.

When Heth was ousted from power, the CPD fell hard as the 8 Megacorps no longer recognized their authority, instead restoring power to the original ruling body, the Chief Executive Panel (CEP)

Operation Spectre

Operation Spectre is more known as the failed engagement of the 4 navies against pirate stations in nullsec a few months ago as detailed in this publication: 'Capsuleers respond en masse to the Call for arms, the Navies fail to assist!' that put our News agency in the spotlight.
Wing Commander Sami Okuuda led the Caldari capsuleer fleet during this failed operation. Do keep in mind that not only the State fleet leader failed that day, but all 4 nations Fleet Commanders did so. They called for capsuleer assistance, and they received it by the thousands, yet they managed to squander all this potential in a terribly led fleet to demolish two pirate research stations. Which failed on top of that, as the pirates managed to evacuate all important data & personnel before self-destructing these stations.

Operation Highlander

Operation Highlander is better known as The Battle for Caldari Prime. In this operation, the Caldari forced the conflict open by destroying a Concord ship. The immediate result was that Concord released all security protocols on the system, allowing the Gallente to jump in a large fleet to dispose of the Caldari titan & it's support. The support fleet was the 37th 'Octopus' squadron flying Chimera class carriers.
During the battle, all Caldari capital ships were lost, the largest and most expensive defeat of the State to this day.
To this day, the question remains why the Caldari never responded in kind by jumping in a fleet of their own to support their hold on Caldari Prime orbital space.
The reasons for the arrests concerning both operations seem to be incompetence. The State promotes people based on their merit. As a result of this policy, incompetence is harshly punished within the State. If you are unable to prove your worth for a position, you do not have the right to hold it.
This seems to be a fairly obvious reason for the arrest of Wing Commander Sami Okuuda and his fellow officers & personnel of the 37th Squadron.
Hopefully the arrests will be able to give some new & additional answers concerning these two operations.

The CPD mention in the news article makes for a less clear reason for the arrest. It can be that the State is disposing of the few Heth loyalists left in a position of power. It can also be that the Caldari Navy is penalizing CPD members for past actions when they could boss around the CN, using them for improper actions and operations.

Do keep in mind this is mere speculation. Hopefully more news will come forth of this court martial, clearing up the reasons for this mass arrest.

Update on the trial closure: Wing Commander Okuuda discharged dishonorably by the Caldari Navy

Wednesday 19 February 2014

A failed rescue...

Recently, I was contacted by a fellow capsuleer to assist him in a rescue operation against a Blood Raider encampment in the Aridia region..
They had been raiding stargates in the area, searching for recently graduated pod pilots to abduct for their gruesome rituals. As their base was well-guarded he asked for support, and also needed my expertise in dealing with people who suffer from severe traumatic experiences.

As we began our engagement against the Blood Raider base, they reacted swiftly, sending out waves of frigates to disrupt our warpdrives & slow our ships to a crawl, making us an easier target for the slower but deadly battleships.
As my capsuleer companion managed to make short work of the frigates circling us with his Navy Omen, I deployed the full destructive power of my Abaddon, the Last Light, against their powerful battleships.  Each time my volley of lasers lit up, another Blood Raider ship exploded. Meanwhile, their frigates were thrown in complete disarray due to my companion's actions, finishing them off easily.

As their resistance waned, our focus now turned to the colossal structure at the center of the site, a Blood Raider Cathedral. This imposing structure did not only serve as the headquarter for this fleet but also served as their religious center, where they would drag off their captured victims, to undergo gruesome rituals!

The imposing Blood Raider Cathedral, home to unspeakable horrors

As the area is being cleared of the last few stragglers, we inspect the facility closer. It's eerily silent, as if all our efforts have been for naught.
As our ships docked and the security crew inspects the installation, our fears turn real... We have indeed arrived too late, on our holofeeds we see the gruesome remains of captured pod pilots, hooked to strange tubes and wires, all drained of their blood... A testimony to the darkness of the human mind....
Then all of a sudden, one of our boarding security teams report they found someone! The poor survivor was in the process of being hooked to one of their bloodsucking devices, but it seems the Blood Raiders got interrupted, leaving the victim in a tortured state.
After he got detached from the device, he gladly accepted to seek shelter & recovery aboard the Aurora Arcology project.

Albeit the rescue operation had failed, we still managed to rescue a survivor and take down an important Blood Raider base.
This will make the Aridia region a little bit safer for travellers and residents alike, but we don't make us any illusions that it'll last. The Blood Raiders are a hard organisation to discourage, and will always return when unpoliced.

Friday 14 February 2014

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The Redemption Program


The redemption program is a project that aims to grant unlawful citizens a new chance in life. Despite this being a very controversial idea, it's nonetheless part of what the Aurora Project stands for. It is important to note however that only those criminals who wish to redeem themselves can participate in this program.
Criminals sentenced for their wrongdoings cannot use this program to escape their sentences. These individuals usually become part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program.

This project is divided into smaller redemption projects, each aiming to guide a specific group to use their criminally gained skills in a more suitable way.

The Slaver Redemption

One of the most successful, and surely the largest of the redemption projects is the Slaver division. It is important to note that there are two groups of slavers!

Amarr Slavers:
These are legal slavers, working in the Amarr Empire. Despite their name, their jobs rarely involve enslaving people, but are more focussed on guarding slaves at various Holder Estates and maintaining order among them. That said, it is know that some of them undertake illegal slave raids on remote settlements.
The few Amarr slavers that arrive at the Arcology generally request a transfer to the Amarr Empire, wich we grant. The reason for this is that we are not above State nor Imperial law, and these citizens will be trialled in their own nation, should they have broken the law.

Non-Amarr Slavers:
These are the slavers that more closely resemble the stereotype of the evil enslaver. Either as part of pirate groups or freelancers, they raid & enslave people for profit on the slave markets. The ones that arrive at the Arcology are given a choice to participate in the redemption program. Refusal or failing to comply to the terms stipulated in the Redemption contract will see them turned over to State Law for punishment of their crimes.

Slavers that join the Redemption program are under strict surveillance and undergo training as riot control forces. The reason for this is the expertise they gained in controlling unruly rebellious groups. Their ability to quickly identify leaders and subdue them before things grow out of control is crucial in maintaining order during protests and put down riots with minimal casualties.
One of the main points of the training programs is to reduce their brutality towards other people during holographic unrest control exercises. This is attained by the usage of non-lethal weapons & methods.
Once they successfully rounded their training, they are enlisted in the Aurora Arcology law enforcement as Riot Interdiction Teams.
The Blood Raider Redemption
This is undoubtedly the most controversial program we got running. Blood Raiders have a vicious, brutal and horrific reputation. Despite all this, it happens that some of their scientists can no longer live with their actions and apply for our redemption program.
Due to their extensive knowledge in the medical field and unique knowledge gained through their work in Blood Raider facilities, they are a great asset for any R&D facility focused on biological systems.
Their contract with the Aurora Arcology stipulates that they assist our medical teams in researching new medicines & improve existing treatments. Withholding information, or attempting to insert malicious products will terminate their employment immediately & will have them turned over to  State Law.
Thanks to their contributions, the Aurora Arcology can boast being at the forefront of medical research in the branch of blood-related afflictions.
The Angel Redemption
This is our most recent redemption project. A group of Angel Cartel VIPs asked for shelter within the Aurora Arcology. In exchange they offered their skills in managing a tight hierarchy & authority system. Coupled with their ability to impress criminals, they can provide a boost in our redemption programs related to other criminal groups.
As with all other redemption projects, the contract does mention that they will be turned over to State Law should these Angel VIPs conduct any criminal activity while under Aurora employment.
The Pirate Pilot Redemption
It often happens that young & rash pilots join the pirate life for adventure, wealth & excitement. But after a few close encounters with death, and living at the edge of society, they realize pirate life isn't all that shiny.
Through our redemption program we offer these pilots a way back home. In exchange for atoning for their crimes through community work aboard the Arcology, they receive the ability to return home to visit family & old friends. Most pirate pilots that use this opportunity are from Serpentis & Gurista origin.
This is a project set up together with the Caldari Navy under strict regulations. It is only applicable for pilots who have not gathered an extensive criminal record. If any pilot fails to comply to the redemption contract, he will be turned over to the authorities.
It's important to note that all participants of the various redemption programs are under close surveillance of our security forces. Any breach of contract regulations will be dealt with accordingly. In repeat cases or severe incidents, the redemption contract will be terminated and the violator will be turned over to State Law to be sentenced for his crimes.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

First immigrant arrives for the Ayem Colony project!

Unexpectedly, the first immigrant for the future Ayem project arrived today! This immigrant is a Ni-Kunni Exotic Dancer who was rescued from a shipwreck in the Providence during our travel to the Ayem Colony System
Upon her rescue, our colonial taskforce informed her not only of the Aurora Project to grant refugees & rescuees a new home, but also of the Ayem project, to expand an existing colony to a large population center.

The idea of assisting the colonial taskforce in preparing for this large project, and be there from the beginning to see it grow, appealed to her. After she introduced herself as Laleska Del Peraggio and told the crew her former employer terminated her employment on the ship's destruction, she was welcomed into the group. The Overseer, who leads the taskforce, hired her as administrative assistant.

With her as the newest recruit for the colonial taskforce, they now count 217 members in their group. 200 are the main workforce, divided equally between employees & workers. There are also 6 Civil Engineers for future contructions present, and 9 geologists to pinpoint the most profitable locatioons for industries.
The leader of this group is the Overseer, who hired the former exotic dancer as his administrative assistant, in helping him with this task to govern the whole Ayem Colony Project.

Things are moving slowly but surely on the Colony front, part of this can be attributed to our famed Caldari Bureaucracy and their desire to see every permit and report in triple and doublechecked by another authority. The positive side of this is, once all is approved, things should run smooth!

Sunday 9 February 2014

The Arcology welcomes over 11.000 new immigrants!

This week has been proven very interesting on the variety of immigrants and their pets. With thanks to capsuleer assistance, we acquired quite some Luminaire Skippers, a frog native to Gallente Prime. While these frogs are listed under the pet category, their main purpose is laboratory work, assuring newly developed medicines will be safe for usage. Combined with the recruiting of a large amount of new science graduates, our labs are developing at a rapid rate to become forerunners in medical R&D.
This will increase our ability to rapidly develop new medicines for treating rare & exotic diseases and afflictions. This is a necessity, as the refugees & immigrants come from all over the cluster, increasing the risk some of them carry an exotic disease that requires immediate treatment.

Also, the salvage operation on Caldari Prime, conducted under a joint Gallente/Caldari task force has eased the tensions here at the Aurora Arcology. Last week, unrest between the Gallente and Caldari people was brewing due to the arrival of a freed Prisoner of War.
Now this concern is obscured by the good news of Caldari Prime, local news will continue to follow what happens at the Homeworld in order to mend the Caldari/gallente relations aboard the Aurora Arcology.

Now onward to this weeks arrival list! The variety of immigrants is great, including many highly qualified personnel from across the cluster. Also, the Aurora Arcology management has expanded greatly this week, in order to organize the various divisions & departments better.
Also to note, our cultural exchange with the Disciples of Ston already saw results with the addition of 30 new Mannar Designers.

Regular Civilians

-414 Homeless
-1163 Janitors
-16 Prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-295 Science Graduates
-20 Ship's Crew
-18 Stranded Pilots
-2789 Tourists
-30 Mannar Textile Representatives
-1908 Freed Slaves


-1 Fedo (Datafile:A strange animal)
-113 Hounds
-40 Hybrid Hounds
-32 Luminare Skippers

Law Enforcement

-50 Caldari Light Marines
-15 Corporate Assassins
-326 Freedom Fighters
-2997 Marines
-430 Militants
-33 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-1 Temko Mercenary
-10 Hooded Men

Employees for the Nightclub L'Etoile Rouge

-110 Female Exotic Dancers
-1160 Male Exotic Dancers


-1 Kardimo Palettan
-1 Minmatar Emissary
-2 Oura Madusaari
-2 Damsels
-10 Angel Cartel VIPs (Part of the Redemption Program)
-3 Quantum Entanglement

A few weeks ago, a Deep Cover Corporate Assassin reinforced our Intelligence division, by support of the Ember family. His recruitment proved to be a great success, he reorganized our division, making it more efficient. He also created a covert op training program, which quickly created results in the form of 15 Assassins and 10 Hooded Men for covert operations.
This will enhance our capacity in retrieving people from dangerous locations and combat any possible enemies.
This action also has the bonus that we're becoming more accepted among the Caldari Corporations, as we take actions to guard against infiltration from competitors.

Thursday 6 February 2014

Shiigeru wreckage site will be salvaged & cleared in a joint Gallente/Caldari operation.


During the Battle for Caldari Prime, the Leviathan-class Titan CN Shiigeru crashed on the planet, ending the Caldari military presence in orbit of their homeworld.
Due to the massive size of the ship, the crash had wide cataclysmic effects on the planet and its wildlife, triggering earthquakes and massive forest fires. The atmospheric entry also caused the ship to fracture, raining debris over large parts of the planet.

The devastating crash of the Shiigeru

After the fight, early cleanup & salvage operations could only clean up the scattered smaller debris. The larger wreckage was still too hot and unstable to be properly handled. It required months of mapping and planning to start a proper salvage & cleanup operation. During this time, the colossal wreck affected the world badly, from spilled radioactive elements to detonating unstable ammunition, not to mention the high amounts of toxic fumes coming off from the wreckage.
A report on the initial impact: Full extent of Shiigeru impact

A combined Gallente/Caldari operation.

Now that all the mapping & planning has been done in order to clear out and salvage the wreckage safely and efficiently, it was time to start the practical side of it, the actual salvaging.
This introduced a new issue, a political one. The Shiigeru namely crashed in an area that falls under Material Acquisition administration, which means it's under Gallente rule, as MA is a daughter corporation of Quafe. To add to this, the Kaalakiota mountain range, where the Titan crashed, holds a major spiritual importance to the Caldari.
All this could cause unrest with the Caldari if not properly and respectfully handled. In order to avoid such issues, MA invited Ishukone Corporation to assist with the salvage & cleanup operation. This move provided to be a positive action, as many cheered at the prospect of Gallente and Caldari corporations working together in order to assure the Shiigeru wreckage will be salvaged & cleared with respect to the Caldari people.
Part of the retrieved salvage will be used to rebuild the Qaiian Tower, the regional headquarters of the Nugoeihuvi Corporation. This will act as a memorial, to remind everyone that even from the ashes of defeat, the Caldari people will rebuild their future, never be put down by anything. Also, this act will improve Gallente/Caldari relations and perhaps open the door for more future joint operations.

Info on this joint salvage & cleanup operation can be found here: Caldari Prime Salvage Plans

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Concord organizes fleet training at Yulai

Last Sunday, Concord officials organized a training battle for all capsuleers who wanted to have a taste of fighting other capsuleers. To provide the security required to organize combatfleets with capsuleers, this event was held at Yulai, where offenders can be punished fast & harsh.

The training battle was organized in 4 fleets, one per main faction. Each faction fleet was lead by a Concord official.
There were several members of the Communication Control and Protection (CCP) division present as well as those of the Internal Security Department (ISD) in order to guide this event.
CCP Logibro lead the Gallente fleet along with ISD WolvesMind , ISD Rontea was head of the Amarr fleet along with CCP Fozzie, while CCP Dolan was in charge of the Minmatar force. The Fleet official for the Caldari fleet was CCP Eterne

The training battle itself was a mixed fleetfight, each fleet versus the other 3 in order to simulate a chaotic engagement and how to react on such situation. The various Concord officials called for targets, but also informed the participants that if they lost a ship, they were granted a replacement by Concord officials at the main Yulai station.
The main core of the fleet was composed of Tech 1 frigates with a few tech 1 destroyes in the mix, the Concord fleetleaders however deployed in strategic cruisers, acting as the fleet flagships.

The battle details can be found here: Yulai Fleet Training Killboard (check 1 February)

The fight itself was very educational and enjoyable by all participants. The outcome of the fleet engagement was victory for the Gallente , who made skillfull use of drone-deployments. As this was a training fleet battle, no crewmembers have been harmed in the process and all have been picked up after the fight.
Many participants expressed their thanks to Concord for organizing this training match and hope it'll be a recurring event as it helped them to deal better with what awaits in lower security systems.

I want to thank Capsuleer Lenell, who was present at this event, in helping me to compose this newsreport. Also thanks for Aurora Fatalis for providing the information on who lead wich fleet.
Any additional assistance is gladly accepted to eliminate errors and expand the report with additional detail!