Monday 30 September 2013

New Arrivals: Over 11.000 refugees joined!

Once more thousands flood to the Aurora Arcology, in search for a new & better life! Thanks to all the capsuleers who keep spreading the word and rescue people from deep space, the Arcology keeps growing. Once more the people joining are a varied group, coming from many parts of civilian life! As an additional announcement, we now exceed 300.000 inhabitants at the Aurora Arcology!

The steady growth of new Arcology inhabitants is slowly showing a growing issue. We're now over half capacity of the maximum allowed rental space at the Caldari Provision Station in Irjunen. A search has been initiated to locate new places for large volume station rental or alternatives. One of the alternatives is starting up a colony on a planet. With the addition of the Colonial Task force, we now have the knowledge to pull off such endeavour. However, building up a new colony on a planet is a very costly process. In order to asses the risks and possibilities, the Aurora Arcology Council has appointed the Colonial Committee. We'll await the results of their report before taking action to avert the possibility of overpopulation.

This week's new arrivals:

Regular civilians

-289 Homeless
-1666 Janitors
-10 prisoners (Part of the Prison Lend-Lease Program)
-50 Science Graduates
-4 Scientists
-5460 Tourists
-342 Freed Slaves


-209 Hounds

Law Enforcement Additions

-28 Freedom Fighters
-15 Army recruits
-12 Kameiras
-4762 Marines
-360 Militants
-76 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)

New employees for the nightclub: L'Etoile Rouge

-60 female Exotic Dancers
-10 Male Exotic dancers (Datafile: Abandoned in Space)

New Councilmembers (The Colonial Committee)

-Dari Akell
-Oura Madusaari
-The Damsel

This is the total tally of this week's immigrants. Special thanks goes out to Capsuleer Kilohertz for notifying us of a small group of civilians in dire need of rescue. Remember, every civilian matters! Keep up the good work, and support the Aurora Arcology Project! For we embetter the lives of those who are open to a new start in the cluster!

Sunday 29 September 2013

Abandoned in Space

Today was a strange day, where I saw both the best and worst capsuleerdom has to offer. Through a private comm, a capsuleer with the callsign 'Kilohertz' informed me that she found several civilians abandoned in a deep space can. As the can still was legally bound to the owner she couldn't retrieve them without risking herself.
She gave me the system's location & a bookmark, so I could rescue these poor souls with a specialized ship, minimizing the risk when encountering trigger-happy capsuleers or springing a trap. As they were located in the Aldrat system, I had to put the engine of my trusty covert-ops transport in overdrive to arrive on time, as a can lifesupport system only remains active for about 90 minutes, and we didn't know how much time had passed.

Thanks to capsuleer Kilohertz, I managed to rescue the poor souls from deep space on time. Right after the refugees were transported aboard my ship, I set course to a safe location, while Concord was berating me for 'breaking' the law... What authority has laws in place that punishes those who attempt to rescue abandoned folks in space...
After docking was complete, the crew checked on the refugees and verified they were physically okay, save some bruises & scrams, but they were very shaken by what happened to them that day. After all, some violent capsuleer blew up their deep space habitat, then they're left alone in space to die, and some hour later another capsuleer picks up their deep space can at full speed. They've agreed to join the other refugees aboard to the Aurora Arcology, to start life anew, far from the fragile deep space habitats and violent capsuleers.

With thanks to Capsuleer Kilohertz, 20 people were saved from deep space suffocation, 10 janitors & 10 Exotic Male Dancers.

Sunday 22 September 2013

Recovered Colonial Task Force

This task force was a last minute addition to the Arcology. The group, consisting of highly specialized workers for start-up colonial labour was part of a now failed investment. They were orginally deployed in a quiet system deep in lowsec, with the intent of starting a new mining & production colony. Due to the outbreak of the Faction War in the region, the costs for supply and cargoruns rose exponentionally, making the young colony economically unsustainable. As the investors backed out, these people were left behind, cut off from supplies, save what shady traders and the occasional friendly FW pilot traded to them in exchange for their minerals & goods.

As the war raged on, the situation grew worse, and the raids started. First it was the Militia forces, raiding the small colony for resources, later the pirates as well. The colony dwindled to near non-existence and fewer traders passed by, causing their harsh life to become unbearable. At the end of this period, a pirate capsuleer organisation launched a raid on these colonials. As they plundered what was left of the colony, one of the pirate capsuleers noticed the terrible livingconditions and decided to let his conscious speak. He took them aboard his craft and contacted the Arcology to offer them a new life as their corp is not into the slavery business. He did not want anything in return, stating that these folks had endured enough and deserved a better life, away from all the fighting.
Despite his origin, the offer was accepted, as things could have been much darker for these colonists. There's many organisations out there who wouldn't hestitate to capture the local populace for forced labout at their facilities or worse....

Now this recovered colonial task force is assisting the Arcology in estabilishing a colonial training program, for future endeavours. Their expertise is a great help for us, and they are happy their hard-gained knowledge & experience does not go to waste. They've expressed their gratitude for this new chance they recieved and wish to send their heartfelt thanks to the capsuleer who gave them this opportunity.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The Penal System

Due to a recent discussion in The Summit public channel, a need to clarify the penal institution has been warranted.
First clarification is the different tags the prisoners recieve, after this a more elaborate explanation will be given about the Prison lend Lease Contract that the Arcology has between some of the State corporations.


-Captives: generally low ranking captured piratecrews. Given a prisonsentence to serve out their time. Low risk of escape or being freed by a pirateraid.

-Prisoners (Class I): Low profile criminals that have been given a prisonsentence instead of the more common penal labour to serve out their time. This need for imprisonment rather than serving their crimetime in a useful way can be due to various reasons. Usually criminals sentenced to prison are contracted out to private prison companies. As a way to create jobs and income, the Aurora Arcology runs such Prison contract service, accepting State prisoners for a fee.

-Prisoners (Class 2) : Internal criminals, those who committed crimes within the Arcology and have been caught & trialled to prison. Penal Labour can be given instead of prisontime, but it's far lower than the State Average, due to the need to create jobs for refugees.

-Prisoner (Class 3 and higher) : High profile or highly dangerous criminal, with high risk of escaping. These kind of criminals are generally put in cryostasis to serve out their time, due to the high risk. In general, the Arcology refuses contracts like these, and should a former resident of the Arcology attain this class, he or she would be contracted out to a High Security Penal facility. One notable exception is given to the unknown prisoner retrieved from Black Rise. He remains in cryostasis custody, until more information is found. This is deemed the most correct action, as there is no information on the original custodian.

Clarification on confusing non-criminal tags:
-Kidnapped and Captured Civilians are NOT criminals, this also counts for Hostages! This tag is given to indicate these former refugees were held captive by pirate organisations and have suffered greatly. Due to this, they require a more personal approach in supporting them and re-integrate them into society.

Prisoner Lend-Lease Program

Now that we have the tags out the way, a clarification on the Prisoner Lend-Lease Program / Contracts. The Aurora Arcology is mainly a charity providing refugees a place where they get a new start in life. In order to do this, income is required to maintain the charity, and to provide good support & supplies to these people.
One of the ways to generate this income is the Prisoner Lend-Lease Program. Under this name, the Penal administration advertises this service to corporations within the State. This program does NOT comment on the reasons given for the sentence, nor speaks out on the nature of the crime. The only thing we provide is a service, namely we imprison these sentenced criminals for the duration of their sentence for a fee determined by the length of their sentence. This frees valuable manpower and space by corporations to employ them better. At the same time, it provides the Arcology with a means of income and jobcreation, mainly for the Law Enforcement group and janitorial department.

In short: The Prisoner Lend-Lease Program is a contract that stipulates that the Arcology takes custody of a corporation's low grade prisoners for the duration of their sentence in exchange for a fee.

Friday 20 September 2013

New Arrivals! Over 12.000 refugees joined!

And for a third week in a row, immigration records keep climbing up! This is surely a testament to the success of the Aurora Arcology spreading further. All those who spread the word about the Arcology Project are hereby thanked for their efforts. Thanks to you, more and more refugees get proper aid and assistance in starting their life anew in the society formed by the population of the Aurora Arcology.

Management of the Aurora Arcology Project have been actively investigating new ventures to employ the population, as conventional methods to assign jobs to new arrivals are dwindling at an increased rate. Rest assured that management will do anything legal in their power to assure employment for new arrivals. Several options are being looked into and look promising for the future.

We also received several special residents, some have been highlighted in previous public reports. If you rescue or retrieve refugees & residents and turn them over to us, we always appreciate details behind this as to smoothen their integration into the Arcology society.

Also, we had plenty of new recruits for our Nightclub establishment called L'Etoile Rouge! Visitors will surely enjoy the spectacular and seductive dances these new performers bring to the stage!

This week's new arrivals:

Regular Civilians:

-305 Homeless
-1.616 Janitors
-1 Prisoner (Datafile: Black Rise Prisoner)
-17 Prisoners (Part of the Prison lend-lease program)
-203 Refugees (Datafile: Molden Heath Refugees)
-12 Science Graduates
-30 Stranded Pilots
-6.070 Tourists
-120 Freed Slaves
*Addendum:Recovered Colonial Task Force*
-379 Civilians
-4 Construction Workers
-5 Miners


-69 Hounds

Law Enforcement Additions

-9 Freedom Fighters
-4.125 Marines
-410 Militants
-18 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-2 Spies

Employees for the nightclub: L'Etoile Rouge

-60 Female Exotic Dancers
-143 Male Exotic Dancers
-1 Prostitute

Council Members:
-3 Jark Makon
-4 Oura Madusaari

That are all the new immigrants of the Aurora Arcology project of this week! Remember, if you rescue or locate civilians who have been abandoned in conflictzones or local authorities, we at the Aurora Arcology project will gladly assist them to a new and better life!

Thursday 19 September 2013

The Black Rise Prisoner

One of the newest *residents* of the Arcology is a strange prisoner we received from a capsuleer who was roaming around in Black Rise. During his journey, he stumbled on a damaged transportship, Crane-class. As he investigated the wreck for salvageable materials, he noticed there was a survivor in a high security cryopod.

The datafile of the pod indicated he was a Caldari prisoner, but the rest of the file got corrupted so no further data available. The fact he was in cryostasis means he was either important and/or a dangerous individual.

After this discovery, the Arcology was contacted for two reasons. One would be to secure this prisoner at our penal facilities. Second is attempting to find out who the prisoner is. This might prove challenging, as Black Rise sees many prisonertransports due to the factionwar conflict between Caldari and Gallente. Following this, transports go regulary lost in the conflict.
Nonetheless, the Arcology has accepted these conditions and now houses the mysterious Black Rise Prisoner in cryostasis at our penal facilities.
So far our database searches turned up nothing about this strange prisoner, but the search goes on to retrieve this man's identity.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Molden Heath refugees

A few days ago, Eos Corporation performed a raid on pirate installations at Bosena IX. During this raid, they managed to rescue many civilians who were maltreated by the local Pirate Mercenaries.
More information about this raid and other operations of Eos corp can be found in this link :Eos Corporation Public Information

The Aurora Arcology has been contacted shortly after the raid if we could take care of these refugees. After assuring we had surplus food, water & clothing, and a place to stay, Eos Corporation agreed to transport the refugees to us, on condition they would do the transport to the Arcology. This would give them the opportunity to inspect the facility and verify our claims to be able to support & secure the refugees.

Due to Eos Corp running an operation in Molden Heath, it took some days for the transport to come through, but this also gave the Aurora Arcology time to prepare a welcoming committee with the CEO present as well. As the transport and escort arrived from Eos Corporation, they were accompanied by the Apotheosis frigate of the Arcology, as a sign of our willingness to cooperate.

Once docked, they inspected our facilities and questioned the CEO about the Refugee project as formality. After full and final clearance has been given, the Molden Heath refugees are now at the Welcome Hall, awaiting their registration and assignment to a place of their own. Food, water & new clothes are provided for. Once they have settled, and have recovered from the shock, they'll be given opportunities to join State society as a full citizen.

Aurora Arcology hereby thanks Eos Corporation for their trust in us.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

New Arrivals : 11.000 Refugees

This weeks sees even more arrivals then last week! Over 11000 refugees have joined the Aurora Arcology. Thanks to the word being spread, the refugee project is picking up speed. If this keeps up, plans will be made to expand into new ventures, to be able to keep up with the immigrants as well as maintaining the ability to assure new jobs for the arrivals. A big congratulation to all capsuleers who assisted this week, special mention to the Amarr Traders who freely contributed!

Composition of this weeks immigrants:

Regular civilians:

-218 Homeless
-713 Janitors
-38 Refugees
-70 Science Graduates
-6772 Tourists


-78 Hounds

Law Enforcement additions

-27 Caldari Light Marines
-4392 Marines
-600 Militants
-11 Slavers (part of the Redemption Program)

New Councilmember

-Lieutenant Kipo 'FireFox' Tekira (Datafile: The Venal expedition, a Gurista rescue)

The councilmember is not truly part of the council, but rather a special guest. Lt FireFox has been extracted from lawless space after sustaining horrible and traumatic injuries. It is suspected he fell in the hands of Cult of the Lash. A worrysome development, this small but radical cult never ventured this far beyond their space.

Saturday 7 September 2013

Workings of the Aurora Arcology: The Council

As many probably have noticed, the Aurora Arcology council is a very diverse mix. They stand in for the everyday workings of the Arcology and maintaining Public relations with non-capsuleer organisations. Due to this, the council is composed of people with very diverse backgrounds and nationalities.
Most of the members are chosen based on their skill and motivation to perform the tasks, as by State meritocratic rules.

On everyday stuff, the Arcology Council makes sure the agricultural & industrial sections run smooth and logistics for supply & trade are in order. The Arcology produces a variety of high quality tradegoods in small supplies in order to finance itself partially.
They also watch over the Science department, making sure safety regulations are being followed and that their equipment remains up to date. This assures that orders for quality assurances and blueprint improvements for civilian use keep flowing in, giving the Arcology another source of income.

The Council also maintains the bureaucracy and papers necessary to keep several of it's programs and services flowing, like the Prisoner Lend-lease service and the Medicine-For-Vitoc program. While not the most exciting job, it is a very crucial task in the complex State to perform well.
They are also tasked with checking & approving all the immigration papers, verify none have malicious intent and keep the Welcome Program running.

On the PR side, each large faction has one or more representatives. This allows for easier negotiations and communications. Gallente by example have their Diplomat accompanied by reporters due to their emphasis to openness. Amarr on the other side hold great importance to the soul, hence their preacher is seen with their representatives. Minmatar on the other hand place great emphasis on the Tribes, so each major tribe has a presence, along with the official Republic Emissionary.
The Caldari compose the majority of the council however, as that is where the Arcology originated. The main population and supporters are Caldari so far. Due to this there is not really a specified diplomat or emissionary dealing with PR, but more a variety of councilmembers who act based on  knowledge and skill in the required field.

The council is also tasked with resolving inner conflicts that sometimes arise, like the Pro-Heth and CEP-loyal groupclashes in the recent past, but also the new growing conflicts with the Minmatar versus the Gallente and Amarr populations. The aim is to solve issues diplomatically to prevent the use of Law Enforcements.
This doesn't always work, as currently the Gallente section is placed under increased Militia watch to protect them from increased aggression. Hopes are that the situation doesn't escalate further.

In short, the Council runs the Arcology and keeps me informed of it's progress and necessary adjustments. When needed I can overrule a decision, but this is a power I am reluctant to use.

Sunday 1 September 2013

New Arrivals: 9000 Refugees!

This week sees a large increase, over 9.000 new civilians joined the Arcology! The largest addition since months! The variety of these new arrivals is astounding. Quite some already have an idea what they'll do, or continue their old career, others will use the month grace period to get their lives straightened out and pick a new jobcareer. Several are also here as part of an existing program.
A big applause for all the capsuleers who contributed to this!
The composition of this week's arrivals:
Regular Civilians:
-100 Captives (Part of the Prison lend-lease program)
-128 Homeless
-742 Janitors
-66 Refugees
-23 Scientists
-2 Stranded Pilots
-4077 Tourists
-100 Freed Slaves
-20 Exotic Dancers
Law Enforcement additions
-60 Caldari Light Marines
-4107 Marines
-300 Militants
-10 Slavers (Part of the Redemption Program)
-36 Temko Mercenaries
New Councilmember
-Minmatar Emissionary
 Highlights on the two programs mentioned:

-Prison lend-lease program
In exchange for regular payment, the Aurora Arcology houses Caldari criminals in the Cellblock area as a means of income & jobcreation. These are criminals who do not require high security prisons.

-Redemption Program
Specially set up for former Slavers who want to redeem themselves. Their skill & knowledge in handling unruly groups is great for crowd control law enforcement. They accept to serve in the Arcology under State rules as Crowd Control Patrols and in exchange they won't be prosecuted for their crimes as long as they serve the State as stipulated in their contract.
This program is very controversial, and has sparked many a debate in the local news networks, but so far the benefits are great, as less Law officials are required to control unruly groups & gatherings.

An introduction to the Aurora Arcology project

Many have wondered what this project is about, and what it aims to do.
In short it's a Caldari run charity program for those homeless and refugees who lost their homes in one of the many conflictzones. They usually find their way to Aurora by helpful capsuleers picking them up and setting up a transport contract with me, so I can pick up these unfortunate souls.

But what happens once they arrive? They are appointed a standard issue apartment and a month's grace period in which they can get accustomed to their new environment. During this period they also are given a selection of jobchoices they can perform once the grace-period ends. This aims to make them feel useful again, and to give them a positive outlook on life.
The jobs are based on the refugee's skills and range from agriculture, maintenance and factorywork to science, entertainment and law enforcement. The Arcology project creates these jobs by keeping automation to a minimal level, in order to create a larger jobpool. As a result of this, many of the products and services are not aimed for the planetary market, but rather for the more wealthy space-population and capsuleers.

As a whole, the Aurora Arcology project aims to keep people who had to flee a conflictzone to remain a valuable and useful part of the society. The constant growth of the Arcology population shows this service is in high demand. Once the people have settled and have their lives organized, they are generally content to stay, knowing they are protected and looked after, not to mention the unique cummunityfeeling that many who are present have been through hard times as well as they fled their homes.

Anyone who rescued or found people in conflictzones and wants to make sure they get proper assistance to help them recover from such ordeals can always put up a contract with me, from anywhere ( lawless space excepted -nullsec-), I will then pick up these people and transport them to their new homes.

Note: Slave-trade is illegal outside Amarr space, and thereby slaves cannot be accepted in the Arcology barring exceptional circumstances.

Future updates in this newsfeed aim to explain special events, new immigrants and highlight certain inhabitants. It will also be used to clear up things concerning this project and resolve questions around it.